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Best Music Player Folder Icon Sets for Download

The youth of today nearly all have their own electronic gadgets’ collection. From phones to laptops to tablets, they have it all. In such a scenario, icons for items that appeal to them are very much in demand. Music and youth go hand in hand, and thus, music player folder icons are a hot commodity. Everyone wants to be unique and different, so quirky out-of-the-box icons are very popular. This could be popular and widely coveted and widely recognized symbols or logos of famous bands. The “A” for anarchy symbol is a big hit, as is the pentacle or five-pointed star. You could also have allusions to the name of famous bands, like door for “The Doors”. Famous covers of music albums like Pink Floyd’s prism of light is a great choice too, and is an instant connect with the youth. Of course, there are loyalists who dislike this kind of break from tradition. For them, there are updated versions of the default music folder icon. Use different styles of drawing the icon, like in 2D and 3D versions. Highly artistic and elegant options should also be included, as well as comic styles to cover all the bases. Make sure to offer variations of colors in all the styles to make sure your offerings are the best in the market! Goth, emo, indie, punk, rock – there are many genres of music. You must variegate the options for music player folder icons to keep up!

Folder Documents Music Film Icons Set

folder documents music film icons set

Music Folder Icons

music folder icons

Multimedia Folder Icons Set

multimedia folder icons set

Folder Icons Set Favorites Settings Music Ideas

folder icons set favorites settings music ideas se

Music Folder Icon

music folder icon

Music Genres Icons

music genres icons

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