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14+ Change of Address Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, InDesign

There are moments when our current house doesn’t feel like home anymore. It may be because of an unfortunate event, unpleasant memory, or plainly looking for a new place to call home. Whatever the reason may be, it is only proper that we tell our family and friends about our new address by sending them a change of address card. It is important to send them one as they would like to pay you a visit to your new home and so they would know where to send packages and sample letters if they want to.

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The design for the change of address card depends on how playful you are with it. Most of the times, these cards have funny and lighthearted designs that people would likely enjoy looking at. It takes away the seriousness of packing things up. If you are still unsure of what to design for your change of address card, don’t worry as we will show you a variety of creative templates that will surely help you decide. Check them out below!

Gold Change of Address Card Template

Palm Beach Change of Address Card Template

Factors to Consider Before Moving Out

Moving out is more than just deciding on the size and number of boxes that you fill with your clothes; it is a crucial part of your life that needs to be planned well lest you suffer from the wrong choices. Here are some factors that you need to consider before you plan to move out. You may also like free business cards.

1. Location

When you move out, the first thing that you have to consider is the location. Do you want to stay where you always feel the relaxing breeze of the sea? Do you want to live in solitude in the mountains? Or do you want to move to a bustling city? You have to decide which environment you would like to live in. The new place that you are transferring to will be your new home, so it is important that you are comfortable with the environment of your new address. Below are few factors that you have to consider when choosing the new location for your new home. You may also like sample card templates.

  • Safety. Another thing to consider in terms of location is its safety. Is it safe in your neighborhood? Check the crime rates if it’s low or non-existent. If there are facilities, are they maintained well or are they left in isolation until they rust out? Are your neighbors friendly and kind? You have to make sure that you would feel safe in your own home; that you don’t feel like you always have to be wary of your surroundings. Everyone wants to sleep soundly at night, right? You may also like simple business card designs.
  • Geographical position. The geographical position also takes part when considering the location of your new home. If you choose to live near the beach, you have to do some research and see if where you will be staying at is prone to tsunamis or are there waves large enough that it can swallow your entire house. Precautionary methods are needed, like measuring how far you are going to be from the beach or if there is a need to put up walls or barriers that are going to stop the waves from crashing in your house. Generally, if the location of your new home is prone to natural disasters, you need to put in mind safety measures to prevent or minimize damages to your new house and precautionary measures for your safety in times when these disasters occur. You may also like free card designs.
  • Accessibility. If you are the type that wants to isolate yourself from all the noise and distraction and want to live in the cold and silent nights of the mountains, then you have to make sure that you are prepared for providing yourself the necessities that will last enough for a week or so. Locations like this lack the accessibility to some resources that you might need frequently. So, before thinking of moving out, you need to consider if you are okay with the level of accessibility that you can reach. You may also like card designs in PSD.

2. Style

If you are not picky, you can move to houses that will provide the basic necessities for you. But, if you are meticulous in the style of your new house, then you definitely need to check it before you move in. Here are few of the styles that you can choose from for your new home:

  • Log Home
  • Cape Cod
  • Art Deco
  • Contemporary
  • Colonial
  • Modern
  • Mediterranean

There is more to this list; try searching them up if you want more options to choose from. The design of your house will solely depend on the what atmosphere you want your house to have. Also, you can base the design from the location. If you are near the beach, you can opt for a style that’s laid back with blue hues. If you are going to move to a tropical country, then you can choose for a summery kind of vibe for your house. You may also like free card templates.

3. Size

Do you want a two-story house or is one story already sufficient? The number of stories your house will have depends on your needs and the area of your land. If the number and size of the rooms that you are planning to have lacked in a one-story house, then look for one that has enough or you can move to a two-story house that fits all your requirements. If you are living alone, then one-story would be more than enough because you need to think of the expenses. But, if you are moving in with your family, then a two-story house would be more ideal. But, the size of your house will also depend on its price, which we will talk about as you read on. You may also like handmade card designs.

4. Price

There are houses that are offered in a complete package, meaning the house is already filled with furniture, equipment, and other needed materials for your new home. But since this is the case, you should expect that the price for this house would be higher than average. This would be ideal if you plan to leave all most of your stuff in the old house. It saves you the hassle of buying new ones and they are already cleaned and arranged. However, you can choose a clean slate if you want to bring your stuff into your new house or you want to buy new ones for it. This means that you will pay less and it gives you the freedom to arrange and decorate your new house to your liking. You may also like flash card designs.

Also, the pricing will depend on the points we have given prior to this. There are houses of the same size that offer different prices because of the perks that the location of the house gives, like the accessibility of some facilities that other locations can’t offer. So, better think about this carefully as financial matters are very crucial before moving to a new home. You may also like blank card templates.

5. Personal Belongings

Is the house big enough for all of your belongings to fit? You can bring all your current belongings with you into your new house, but make sure that they can be stored properly and they do not exceed the storage limit that your house can offer. If it isn’t able to accommodate everything, then you need to let go of some of your things before moving in. Bring with you the essential ones and maybe some of them that have sentimental value. If you have clothes that you don’t wear frequently, you can donate them instead of just throwing them away. If there are broken equipment that has been lurking in your cabinet long enough to become rusty, try to check if they can still be used. Otherwise, throw them in the garbage. You need all the space you can get for your new house, and probably some vacant ones so you can give space to new things. You may also like personal card templates.

Patterned Change of Address Card Template

Minimalistic Change of Address Card Template

Watercolor Change of Address Card Template

Charming Stripes Change of Address Card Template

PaperKraft Change of Address Card Template

Reasons for Moving Out

When a home does not feel like home anymore, the best action that you can take is to move out. But, there are more factors that contribute to why people move out, and here are some of them:

1. For safety measures

Safety has always been one of the reasons that people decide to move out. The feeling of uneasiness and anxiety manifested from knowing that your house is prone to danger might lead you to think of moving to another place. Every moment that something bad happens in your area, your anxiety grows. The worse possible case for it is that this anxiety will turn into paranoia, which we should aim to completely avoid. This mostly happens to people who are living alone. But, regardless if you are living alone or not, too many experiences on any type of danger will definitely make you consider changing places. You may also see personal cards.

Below are some of the factors in terms of safety concerns that contribute to the decision of moving out:

  • Crime. The home that we have lived in for most of our lives sometimes don’t guarantee our safety. Times have changed, and danger is always lurking in the shadows. You ask yourself, “Is our neighborhood still safe?” There are cases where people who are peacefully watching TV or having dinner were mercilessly killed and their valuables were stolen. We sometimes feel that we are not secure in our own home anymore, that there is a need to increase security measures or just transfer to a new community. The neighborhood that you have lived and loved for so long has become your own version of dystopia that you have no other choice than to move out. It’s sad to think to leave everything behind but you have to move to a safer place. You may also like sample cards.
  • Geographical location. There are places in this world that are prone to certain types of natural disasters. For example, Southeast Asia is prone to an inexhaustible number of earthquakes, typhoons, volcano eruptions, and other natural disasters. This is due to its location along the Ring of Fire or typhoon belt. The same thing goes for Japan. These locations have suffered countless earthquakes in which people invented devices that would lessen the impact of earthquakes on their buildings. So, if you think that you have already suffered too much from natural disasters, then maybe it’s about time to move out. Move to a place where there are less to none natural disasters. This will give you peace of mind that you don’t have to prepare a lot of precautionary measures. You may also see invitation card designs.
  • Dilapidated structure. Some of us live in houses that we had lived in for ages, like an ancestral house of our family. We can still repair it, but just like us humans, our houses have lives too. They become weak, and there comes a time that they go beyond repair, beyond saving. If that happens, it would be best to move out. No matter how much you love your house and how it withstood the test of time, you have to think the safety of the people living in it. It may be painful to watch your home crumble down, but at least it has finally rested. You may also like printable place cards.

Leaving the past behind may be a difficult decision to make especially if you spent most of your life living there. But, when you take into account the safety of you and your family, then there definitely won’t be any regrets. Properly assess your new neighborhood before moving out. So, gather all your belongings and seal them in boxes. It’s time to move out. You may also like table place card designs.

2. For a fresh start

We have been fighting on our own battlefields since we were born. There are times that we fought and won, but there are also moments when we valiantly fought but still ended up defeated and gained nothing but wounds full of pain and wisdom. These bitter and painful setbacks sometimes become our own poison. And with our infinite number of problems added to the equation, it becomes overwhelming to bear. We sink. We feel helpless and hopeless. We feel that everything that’s been happening has gotten us lost in our track that we can only wish for things to end. You may also like restaurant place cards.

Moving to another place for a fresh start is one way for you to escape from what’s giving you poison. A clean slate. A new life. The kind of luxury that we thought we can’t afford but we actually can. What’s holding us back from attaining such luxury is our own fear. We are afraid of the uncertainties that lay on the other side. We fear what we don’t know. Can we consider it our refuge from all the pain and unpleasant memories that we have experienced? Or will it also break our hearts and give us despair? We feed our mind with unnecessary thoughts and fill our hearts with poisonous feelings that they hinder us from taking a step forward. So what if there are a few bumps along the way? You may also like printable place card designs.

Seeking a place of refuge requires a tremendous amount of strength and courage. Our painful experiences may have weakened us, but we should always think of why we have come this far. It’s because we are warriors. We are gladiators. We are survivors. We have conquered far too many battles and reached too far of a path that fearing the unknown becomes a trivial thing. We live in the unknown; we live in battles. Let’s conquer another one. You may also see name card templates.

Art Deco Change of Address Card Template

Vintage Change of Address Card Template

Chalkboard Change of Address Card Template

Simple Change of Address Card Template

3. For exploration

There are adventurers silently lying dormant within ourselves. Some people haven’t awakened it yet, but there are others who already know that they breathe and live the life of adventures. We are usually caged in the four walls of our house, classroom, or offices most of our days in the week. This stillness and isolation trigger our curious minds. We seek for a thrill that activates the surge of adrenaline coursing through our veins. We are natural explorers ready to discover new places that we haven’t set foot on. Meeting new people and traveling to various places is sometimes what drives us to move out and live someplace new. Be it a temporary refuge or not, the new experiences that we will gain will definitely quench our thirst for adventures. You may also see elegant wedding table cards.

4. For financial reasons

We are not all born with a silver spoon. There are things that we have to prioritize first because our salary can’t sometimes keep up with our growing needs. If the bills for the house or apartment is already too much to support, then moving out to a cheaper one may solve the problem. Choose a place that’s cheap but doesn’t compromise the comfortability and safety. Make sure that you are still satisfied with the place that you have chosen. It may not be the best place, but you can always make it the best one in your own little ways. You may also like blank place cards.

5. For catchment area for schools or offices

There are cases where our house is positioned too far from our children’s school or our work office. The distance between two points may contribute to higher expenses compared to when you live near the school or office. So, to save some money for other necessities, it would be better to find a place that’s near these places. You can either sell your old house and live permanently into a new one or pay for a temporary shelter and then go home during the weekends. This will solely depend on your budget as it may be heavy for you to support to residences at the same time. You may also see wedding place card templates.

6. For a change of lifestyle

There will always come a time when we get tired and bored with our current lifestyle. It may not be the most practical method, but moving out to a new place may help shake this boredom away. Moving to an unfamiliar place will let you gain new experiences and meet new people. For example, if you have been living a busy life in the city, you might want to consider living a quiet life in the countryside. You get to experience less to non-existent traffic and pollution. Breathing fresh air every day helps relieve all the stress that you have accumulated from all the years of living in the city. The relaxing and peaceful atmosphere is a great change of pace that our mind and body can greatly benefit from. You may also see wedding place cards.

Modern Change of Address Card Template

Retro Change of Address Card Template

Typography Change of Address Card Template

Black & White Change of Address Card Template

Dark Change of Address Card Template

Tips for a Successful Move

1. Don’t act rashly. Take things into careful consideration. Are you wholly ready to live independently? Do you make enough money to support yourself? Do you have the right reasons to move out? Is it safe to where you are moving to? Go through every minute detail and ask for advice from your family and friends. This may help you make an educated decision. Moving out is not a trivial matter. Make sure that moving out is something you won’t end up regretting. You may also like wedding name cards.

2. Have a realistic budget. You have to cover every cost that would come up, especially the ‘hidden’ expenses such as the security deposit or bond, connection fees for utilities, and home and contents insurance.

3. Always communicate. Avoid misunderstandings as much as possible. If you have concerns with your flatmate or parents, make sure that you talk about it in the most diplomatic way possible. You will be living together, so keep the peace going. Also, be respectful of each other. You don’t want to plant seeds of hate in the place that you will be living for possibly quite a long time. You may also like professional name cards.

4. Keep in touch. You are going to live independently from now on away from your family. Always keep in touch with them as they will be missing you so much. Schedule regular home visits like going there on weekends to spend time with them. Your family is all you have; make sure that you don’t end up regretting not spending the time with them while they are still there.

5. Ask for help. Young as we are, we are still inexperienced compared to the lives that our parents have lived. If you are in trouble or in need of some help, don’t hesitate to ask your parents. Don’t be too proud now that you are living independently. Your parents have more life experiences than you, and they can definitely give you the help that you need. You may also like tent card designs.

It’s time to move out!

Moving out requires a lot of contemplation. You have to weigh out different factors that may affect your decision. It’s not a trivial matter that you can just breeze through. Moving out means living a new life. You are going to need all the help you can get before you transfer to your new home. But, before you move out, make sure that you inform your family and friends by sending them a change of address cards. They will greatly appreciate if you let them know as they will be able to visit you when they want to. Go over through design and look for a template that suits your taste and which best reflects your personality. Let the recipients of the card instantly think of you when they take a look at the card’s design.

Do you have enough boxes for your belongings? Are you ready to move to a new home? It’s going to be a completely different experience, but home will always be home if you make it one. The people living in the house is what makes it a home. Are you all set? Get your boxes sealed and load them into the truck. It’s time to move out! You may also see rustic card designs.

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