11+ Official Receipt Templates

When it comes to managing and running a business, you must do everything possible to keep your enterprise organized, and in particular, your transaction documents. Keeping official receipts is almost always necessary and that’s not something you can argue about. Because they are proof of transactions of a payment made for an item bought or sold, the necessity of official Receipt Templates for business will always be absolute. The following is a list of the best official receipt templates that you can download for free.

Official Receipt Template in Word


While you can create printable receipts using Photoshop or Microsoft PowerPoint, using a predesigned template can save you the hassle of doing the hard task. All you have to do is to download the template and use it for your business.

Official Cash Receipt Template in Google Docs


Official Order Receipt Template


Official Sales Service Receipt Template


Official Deposit Receipt Template


Official Salary Receipt Template


Official Receipt for Goods or Services Template


Official Tax Receipt Template


Official Donation Receipt Template


Official Contractor Receipt Template


Simple Receipt Template


Blank Receipt Template


Official Medical Receipt Template in Word


Patients will always ask for receipts after making payments for medical services. It’s therefore, important to process the receipts so that clients can have them whenever they need. Besides, the template is free to download.

> Uses of Official Receipt Templates

Businesses use official receipts as hard evidence of payments made. It is important to understand that as long as you can prove that there was an actual transaction or payment made, you should never have a difficult time doing auditing. Of course, the lack of official receipts means zero evidence, and this can be quite problematic. You may also see Donation Receipt Templates.

Businesspersons can use official receipts to enhance the completeness of their accounting records. Whether you are buying something or selling an item, always keep an official receipt to support all existing transactions. Lastly, enterprises can use the receipts as evidence that a customer has purchased goods, hence the evidence or purchase warranties.

Target Audience for Official Receipt Templates

Small and Large Businesses

Because receipts are relevant for business accounting and budgeting, small and large enterprises can use them for transaction recording. Of course, when you keep the record of both internal and external transactions, it will never be difficult to know how you have invested your money or how much you have invested to begin with. You may also see Money Receipt Templates.


Your customers will request your business to provide official receipts as evidence of purchase warranties. Usually, customers should keep receipts for major purchases, like electronics computers, and small appliances, for as long as they own these goods. In the case of proof of warranty, customers can provide these receipts as proof of evidence of warranty given to them by your business. You may also see Hotel Receipt Templates.

The Benefits of Official Receipt Templates

The Templates Save Time

It is usually difficult to create a receipt template from scratch. Whether you are a professional who has the best design skills or just an average computer user, you may find the task of creating the model from the ground up somewhat overwhelming and challenging.

The Templates are Designed for You

Pre-built templates take the need for the overall design away and because you can download the template at no cost at all, there is no real reason why you should bother creating the item yourself. Moreover, each template features a unique design which means there will always be a model that suits your taste.

Because official receipt templates are the hardest evidence for current and past transactions, they can help to support merchandise exchanges and returns. Besides, they are the best documents that you can use for budgeting and reconciling.

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