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Contrary to popular thinking, recruiters do not have it easy. Recruitment is not as simple as interviewing new applicants and assisting them in the onboarding process when they get hired. Recruitment is a two-way affair where the recruiter and job applicant need to be in sync. If the applicant wants the job, but the recruiter does not find the applicant to be fit for that said job, then the applicant and recruiter are not in sync. Similarly, the same situation applies if the recruiter wants the applicant, but the applicant prefers another job at another company.

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One of the most used communication tools by recruiters is email. Aside from calling and sending text messages to the applicant, recruiters rely on email to contact job applicants and give them updates regarding their applications. Although calling and texting have become the norm for recruitment these days, email conversations are still highly used by recruiters since emails come off as more professional than calls or texts.

If you are in human resource, specifically doing recruitment tasks, here are some email recruitment and other multipurpose email templates you can purchase at very affordable prices which can aid you in your recruitment work.

Multipurpose Email Template

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Unique Coming Soon HTML Template


Responsive Email Template

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Tips when writing recruitment emails

Recruitment emails are not difficult to construct. Even a fresh graduate with no experience in human resource or business, in general, can send recruitment emails. There are only a few things to keep in mind when constructing these kinds of sample emails to make sure your message can easily get across to the job applicant.

1. Keep it professional

In the business world, people need to be professional despite tempers starting to flare up at certain times. The same situation applies to recruiters. Things can get very stressful for recruiters, especially if they are interviewing and giving exams to a large number of applicants. Keep the conversation with the applicant as civil as possible. You may also see formal E-mail templates.

2. Keep it short

Aside from keeping it professional, recruiters also need to keep the email conversations short. Keep your email correspondence within one to two sentences depending when you respond to the query of the applicant. This makes your thoughts organized and you can move faster and more efficient as you deal with the next sample job applicant.

3. Do not keep the applicant hanging

One problem with recruiters that drives job applicants crazy is that they do not give any updates to the applicant if he does not get the job. This leaves the applicant hanging and waiting desperately for even though he knows at the back of his mind that he likely did not pass the recruitment process. Recruiters should be very mindful of this and keep tabs on all job applications. A single phrase will do as long as the applicant is informed about the status of his application. This benefits both the recruiter and the applicant as the recruiter will no longer be at the receiving end of constant queries by the applicant and the applicant will now be able to continue his job search in other companies. You may also like responsive E-mail templates.

Neno Premium Coming Soon Template

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Flat Design Email Template

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We hope you found our email recruitment template article to be informative. We also included some tips on how to write recruitment emails. Do not forget to purchase one from our list of email recruitment and multipurpose email templates which will greatly assist you in your recruitment process.

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