Sales Receipt Template – 25+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Format Download!

Do you need to create a sales receipt for your company? Now, a receipt follows a definite structure and it could be really daunting if you have to make too many receipts. But, don’t worry as today the online scene offers different sales payment receipt excel template options like Car Sale Receipt Templates and so on. The great bit is that these are free to download.

Sales Receipt Template in Word


Car Sale Receipt Template in Google Docs


Sample Sales Receipt Template in Pages for Mac


Blank Receipt Template in Excel


Sample Cash Receipt Template


Printable Deposit Receipt Template


Sample Deposit Receipt Word


Simple Tax Receipt Template


Cash Sale Receipt Word Download The cash sale receipt in word gives details of items sold with individual cost. The total amount including tax can be seen at the bottom. Date and time of issuing the receipt is also recorded in the receipt.  

Used Car Sale Receipt PDF Download

The used car sale receipt PDF has the details of the car like model name, brand, colour etc. the registration number of the vehicle is mentioned in the receipt. The receipt also has the contact details of the seller

Vehicle Sale Receipt PDF Download

The vehicle sale receipt in PDF has the details of vehicle to be sold. The receipt bears the seal of the seller and records the date of the selling.

Sales Deposit Receipt PDF Download

Purchase and Sales Agreement and Deposit Receipt

Free Private Car Sale Receipt Template

Example of a Retail Blank Sale Receipt

Standard Sales Tax Receipt

Sale Receipt Notice of Cancellation Form

Simple Property Sale Agreement & Receipt

Free Printable Tax Sale Redemption Receipt

Sample Sales Receipt Form

Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Receipt

Business Sale Receipt

Food Market Sales Receipt

Liquor Store Sales Receipt Template

Sales Invoice Receipt Maintenance Example

Customer Order Form Retail Sales Receipt

What is a Sales Receipt in Quickbooks?

The sales receipt in Quickbooks is very different from Loan Receipt Templates in PDF. This is a form that is used to record the credit to an account that is associated with a sale of a product or service while a simultaneous debit is made to another account which is most often a bank account. These kinds of receipts are used in restaurants as well as in the form of parking slips.

These are generally used when the full settlement for an itemized sales transaction comes through. It should be noted that these are considered to be sold as seen receipts.

What Information is typically included on a Sales Receipt?

Designing a sales receipt for a donation agency, a business organization or a service agency becomes easier when the Receipt Formats in Word are used for the purpose. Though these templates do follow the perfect format and comprise of all the essential segments, it is important to ensure that all the required information is included in a sales receipt. Wondering what these are? Here is the list of all the details that should be present on a sales receipt, be it that of the sale of a construction trailer or of a reimbursement.

  • Name and address of the company
  • Logo of the company
  • Contact details
  • Date of Sale
  • Sections to Include the Item names and other details

Importance of Sales Receipt

It is extremely important that all business organizations, retail stores and any other agency that sells its products or services or acquires money for a particular reason, has a sales receipt in place. This document can be designed using the wide range of sales receipt templates like lease receipt templates that are available online. These are important because

  • They help the organization to keep a record of all the transactions
  • They come in handy for governmental needs like tax filing etc
  • They give a clear idea to the customer about the details of the products or services
  • These can be used as a legal proof in case of a hassle among the two parties

One of the best parts about these Free Receipt Templates is that these save you from drafting an entire receipt right from the start. You would just need to download a readymade sales receipt blueprint and customize it with the specific details of your sales transaction.

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