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Love Icons – 136+ PSD, PNG, EPS, Vector Format Download!

Love like food, never goes out of style. With our changing times, even the way people express their love is changing. Now days most people resort to cute and adorable love icons to express their feelings towards loved ones. Our extensive range of love icons is ideal for couples, family members, friends and many others. You can also see Funny Icons.

5 Amazing Love Rose Icon

amazing love rose icon

Rose has always been one of the most telltale signs of love. While red rose signifies fiery passion, this soft pink rose icon here would remind everyone of a gentle romantic dash of love.

10 Awesome Love Icons For Free

0 awesome love icons for free

These 10 awesome love icons has everything you do or think about when it comes to love- there is kissing lips, the beautifully wrapped gifts that the lovebirds preset to each other, the love cupid and so on.

Delicious Love Icons Download

delicious love icons download

You are getting an amazing set of delicious love icons here to complement your romantic posts. There is the prince charming, the heart struck with cupid’s love arrow and who can miss the mailbox for all your love letters!

8 Folder Heart Icon Free Download

folder heart icon free download

The sprung up scarlet heart amidst a beautiful azure sky renders a beautiful dreamy romantic picture of love that we all cherish for, forever. It would be an amazing icon for your romantic folder.

5 Awesome Love Icons For Free

awesome love icons for free

These awesome love icons feature the different facets of heart when one is in love. While you have a beating heart that you lovingly gift to your beloved you also have a pained damaged heart from a heartbreak.

9 Vista Love Icons Set Download

vista love icons set download

This is a lovely set of some of the best love icons ever that beautifully portray every aspect of love & being together- with love bands, teddy bear, a hear-shaped red rose bouquet, love chocolates etc.

5 Astonishing Heart Icon For You

astonishing heart icon for you

20 Fascinating Love Icon Download

0 facinating love icon download

9 Valentine Vector Love Icons Download

valentine vector love icons download

31 Fabulous Love Icons For You

fabulous love icons for you

16 Love Elements Cartoon Icons

love elements cartoon icons

17 Vista Love Icons For Free Download

vista love icons for free download

Our love icon templates include hearts, hearts with arrows, hearts with a couple, teddy bears, chocolate boxes, chocolate covered strawberries, champagne bottles, gold rings and numerous other fun and creative love related icons. These icons can be used on messenger chats, emails and a variety of other places.

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