95+ Best Application Icons to Download

Application icons are some of the most innovative and creative icons on the internet. You can design your application and then select relevant icons from the best application icons depending on the usability of the application, the function it will perform, the attractiveness desired, the specific brand name or logo which is to be associated with the application and various other factors which might be going in your mind.

The best application icons are generally brand focused ones like those of social media sites, games, news applications and other things which have just the initial or the name of the company or brand so that it is very distinct and attracts attention.

Some application icons are heavily decorated with special designs, colorful effects, great animation and extra styles which are very eye catching and attractive and are the best application icons to choose from.

You can also choose simple and regular looking application icons as they often stand apart from the regular ones like the ones used for social networking sites as they often denote just one letter or the logo.

Among the large variety of application icons available, you can use several pre defined icons and create your own icons to suit your various applications based on the utility and the function of it. Using specific and specialized icons not only enhances the visibility of your app but also makes it into a brand of itself.

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Simply Styled Icon Set

  • simply styled icon set

Beautiful Flat Application Icons

  • beautiful flat icons

22 Free Flat Icons

  • 22 free flat icons

Pretty Office Icon Set

  • pretty office icon set

Custom Round Yosemite Icons

  • custom round yosemite icons

Pretty Office Icon Set

  • pretty office icon set part 3

SEO Services Icons Set

  • seo services icons set

Mobile Applications Icons

  • mobile applications icons

Cloud of Application Icons

  • cloud of application icons

40 Free SEO & Online Marketing Icons

  • 40 free seo online marketing icons

Pacifica Icons

  • pacifica icons

App Icon Set

  • vector illustration of app icon set

150 Business Application Icons

  • 150 business application icons

Icons for Web and Mobile Application

  • icons for web and mobile application

Tab Bar Icons IOS

  • tab bar icons ios vol6

Flatastic Icon Set

  • flatastic icon set

Mac OS Icons

  • mac os icons

Group of 40 Icons

  • group of 40 icons

Touchscreen Application Icons

  • touchscreen application icons

Android Setting Icons Set

  • android setting icons set

Arrow Icons Set

  • arrow icons set

Application Icon Design

  • application icon design

50 Dynamic Flat Android Icons

  • 50 dynamic flat android icons

Gaming Applications Icons

  • gaming applications icons

Apple Pro Apps Icons

  • apple pro apps

16 Web Apps Icons Set

  • 16 satin icon

Flat Application Icons Set

  • flat application icons set

Toolbar Application Icon Set

  • toolbar application icon set

IOS Applications Icons

  • long shadow icons ios7

Andriod Applications Icons

  • andriod app icons

Free Flat Animated Web Applications Icons

  • free flat animated icons

150 Mobile App Icons In Color

  • 150 mobile app icons in color

webApp Icon Set

  • webapp icon set

UI Applications Icons Pack

  • app pack one

Business Applications Icon Set

  • pretty office icon set part

Mobile Application Icons Set with Rounded Corners

  • mobile application icons set

Web and Application Icon Set

  • web and application icon set

18 Windows 8 Icons

  • 18 windows 8 icons

Android Applications Common Icon Set

  • the android developer common icon set

Flat Artistic Icons For Applications

  • flat artistic

Metro UI Applications Icon Set

  • metro ui icon set1

1037 Icons Mini Free

  • 1037 icons mini free

Bubble Circle Icon Pack

  • bubble circle icon pack

350 Pixel Perfect Application Icons

  • 350 pixel perfect application icons

Tab Bar Icons iOS

  • tab bar icons ios

Crisp Icon Set

  • crisp icon set

iOS 8 Application Icons

  • ios 8 cirtangle icons

Set of App Vector Icons

  • set of app vector icons

60 Web Hosting & Application Icons

  • 60 web hosting application icons

Glyphish Icons Bundle

  • glyphish bundle

Hex Icons Pack

  • hex icons pack

Web and Mobile App Vector Icons

  • web and mobile app vector icons

Pretty Office Icon Set

  • pretty office icon set part 2

Flat Icons for Web and Mobile Applications

  • flat icons for web and mobile applications

Web Browsers Icon Set

  • web browsers icon set

Stock Icons

  • stock icons

Application Icon Set

  • application icon set

Fitness & Health Applications Icon Set

  • fitness health iconset

Business Internet Service and e-Commerce Icons

  • business internet service and ecommerce icons

Dynamic Colour Web and Application Icon Set

  • dynamic colour web and application icon set

Flat Icons For UI Applications

  • mmii flat vol 3

Mobile Application Icon Set

  • mobile application icon set2

Social Icons

  • social icons

Huge Set of Minimal Icons

  • huge set of minimal icons

Flat Design Social Media Icon Set

  • flat design social media icon set

Icon Set for Web Apps

  • icon set for web apps

350 Mobile App Icons

  • mobile app icons

App Icons

  • app icons

Business and Office Icons Set

  • set for business and office

Tab Bar Icons iOS

  • tab bar icons ios 5

48 Free Flat Icons

  • 48 free flat icons

1262 Mini Free Icons

  • cosmo 1262 icons mini free

Flat UI Application Icons PSD

  • flat icons psd

Mac OS Icons

  • mac os icons 2

Office Icon Set

  • office icon set part 7

Business Application Icons

  • business office icons

Flat Icons Set

  • fkat icons set

Android Developer Common Icon Set

  • android developer common icon set

UI System Folders and Drives Icons

  • ui system folders and drives

Christmas Icons for Web and Applications

  • christmas icons for web and applications

1640 iOS7 Icons

  • 1640 ios7 icons

Free iPhone Toolbar Icons

  • free iphone toolbar icons

Modern Flat Icons

  • modern flat icons

Social Icons

  • social icons 2

Office Icon Set

  • office icon set part 6

Flat Color Style Chart and Graph Icons Set

  • flat color style chart and graph icons set

Web Icons

  • web icons 2

Social Icons

  • purty social icons

Flat Color Style Office & Business Icons Set

  • flat color style office business icons set

Social Networking Icon Set

  • social networking icon set

350 Mobile App Icons

  • 350 mobile app icons

Application Icons

  • icons

Simple Line Icons

  • simple line icons1

Pretty Office Icon Set

  • pretty office icon set 1

Application icons

  • icons

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