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19 Best Flat Business Icons

For those who are running their own company, they would inevitably need some flat business icons and you can use these on your website as they will help to make it more creative and intriguing to the viewers. These will help the viewer to know where to click easily, so here are just a few to check out for needs. You can also check Business Icons. Thus, they are also a major source of navigation for the customers. So why not give customers an eye candy in each symbol. Download the best business icons from the treasure of top free and premium business icons, available online and make your website come to life. They are available in custom sizes and several formats such as ICO, PNG, GIF and BMP. So, get the ones that go well with your website and change the look and feel of it.

Verification of Delivery List Clipboard Symbol

This is an extremely simple symbol and it has a checklist with some bullets that are checked off. There is also a circle with a white check mark in the bottom and it could be used to show that delivery has been successful or that an item has been shipped.

Business and Finance Icons

These flat business icons are in full color and portray various different elements of the company, including phone calls, conversations and much more. These ones can be downloaded in different sizes and resolutions.


Such sets of icon uses cats to show off the various elements of the company, including shopping, money, searching and giving gifts. There are 19 images that you can choose from that any company can use.

Free Shopping Icons

free shoping icons
This set has 3 images that would be perfect for an online shopping store, including a wallet, shopping bag and an open box. They are in full color and look real, which can help your viewers to find the option that they need easily.

Businessmen Salutation Standing

This black and white image is of 2 businessmen who are shaking hands with one of them holding a briefcase. You can download it in various forms, including PSD, EPS, SVG and PNG.

Business Icons

These flat business icons are useful for any company and they portray various aspects of human resources, management and much more. They are black and white and are perfect for any company that wants to add some class and elegance to their site.

Christmas Sale Icons

This set has 20 different images that you can use that are in the shape of Christmas ornaments. They have options for sales, various categories and much more.

Person Money Time Free Icon

This is another black and white image that is of a man with a tie and a clock in one hand and a bag of money in the other. It symbolizes that money and time are equal, which is perfect for talking about payments or other prices.

Vector Black Office and Business Icons set

Coming in with attractive black and white combination, this has images of different company elements, such as a tie, coffee, light bulb and much more. This is available in a myriad of sizes as well as resolutions depending on your needs.

Human Resources and Management Icons Set.

human resources
This flat business icons set is all about management and human resources of a company. They are black and white and extremely simple and can be downloaded in different resolutions as well as various sizes.

Business Icons


Men Exchanging Symbol Free Icon

This is another simple option that can be used and it portrays 2 men who are exchanging something. This can be used to show the exchange of money, property or even ideas.

Delivery Worker

delivery worker
This image shows the delivery worker handing off the box to another person. This can be used to show that delivery has been completed or to show that some work has been finished.

Chart Search Icon

This colorful image shows a chart along with a magnifying lens to show where the viewer should search. This can be used for any type of search, including for the entire site or just for various charts and images.

Pretty Office 13 Icons

This set has 29 images that are in full color and they are simple, yet pretty. They portray various things, including internet, conversations, communication and much more.

Business Icons



These can be used for almost any needs and for any company, including for online stores, website designing and much more. There are so many options that it will be hard to pick the best one, but there is definitely something for everyone here. Make sure to use the one that best works for you.

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