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22+ Home Icons

Icons are actually signs which give you a hint of the actual identity they represent. When we talk of Free Icons the first image which does round in our minds is the image of the popular Home Icon. For all of us who are addicts to our computers and laptops, the home icon is the ultimate saviour when one wants to tread back to the home page from the existing search. This icon actually helps the user to navigate with ease on a computer screen. Today as innovation and creativity are touching all the fronts, the home icon designing is also seeing a drift from conventional processes. Digital Designers are exerting a lot of effort to make the Free PSD Icons as contemporary as possible, while still retaining its basic characteristics.

> A Navigational Tool making computing easier- The Home Icon

Home Icon has an iconic feel to it, with this icon providing to the users the effortless movement to the Home Page from any page they are seeing or working on. This Desktop Metaphor Icon is handy and gives to the users the accessibility to the main information point from wherever they might be working. Home Icons generally appear on the extreme left side of the upper screen and are highlighted once the user clicks on them or through a voice command. The customized designing of these Free Icon Sets is doing rounds in the digital scene, with graphic designer’s quest to provide newness to age old look of the screen.

Ecology Home Icon

ecology home icon
An environmentally friendly home design is easy to get. The home icon is designed using just a square shape with a triangle on top to create the universally recognised symbol for house. The shapes are green and are made of leaves.

Set of Home Icons

set of home icons
The home icon has become quite important in user interface development now days. It helps make navigating the system easier. This set of home icons has nine homes of various designs and shapes, from small modest ones to large ones.

Home Building Icon

home building icon
Get homes that are beautifully designed. The bright colours and interplay between white and blue is eye catching. Instead of a simple house it uses various designs, like a factory, a windmill, a hotel and even an apartment complex.

Set of Apartment Icons

set of apartment icons
The latest trend is to live in an apartment complex rather than on single individual family homes. So this set of icons adopts this new trend brilliantly into their technology. They have included beautiful apartment complexes as home icons.

Make Your Own Home Icon

make your own home icon
This amazing template lets you create the home icon for your user interface from scratch. This icon pack gives you a design and lets you build upon it as you choose. It gives you complete creative freedom to do as you please.

House Building Icon Set Download

house building icon set download
This is an unique icon pack as it contains not the typical ‘four walls and a roof’ house. These are numerous varieties that pertain to varying designs. The church, a house of God, a large family house are just some of the icons included in this pack.

Cool Home Icon

cool home icon
This is a fine specimen of an exceptionally well designed three dimensional home icon. The asic icon is of just a small typical house but it can be customized to any design to match the theme and atmosphere of the system and the home screen.

Set of Flat Home Icons

set of flat home icons
This icon pack has a more simplistic approach to the icons. These are all two dimensional or flat icons in compared to the modern three dimensional ones. The icons reminds you of a simpler time and goes well with an austere theme.

Red Home Icon

red home icon
Bright and vibrant this icon looks stunning and immediately catches the eye. It is a rather simple design but there lies the elegance. A white outline of a house on a red background but it not only does the job but looks good doing it.

Home Icon Illustration Download

home icon illustration download
Looking for fine detailed houses that are both vibrant and well designed? Then take a look at this pack of illustrated home icons. There are icons displaying a variety of houses and even one with a garage attached to it.

Green Home Icon

green home icon
Nature’s touch in technology’s web, this home icon has a very eco friendly theme. It goes well with the system and helps in improving user interface. The triangular roof and the square body are enclosed by two bright green leaves.

Urban Home Icon

urban home icon
Simple and modern, this icon pack has a large and varied range of home screen icons designed to look not like the standard triangle roof and square body design but rather like modern houses, bungalows and family homes and apartment complexes.

Vector Home Icon Download

vector home icon download
The Vector Icon is simple yet beautiful. The icon depicts a cartoonish looking house with an arrow shaped roof and a square body with small white squares for windows. This simple design along with the soothing blue colour makes this an amazing icon.

Single Home Icon

single home icon
A simple and well contoured icon, which goes well with the theme and gets the job done. The design is simple, a small and well designed house with a cone shaped roof and even a small attached chimney.

Family Home Icon Set Download

family home icon set download

navigation home icon

Black Home Icon

black home icon

Natural Home Icon

natural home icon

Vector Home Icon

vector home icon

Vector Isolated Home Icon

vector isolated home icon

Electricity Home Icon

electricity home icon

> Structuring an Attractive and an Appropriate Home Icon

The traditional look of Home Icon has undergone a sea change and now designers are doing everything possible to give an alluring look to the Home Icons. While designing the Home Icons certain Pointers need to be adhered to. These aspects can make or break your design. Let us look at the aspects which will need your focus for designing a Home Icon apt for all platforms:

> Platforms which facilitate creation of perfect Home Icon

As Graphic designers you need the right tools to put your dreams into action. Just conceiving the idea for creation of a good Home Icon is not sufficient, you need to master and understand the new techniques for doing so. Adobe Photoshop is the magic wand here. This software helps in creation of Icons of different sizes and further exports them to IconWorkshop, where they are formatted. For those of you who are not equipped with drawing skills, the use of image objects which are created by skilled graphic designers is the best way to create that perfect Home Icon.

> Designing the Perfect Home Icon –Factors to Consider

As a Graphic Designer it is crucial for you to understand and divulge into the basics which will help you in deciphering the right design for your Home Icon. The right choice of size, colour and image are based on different considerations. To design a Home Icon which is acceptable and liked take care of these aspects:

> Changing the way a Home Icon looked

The old school icon –the Home Icon had a structure of a small house and we still see it on our computer screens sitting with pride. The digital world is advancing, the traditional thought of constructing icons which can self-define themselves is not in vogue. Today you need to create something which is intriguing. Home Icons are today customized to specific web pages and needs of the clients. The Icon is constructed with2-D and 3-D Icons feels and variety of colour and reflective options. Apart from changing varieties of houses, the Home Icon is now seeing transition into other images which are either downloaded or created.

> Detterents in Designing a Home Icon to Remember

There are certain mistakes which you should avoid in order to create a Home icon which is universally accepted and is a hit among the customers. Certain designing lacunas which can put off the viewer or lead to confusion and thus wasting the time, money effort spend on creating the Home Icon are:

> Follow these- to get that Dream Home Icon

A set of do’s follow every process, for creating a good Home Icon you need to keep in mind a lot of factors. The basic design elements and approaches which you have to adhere to are-consistency in reflection, light and shadows. Make sure that the icon is simple and when resized exhibits clarity. As a Graphic Designer put emphasis on realistic aspect of design and use minimum elements in your Home Icon design. Lastly see to it that though icons should all stand out clear from another, there has to be a common design element present in them.

> A Crisp- Clear- Realistic Home Icon and You

Creating the right home Icon might seem easy now with all the details we have discussed in the above paragraphs. But the most important burden lies on the shoulders of your creativity and analytical thinking. Assessing what will be clear, yet not too simple. What will be including all elements and yet not go overboard. Making sure that the design is different yet associated with. All these factors work together in designing of that perfect Home Icon. So train and educate yourself with newer skills and technologies to create something beyond ordinary.

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