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Using invitations is one of the most common methods of inviting someone over to an event. We can create invitations and invite people in different ways as well. Technology today is helping us out on creating different kinds of invitations for us to send to our possible guests.

Here, we share some birthday invitation designs you can use for your birthday invitations. We also share a brief description for some designs to guide you on where to use these specific designs. Finally, we also share what a birthday invitation should contain. Our website holds tons of more templates and designs, if you need more and if you need information on how to use these templates. You can also check out more birthday invitations from our website.

Bowling Birthday Invitation Template


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Free Sample Happy Birthday Invitation Template


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Free Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday Invitation Template


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1st Birthday Invitation Design

1st Birthday Invitation Card



1st Birthday Party Invitation



Free Birthday Invitation Design

Free Birthday Invitation Card



Free Birthday Party Invitation



18th Birthday Invitation Design

18th Birthday Invitation Card



18th Birthday Party Invitation



Birthday Party Invitation Design

Birthday Party Invitation Card



What Are Birthday Invitations?

Birthday invitations are normally like any other invitations, which is to request for someone’s attendance to a specific activity—in this case, a birthday celebration. Designs for birthday invitations are livelier and more colorful to represent joy and another prosperous year in this life.

There are many types of birthday invitation designs you can use to create your own designs and attract your guests to come. Using invitations is also a formal way of inviting someone as a guest to your event as well.

Birthday Invitation Examples

In here, we also try to give you a brief description on some of the featured birthday invitation examples and where to use them. Below are some birthday invitation examples from our archives:

  • First Birthday Party Invitation – You can use this invitation for your baby’s first birthday. Designs that may be included for these types of invitations may be basic to advanced designs. The decorations being used are also baby-themed and have more colorful decorations as well.
  • 18th Birthday Party Invitation – These types of invitations are commonly used for 18th birthdays or debuts. Decorations may depend on the kind of theme the party will be. Borderlines, overlays, and fonts may also look more stylish to attract guests and to give the invitation more appeal. You can also alter the design template and add your own design to make them look more creative.
  • Vintage Retro Party Invitation – You can use these types of invitations for retro-themed parties. The decorations these invitation templates may contain are more retro related and have an old-looking feel. You can also use this to attract guests to attend your party. But like any other design template, you can also alter the template by adding your own designs as well.
  • DIY Birthday Invitation Design – If you want to create your own birthday invitation, you can use this design template. This design focuses more on your creativity and lets you create basic to detailed designs in your invitations. These designs lets you place pictures and captions as well as the details for the event.
  • Kid’s Birthday Party Invitation – You can use these types of design templates for kid’s birthday parties. The designs these templates contain are themes intended for kids parties. You can also improve the designs by adding more decorations and using more attractive font styles to design creative kid’s party invitations.

Why Are Invitations Important?

Invitations are important because it also serves as a way to market your event to your guests, especially if they are business conferences. But in this case, you would want to have more guests attending your birthday parties, which is why birthday invitations are also important. Another reason why invitations are important is because invitations also serve as an introduction to a party, more like a trailer to a movie, so to speak.

Being able to provide invitations also provide your guests with information ahead of time will help them be informed about the venue, how to get there, what the theme of the party is, and what to wear, which are all important pieces of information needed. Without invitations, there would be a lot of concerns regarding the program, you will also be questioning the number of people attending, and how to set up the place with an unconfirmed number of guests.

Our website offers different templates and information if you need more sources for different types of invitation templates and designs to make more attractive invitations. You can also download chalkboard birthday invitations and office birthday invitations. Be mindful, though, of any download restrictions that authors and publishers may have placed in their work.

Vintage Birthday Invitation Design

Vintage Retro Birthday Invitation



Vintage Girl Birthday Invitation



Vector Birthday Invitation Design

Vector Birthday Invitation Card



1st Vector Birthday Invitation



Happy Birthday Invitation Design

1st Happy Birthday Invitation



Happy Birthday Party Invitation



DIY Birthday Invitation Design

DIY Birthday Invitation Card



DIY First Birthday Invitation



DIY Birthday Party Invitation



Printable Birthday Invitation Design

Free Printable Birthday Invitation



Printable Birthday Party Invitation



Printable Birthday Invitation Card



Birthday Invitation Layout Design

Birthday Invitation Card Layout



Free Birthday Invitation Layout



Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation Layout



What a Birthday Invitation Should Contain

It is important to place in all information about your birthday party so that guests will be well informed and can prepare ahead of time on what to bring and what to wear for your birthday party. Invitations should also look well to attract more guests and is a way to promote your party.

Below are different details that a birthday invitation should contain for your attendees to be well informed:

  • Title – Each invitation should have a title as this also gives the readers an idea on what the theme will be like and what the party and program will be as well. It is also helpful to have a title for your invitation for formality purposes. Titles will also give guests an idea as to what to wear for the event.
  • Dress code – It is also important for your guests to know what attire they will be wearing when attending the event. Attires commonly match with the theme or title of the birthday party and should always be included in an invitation.
  • Date – it is very important to place a date to when the party will be and what time the party will start. This is to give guests the time to prepare and take note of the time your party will begin. Being able to place a time will also prevent your guests from arriving at different parts of the program and help them arrive on time.
  • Theme – Each birthday invitation should include the birthday party’s theme as it gives the audience an idea on what the program will be about and give them the idea on the possible attire to wear. Having a theme in your invitation also helps you to place the correct decorations that will match the event as well.
  • Design – Placing a great design for your invitation is very important as the design is the main reason to attract possible attendees for your event. If you feel that you are not confident in making your own birthday invitation design, you can always ask a graphics designer to make one for you at a fair price.
  • Content – You should place all the information for your attendees to know when attending the party like giving the location, which you can also use maps and landmarks to help your guests with directions in going to the party. You can also place disclaimers for your guests like bringing of extra clothes if the birthday party involves the use of props that may get your clothes dirty or if you plan to have a pool party.
  • Schedule – It is also important for you to place the schedule of the program and indicate different activities that will take place in a specific time for your birthday party. This is also to give your guests information on what will happen in the program itself and advise them if they need to make any precautions when attending.

Our website also offers other templates and information, which you can use for your other future projects. For the meantime, check out these office birthday invitations and blank birthday invitations to help you create more invitations and provide you with inspiration to improve your invitation designs.

Baby Birthday Invitation Design

Baby Boy Birthday Invitation



Baby Birthday Invitation Card



Baby Girl Birthday Invitation



Elegant Birthday Invitation Design

Free Elegant Birthday Invitation



Elegant Birthday Invitation Card



Elegant 50th Birthday Invitation



Birthday Party Invitation Design

Surprise Birthday Party Invitation



Frozen Birthday Party Invitation



50th Birthday Party Invitation



Kids Birthday Invitation Design

Free Kids Birthday Invitation



Kids Birthday Party Invitation



Kids Birthday Invitation Card



When to Get A Designer

If you think you don’t have the skills to create your own birthday invitations, you can always ask a graphics designer to make one for you as he or she is more skilled in creating digital artwork. You should also consider hiring a designer if you need to finish a certain design at an earlier time, or if you think that you are just slow in making these types of invitations.

If you do get a designer, it is always important for you to team up with your designer and always communicate with them about your artwork to avoid the hassle of returning the designs for changes that needs to be redone or any other details you would want to have for your birthday invitation design.

When you get a designer, always be sure to check out their portfolio for you to know about their designining skills and their inspiration to make such work. You can use their portfolios as basis if their ideas and style in designing will match what you will like.

When you communicate with the designers on how you would like your designs to be in, always be sure to have a firm grasp on how you would like the final output to look like. If possible, send them or show them an inital draft to what your design will look like, be sure to cover all the grounds like details, decorations, borderlines, and overlays as well.

Searching for A Designer

There are different methods in searching for a designer. One of the most common method is asking your friends or relative who may own small or big businesses or establishments. You can ask who their designer is and ask for their contact details. Another method you can try to use would be searching the web for different designers that are available to create your own birthday invitation design. Most designer websites already feature their portfolios for you to scan and see if they match your interests.

When you are able to find a designer to help you with your concern, always be sure to double check your designer’s fee if they match the complexity of your design. If you think that their fee is too high for a simple design, you can always try to negotiate with the designer to lower down prices, or you can always find a new designer.

Ways to Send Your Invitations

There are different ways to send your invitations. Usually, you can go for the more common approach of sending invitations through email as it is the most accessible mode of sending mails right away. You can send your digital copies of your invitations through email if you have all the contact details for your attendees.

You can also send your invitations through mail if you do not have any email addresses of your guests on file. Though mailing your invitations can also be another method you can use, this is not advisable because of delays in shipping time which might also delay the time for your invitations to reach the attendee. If you are to send your invitations through mail, be sure to keep track of the delivery time and status of your invitations. Be sure as well to send your invitations ahead of time to anticipate for any shipping delays.

If you do not want to send your mail through email or regular mail, you can always use social media to send your invitations since most users today are always using social media to keep in contact with friends and family. Be sure though that the attendees you will be sending your invitations to also have access to social media or have a social media account.

For more templates and information on how to use such designs, you can check out our website for more princess birthday invitations and Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitations if you also need more sources to create more birthday invitations.

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