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In very simple terms, a receipt is a written acknowledgment or record of having received something. It could be payment, or any other object as well. When you buy something from the shop, you’re handed a bill or receipt by the shop keeper. That is a record of your payment and the delivery of the product. No matter what you do or where you go, you will be handed a receipt after any kind of transaction. This kind of Receipt Template can also be used as evidence, or for future references. For example, the receipt issued by the shop will consist of the number of items you have purchased, the items bought, their prices and the net amount.A receipt may seem easy, but it has an intrinsic pattern and is often highly technical. You will require professional help and guidance while creating it. But there is one way of doing it yourself – that is to download Receipt Templates in Word. You can download these templates, and use them just the way you please. So what are you waiting for? Try some out today!

Sample Receipt Template to Print

sample-receipt-template-to-print Download

Receipt Format in Word

receipt-format-word-template Download

Microsoft Word Simple Receipt Template

simple-receipt-template Download

Blank Receipt Template in Word Download

blank-receipt-template Download

Rent Receipt Template in Word Format

rent-receipt-template Download

Microsoft Word Sales Receipt Template

sales-receipt-templatess Download

Hotel Receipt Template in Google Docs

hotel-receipt-template Download

Sample Restaurant Receipt Template

sample-restaurant-receipt-template Download

Sample Contractor Receipt Template

sample-contractor-receipt-template Download

Medical Receipt Template

medical-receipt-template Download

Sample Hotel Receipt Template

sample-hotel-receipt-template Download

Car Sale Receipt Template in Word

car-sale-receipt-template Download

Daycare Receipt Template in Google Docs

daycare-receipt-template Download

Microsoft Word Donation Receipt Template

donation-receipt-template Download

School Fee Receipt Template in Word Download



MS Word Format Payment Receipt Free Template

ms word format payment receipt free template1


Acknowledgment Receipt Word 2010 Format Template

acknowledgment receipt word 2010 format template


Missing Receipt Form Template Free Word Format

missing receipt form template free word format


Abortion Receipt Template MS Word Free Download

abortion receipt template ms word free download


Word Format Vehicle Sale Receipt Template Free Download

word format vehicle sale receipt template free download


Types of Receipts

If you’re wondering about the different types of receipts, these are the most commonly used –

  • Payment receipts– These Payment Receipts are used in shops by sellers. After a customer has purchased something, he is handed a receipt which contains the price and the items bought. It is also called a bill.
  • Medical receipts – Most Medical Receipts serve as prescriptions because they contain the names of drugs prescribed by the doctor to the patient. The patient is to purchase medicines and drugs accordingly.
  • Credit Card slip– If you buy something using your credit card, you will be handed a slip which contain some information about your credit card including name, expiration date and most importantly, the last 4 digits of the credit card number.
  • Detailed Invoice – These resemble bills, but are much more detailed and descriptive. It is a full page bill which contains a variety of information including company details and the contact details Invoice Template of the customer.

Why Use Receipt Templates?

There is no denying the fact that receipts are necessary. They are, after all, a record of all purchases made. But if a receipt is clumsy or vague, it will lose its value. A receipt needs to be well designed, neat, professionals and official. In order to create such a comprehensive receipt, you can take the help of receipt templates in word format. These would act as a guide while you create your very own receipt, or you can download the receipt templates for word and customize them. You can even select Microsoft Word receipt templates according to your needs and purpose. What more could you ask for?

Choosing A Receipt Template

While choosing receipt Templates on Word, you must keep in mind the following –

  • Before you select the template, you must decide upon the purpose of the receipt. What is it that you want out of it? Once you’ve successfully answered this question, you can proceed to the selection.
  • While selecting receipt templates word document, you must proceed in an organized fashion. You must shortlist the ones you like and weigh the pros and cons of each. Then you can decide on the right one for you.
  • Select the correct layout. Different receipts will have different layouts. A medical receipt will not look the same as a payment receipt. You must select a receipt template that goes with the purpose.
  • Pay attention to the details you put in. You cannot afford to make a mistake here. You must be cautious while inserting data, as this receipt serves as a record of reception or payment or as the case may be.

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