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For every milestone that we reach, we are sometimes greeted with uncharted waters; new horizons that we haven’t conquered yet. And, with the newbies or amateurs that we are, we need advice from those who have already trodden these paths and have gained wisdom from their experiences.

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These are advice that we should take to heart as they will serve as guidelines that we can refer to especially if we don’t know which course of action we are going to take. Now, put your shoes on the one who’s giving the advice. If you are going to give an advice, why not do it in a fancy but formal way? You may also see wedding advice cards.

Advice cards are cards that you give to people who you want to give advice to. They are as small as business cards or appointment cards, so when the recipient wants to read your advice, they can easily pull it out from their pockets or even wallets. So, to present it properly, you need to have a design that is simple yet stunning. Don’t look further as we have a curated list of templates for advice cards. Check them out below!

Rustic Green Floral Advice Card Template

rustic green floral advice card template

Gold Advice Card Template

gold advice card template

Editable Advice Card Template

editable advice card template

Reasons to Use an Advice Card Template

Usually, creating an advice card needs a graphic designer to ensure that the card’s design will be of top-notch quality. Doing this makes sure that you won’t be subjected to criticisms about your advice card. But since not everyone can afford a graphic designer, the designers themselves have personally decided to make their creations go public. This way, they can milk out more money from just a single design and give the customers a lot of options to choose from.

There are sites out there that allow graphic designers to post their work online and make a profit out of it. This way, people can easily access these templates and customize them any way they want to. But there are more to these templates than just being accessible. Read on to know about the reasons why should use an advice card template to make one for yourself.

1. They are customizable. Graphic designers are wise enough to put their works online and make them customizable. They can make a profit while helping the customers create a design with a personal touch from their works. So that’s why the templates that you have seen and will see as the list goes on are all editable.

After you have purchased a template, you can open it using a photo editing software program (online or offline) and make the changes that you want to the design of that certain template. You can choose to change the overall look or just make some minor adjustments and enhancements that will suit your taste.

2. They are stunningly beautiful. We don’t settle for less. We always serve the best. The designs that we have gathered all have unique and outstanding designs that were skillfully created by talented graphic artists. When we choose a template for our list, we always take into consideration the impact of the design. Also, because of the variety, you can choose templates with different vibes. You may also see well wishes card designs.

Does it appeal to you as classy? Does it look sophisticated? Is it the most aesthetically-pleasing design? We always go for the looks we know people will unquestionably like and have a personal connection with. We do our best to find templates that will present your personality and character the most and to satiate your eyes hungry with something visually pleasing. You may also see printable card templates.

3. They are affordable and worth the money. The advice card templates that we have provided are all premium and they are all from legitimate sites that provide high-quality templates. Since the word ‘premium’ is always associated with being expensive, you will often hesitate to look for premium templates.

But that common misconception will only hinder you to discover a lot of impressive designs for an advice card. If you look hard enough, you will eventually find a cheap (money-wise) template with an amazing design. Also, even if you can’t find one cheap enough to fit within your budget, remember that some of these templates are priced as such because the designers have put all their heart and effort into making them. You may also see sample cards.

Designing is never easy; it takes a great amount of dedication and labor to create one. And even if some of them are pricey, they are still worth the money because you can reuse a single template as many times as you want. You pay for one template but you can create more than a handful of modified designs from them. It’s all about how you go over a difficult situation, especially when the situation is about finances. You may also see printable RSVP card designs.

4. They create a personal approach. We have already said that you can put your personal touch to a template’s design since it is fully editable. That said, the personalized design creates a personal approach once you hand out an advice card to your friend. The design that you have created or modified from the original template will reflect your character and personality.

Also, the recipient will have an idea of what your style really is, and from the aesthetics, the recipient will know your creative side. So every time they see your advice card, they will remember how dedicated you are to everything that you do. It makes your recipient feel more connected to you since you gave them a glimpse of yourself. You may also see how to design holiday cards.

Bride-to-be Advice Card Template

bride to be advice card template

Happy Couple Advice Card Template

happy couple advice card template

Bridal Shower Advice Card Template

bridal shower advice card template

Wedding Guest Advice Card Template

wedding guest advice card template1

Simple Advice Card Template

simple advice card template

Tips for Purchasing Advice Card Templates

We can sometimes be too reckless with what we click on the Internet. We click whatever seems interesting without thinking that it may be just a clickbait that contains a package full of viruses. The effect may not be instantaneous but you will soon realize that the something is wrong once your computer slows down or completely stops functioning. You may also see a change of address card designs.

Well, we can’t say for sure if it really is because of the virus because there may be another reason for the malfunction. But, just to be safe, you should be careful about what you click online. For a worst-case scenario, you could be hacked without you knowing. So, to avoid these hacking methods veiled in compelling offers, you need to know certain points to identify the secure ways for online purchases. You may also see beauty business card templates.

1. Look for trustworthy or verified websites

As an average user, you usually just click on whatever is shown first in search results. While these websites are filtered and prioritized based on its security and legitimacy by Google or any search engine that you are using, there may come a time when the things that you are looking for are not in the first few pages.

You will then be desperately looking for the result that you need further down the search results, and we can say that these sites may not be as secure and legit as those in the first few pages. So, to avoid being scammed or stolen data from, there are few points that you need to take note of to ensure that the site you are visiting is indeed safe and secure. You may also see card designs.

  • Design.  The design is a subjective matter and you can’t judge the book by its cover. There are websites that have a shabby User Interface (UI) and poorly structured User Experience (UX) but are indeed legit and secure. But, if you think about it, who would want a bad design for their websites? None, right? So, if you stumble upon a well-designed website, it is most likely a legitimate and secure website. And, to add confidence in it, look at the domain and connection type if it really secure.
  • Domain and connection type. For average users, this kind of technical information is nothing of great concern. But, if you are the type to take precautionary measures when using the Internet, then you definitely need to take note of the domain and connection type of the site you are accessing. To make it simple, you can verify the security of the site by looking at the URL of your browser. Usually, the word “Secure” is placed beside it, indicating that the website is using certain security protocols to protect your data from hackers. The security protocols are offered by security companies at a certain price, but rest assured that your data will definitely be safe.
  • Ads. Ads are the common medium for hackers to steal information. Those who are not familiar with ads will surely be tempted to click on them, not knowing that they contain viruses that can potentially harm your computer and steal information from you. So, to avoid such unfortunate situations, better stay away from websites that have too many ads on their page. You may also see simple card designs.

Gold and Pink Advice Card Template

gold and pink advice card template

Graduation Advice Card Template

graduation advice card template

Watercolor Advice Card Template

watercolor advice card template

Garden Advice Card Template

garden advice card template

New Parents Advice Card Template

new parents advice card template

Wedding Advice Card Template

wedding advice card template

2. Do not overspend!

Unnecessary spending is one of the most common problems when it comes to purchases. Sometimes, we can’t stop our desire to buy something especially if they are on sale. Who doesn’t want discount voucher?

In the case of graphic designs and templates, these extra spendings happen when there are stunning designs that you want to purchase but don’t really need to have at the moment. So, to avoid overspending, close the tab of the website once you already have what you need. Shut down your computer or turn of the data in your smartphone if necessary.

3. Find cheap but top-notch designs and templates

High-quality designs don’t necessarily equate to expensive prices. There are templates that even though they are cheaper than the rest, they still offer stunning designs. In the end, it all depends on how far you are going to search for these hidden gems buried in the pages of search results. If you are lucky enough, you might even get a discounted price even though it’s already cheap. You may also see invitation card templates.

Have you found the right design?

Choosing the right design for an advice card depends on what the advice card is for. If the advice is for the newlyweds, then the design should be appropriate to it. If you want to give advice to a fresh grad, then the design should have images of a toga or diploma in it.

For whatever you are making the advice card for, may it look the best that it could be with the templates that you have chosen or will be chosen in this list. We wish you all the best and good luck! You may also see free card designs.

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