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With the advent of technology, there has been an explosion in the market of third-party developers catering to one or the other operating system. Among this explosion, there has been a boon in the form of choice in user interface, in case users are not satisfied with the one they have. Most change because they want a more simplistic UI that has better aesthetics. In light of this, flat UI icons have seen a huge increase in demand. UI icons are among the most important parts of the UI as it is the part that is interactive, and is the gateway to functionality.

Set of 40 Flat UI Icons

set of 40 flat ui icons
Consisting of as many as 40 flat UI icons, this flat UI icon template design is perfect for all kinds of projects. They are colorful and you can edit the colors too.

Flat Ui Arrows icons Design

flat ui arrows icons design
Perfect for website and mobile applications, this consists of 16 flat arrows. These vector illustrations are available as Adobe Illustrator 10 EPS format. All the icons are colorful and attractive to look at.

Online Shopping UI Icons Set

online shopping ui icons set
This set consists of icons perfect for ecommerce applications and online stores. There are as many as 60 icons and all are very colorful and attractive. These are 100% vector illustrations.

Free Flat Vector UI Icons

free flat vector ui icons
This is one of the best flat UI icon template designs that you can choose as this set consists of as many 100 icons, perfect for all kinds of applications and websites.

Flat Design Icons Set Vol4

flat design icons set vol
Looking for ap professional and clean design? Then this one is perfect for you. Minimalistic in nature, this icon set is available in PSD format. There are 4 files in total.

Illustration of Icons Flat Design

illustration of icons flat design
This is yet another collection of flat UI icons which can be used in mobile and web applications as required. There are 16 different icons and are very colorful.

Flat icons UI

flat icons ui
Suitable for smartphones, tablets and the likes, this collection of flat UI icons are fully vector elements. There are 16 UI icons in total like media player, camera, map etc.

Flat Energy vector UI icons

flat energy vector ui icons
As clear from the name, this set consists of icons that are related to energy and electricity. There are innumerable icons to choose from and suitable for energy-related websites.

1500 Royality Icon full bundle

00 royality icon full bundle
This set consists of as many as 1500 icons, which you probably would not get anywhere else. There are different icons and can be used in varied applications like online stores, smartphones etc.

Minties UI Icons Bundle

minties ui icons bundle
Offering you a collection of more than 110 icons, this design is really colorful and some of them can be used for travel websites too. There are 1350 icons for iPhone 7 and 8 too.

Flat Shopping UI icons pack

flat shopping ui icons pack
From the same creators as those transport icons, this collection of icons is suitable for online shopping applications only. The design is neat and professional and there are 40 icons in total.

Flat Education UI icons

flat education ui icons
Planning to start a education website or an application to connect to students all over the world? Make use of these icons for an overall attractive outlook.

Shopping Flat UI Icons

shopping flat ui icons
This vector icon collection is another choice you have for your shopping store. Offering a long shadow effect, these icons look really stylish and are colorful. It consists of 20 isolated scalable vector icons.

Modern Flat UI icons Pack

modern flat ui icons pack
These icons are perfect for a SEO website—a company offering various SEO services like PPC, website optimization, creative campaigns, email marketing, market research and all the others.

Arrows-set ui icon pack

arrows set ui icon pack

Flat education icons pack

flat education icons pack

Hero Icons Vol1

hero icons vol

Communication UI Icons

communication ui icons

Flat App UI Icons

flat app ui icons

Multimedia flat UI icons set

multimedia flat ui icons set

Business and management UI icons

business and management ui icons

Finances and Trade UI Icons

finances and trade ui icons

Smiling faces set

smiling faces set

Summertime UI Icons

summertime ui icons

E-commerce and Shopping Flat Icons

e commerce and shopping flat icons

Election icons Set

election icons set

Flat Communication UI icons

flat communication ui icons

Social Media Flat UI Icons

social media flat ui icons

Flat UI Icon Set

flat ui icon set

Free Flat Icons 2

free flat icons

Free Flat Filetype UI Icons

free flat filetype ui icons

Web Design Development Flat icons

web design development flat icons

Blue Flat UI Icon

blue flat ui icon

Flat Design Icons Set Vol3

flat design icons set vol

16 White Flat icons

white flat icons

Modern Flat UI Icon on Blue Background

modern flat ui icon on blue background

Objects UI Icons Pack

objects ui icons pack

Flat 48 Free Vector UI Icons

flat 48 free vector ui icons

Web and UI Flat Icons Set

web and ui flat icons set

20 Flat Random UI Icons Pack

0 flat random ui icons pack

Shopping UI Icons Flat Design

shopping ui icons flat design

Cloud Computing UI Icons Pack

cloud computing ui icons pack

Mini Flat Style Icons

mini flat style icons

Flat Icons for Retina UI

flat icons for retina ui

HOMICONS – 134 flat UI icons Pack

homicons 134 flat ui icons pack

Flat Design Icons Set Vol1

flat design icons set vol

Modern UI Icons Set

modern ui icons set

Flat Geometric Color Icons

flat geometric color icons

Vector chairs icons

vector chairs icons

Modern Soft Icon Version II

modern soft icon version ii

Flat Icons Pack

flat icons pack

146 Modern Flat UI Icons Set

modern flat ui icons set

Outline UI Icons Pack

outline ui icons pack

95 Modern Flat Icons

modern flat icons

Flat Payment Method Icons

flat payment method icons

Insurance Flat UI Icon

insurance flat ui icon

Business and office flat icons set

business and office flat icons set

Education Flat UI Icon Pack

education flat ui icon pack

Flat Design Icons Set Vol2

flat design icons set vol

Web Flat Icons

web flat icons

Flat Icon Set

flat icon set

Internet and Website icons set 1

internet and website icons set

Real Estate 2 UI Icons

real estate 2 ui icons

Vector School icons

vector school icons

Web Flat Icons Ui

web flat icons ui

100 Vector Application Icons II

00 vector application icons ii

Buildings 2 UI Icon

buildings 2 ui icon

Male Faces Icons Set

male faces icons set


00 flat ui icons pack

Web Flat Icons Set

web flat icons set

SEO and web icons set

seo and web icons set

Phone Icons Pack

phone icons pack

Christmas UI Icons Pack

christmas ui icons pack

SEO flat icon set

seo flat icon set

Material Design UI Icon Set

material design ui icon set

Flat Icons Vector Set

flat icons vector set

Vector umbrella UI icons

vector umbrella ui icons

60 Flat Squared Icons

0 flat squared icons

iPhone Tab Bar Icons

iphone tab bar icons

Set of flat icons

set of flat icons

Flatties Vol 1 – flat style icon set

flatties vol 1 flat style icon set

Set of avatar flat design icons

set of avatar flat design icons

Multimedia Flat UI Icons

multimedia flat ui icons

Web Marketing Flat Design Icons

web marketing flat design icons

Tiny Pixel UI Icons

tiny pixel ui icons

Money Flat icon set

money flat icon set

9 Flat UI Icons Set

flat ui icons set

Social media icons

social media icons

170 Awesome Flat Icons

0 awesome flat icons

Flat Social media UI icons

flat social media ui icons

Light Android Icons Set

light android icons set

Funky Social Set

funky social set

Depending on the style of your overall project, you could choose absolutely flat UI or ones that have a little depth or 3D effect. Improperly carried out, this would make your project fall flat. If the overall feel of the project is peppy and youthful, you should include the element of shading to bring about a sense of depth without outright 3D effect. Icons should be colorful and attractive in these cases, and multicolored to appeal to the eye. An alternative to this would be to have colorful backgrounds and plain, black and white icons. More simplistic designs would have only outlines of the icons on a background with a contrasting color. Use contrasting but complimenting colors, using dark and light tones. Use clean lines to make sure it is easily discernible and for clarity. Simple designs help in this regard. Simple and yet beautiful, these flat UI icon template designs are very popular and can be used in different applications. There is a lot to choose from and make sure to choose one according to your need.

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