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Do you have to create receipts for your hotel and you have no time to start everything from scratch? Well, it’s natural since it takes a lot to man a hotel. However, you would be happy to know that online world offers hotel or Restaurant Receipt Templates options today which you can download completely free of charge. These are great time and energy savers.

The hotel receipt template will appear with a readymade hotel receipt structure and you would simply have to enter the information in designated boxes- yes, it is this simple. Moreover, these Receipt Templates can be customized easily and hence you can always modify them with your own hotel data.

Hotel Receipt Template


Hotel Receipt Template in Word


Sample Hotel Receipt Template in Google Docs


Restaurant Receipt Template


Sample Restaurant Receipt Template


Delivery Receipt Excel Template


Order Receipt Template


Cash Receipt Template


Tax Receipt Template


12 Vintage Nostalgic Robidoux Motor Hotel Receipt Template

This is the perfect hotel bill template for all those places that have a vintage decor and theme. The template is keeping in tune with them and is quite user friendly is very editable.

Printable Blank Hotel Receipt Template PDF Format | Use this hotel receipt template to create a hotel invoice design of your choice. The template is very user friendly and not to mention editable. It gives you all the freedom of editing.

Editbale Hotel Receipt Template Word Doc Download | Put to work this amazing hotel receipt template that is available for use in MS Word to create the perfect hotel invoice for your esteemed establishment. This gives a lot of freedom of editing.

Legal Hotel Receiot Template Word Format Download | This hotel receipt template has a legal disclaimer printed at the bottom so that the one who signs it is thereby put into a binding legal contract. The template comes with many sample hotel bills and legal disclaimers to help you pick the right one.

Free Editable Hotel Receipt Format Template Download | No doubt that this is the perfect that is currently available on the market. This template is popular because of its superb editing capabilities and it is the best template available for MS WORD.

Hotel Bill Receipt Template Free Word Download | Use this amazing hotel bill template to print out the perfect hotel bill for your guests. They are sure to appreciate the colour and themes in the seconds before they look at the amount.

Blank Hotel Receipt Word Free Download

The blank hotel receipt in word shows the room type and price. Number of rooms booked is mentioned. The total amount charged is inclusive of the tax. The hotel name and address can be seen on the top.

Hotel Receipt Template PDF Download

The hotel receipt sample in PDF shows the rate of room on per night basis. The room type is mentioned in the receipt. Special considerations or discounts, if any are written in the receipt.

Printable Hotel Receipt PDF Free Download

The printable hotel receipt in PDF shows the room taken, charge per day, check in and checkout time and the total cost inclusive of tax. Receipt number can be seen at the top.

Hotel Acknowledgement Receipt PDF Download

Hotel acknowledgement receipt sample bears the stamp of police department. The receipt bears information such as name of the owner, section under which the hotel is registered, district, date of issue etc.

Hotel Receipt Template Download

Travelling is one of the best past times, not only is it relaxing it also enables you to see new places and grow as a person. In olden days travellers used to knock on the door of the first dwelling they reached when night fell and would be dependent on the hospitality of their host. Now however you need not go into all such trouble for a just a nights lodging. Hotels are abundant in any tourist place and they often have a fierce competition to woo guests. They offer fabulous discounts and offers that are quite tempting.

Using all these offers and discounts is a great way to save up when out on a trip. Many hotels also have discounts printed on their receipts that can be redeemed by retuning customers. You may also see Restaurant Receipt Template


A hotel receipt is an important document that is a record of proof of a transaction having been conducted. It is also useful for the customer as well as the owner of that fine establishment for it is beneficial in tax matters and many other legal complications that may or may not arise from time to time. It also helps you to add up expenses when you have been away on a trip for later use and reference. All in all a bill receipt is important. you may also see Sample Receipt Template

How to Create

Either use a blank slate and create from scratch or if you are not skilled at designing or if you do not have that much time on your hand why not just simply download a readymade professionally designed template that you can modify however you see fit at your leisure.

The readymade templates are easy to use and contain many samples and formats that help you to no end. These templates have been designed by professionals after careful market research and are sure to be to your benefit. Not only are they quite handy and easy to use they are also extremely customizable. You may also see Car Sale Receipt Template


Create a hotel bill receipt keeping the theme and decor of your establishment in mind. Do not! I repeat do not overdo it. These things do not escape the notice of the guests and have a very bad of reflecting poorly on the hotel. So keep this in mind and you should be fine. Make the print large and easily readable no one likes a bill where you cant see the amount at a glance. You may also see Receipt Template

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