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7+ Set of Microphone Icons

We all know that any website or app is helped or hindered by the by its functional details—but not many people remember that design is one of these details. From the color scheme to the set of icons you use, you are either helping your user navigate your site better, or your are losing your audience.

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If you are running an online media company, a podcast website, or coding an audio or music app, you will definitely need to have an iconic set of microphone and speaker icons. This collection lists some great ones you can download as PSD and vector files.

Vector Microphone Icons


Flat Microphone Icon


Microphone and Audio Icons


Retro Microphone Icon Set


Choosing Your Icons: What Makes a Good Icon?

Your design will attract people’s attention to your site; the functionality will keep them there. Both are key. Don’t skimp on either one.

Apple UX Evangelist Mike Stern states that a bad icon is one of the top 3 reasons why apps get rejected.

So what are the features of what makes a good icon? A good icon is we found are the following:

  • Instantly recognizable. Naturally, your icon has to be iconic. No one is going to remember you or your web product otherwise.
  • Symbolically clear. What it stands for should not be vague; your user has to know exactly what s/he is clicking on. Notice how the speaker icons on from the sets on this list are undeniable speakers and not, say, a ham radio. Also, the microphones are microphones, not ice cream cones.
  • Colored carefully. The shade and intensity of color has to make the icon stand out—but not at the cost of clashing with the other icons.
  • Streamlined. Don’t use photographs, use symbols. Cut the excess lines, the excess text. Notice how most of these vector icons use the “flat” design with only enough details to make it look good and do its job.

Microphone and Megaphone Icons Pack


Microphone and Speaker Icons


Black Microphone Icons


Microphone Thin Line Icons


Be Heard With These Microphone Icons

The tech and online world is all about getting and keeping attention. People will only love and continue to use your app or website if it is attractive and easy to use. These microphone icons are not only attractive, but they will immensely increase the functionality of your site. They are professionally laid out in the flat design so load time will be faster. The geometric shapes and carefully limited color schemes will work on almost any theme you’ve got going on already, keeping everything clean, simple, modern, and trendy.

Bonus tip: These icons will work especially well if you’re on board with the minimalist website scheme that is taking over the Internet stage like wildfire. The clean-cut outlines and block colors (some with a touch of interesting cell-shading) would look great on a white background or a duo-tone layout.

Get yourself heard with these audio icons. Feel free to download and code them into your site or app. Keeping the elements of a good icon in mind, you can also tweak the shape, color, and sizes of the vectors on your favorite digital imaging software.

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