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5+ Boyfriend Birthday Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

A person’s birthday is a significant celebration that makes one feel special for a day. It’s a celebration of life, of gratitude that one has reached at least a year walking and living in this world. Most of the times, this celebration is donned with cakes, food, drinks, and simple birthday cards. These cards are meant to be given to the celebrant with a message of greetings and wishes. And, if you have a boyfriend whom you want to surprise on his birthday, why not give him a boyfriend birthday card?

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For those that are in love and would want to make their boyfriend’s birthday more special, send him a gift with a boyfriend birthday card that contains a personal message from you. There are countless directions in which you could take the design. You can go for one with jokes, a message of gratitude, a romantic poem, or even lyrics of the song that both of you loved singing. So, to help you prepare for the boyfriend birthday card, we are going to a show a list of curated designs and templates that you and your boyfriend will surely love. These templates can be easily purchased and downloaded with a single tap or click of a button. Let’s check them out!

Funny Boyfriend Birthday Card Template

Non-Binary Boyfriend Birthday Card Template

What Message Should You Write on the Boyfriend Birthday Card?

The message on the boyfriend birthday card can be anything, whether it’s a personal message or something that’s taken out of a book, a poster, or a song. The content of the message will depend on how much you know your boyfriend like even if you put a statement that is taken out of the billboard, you would know that he will still appreciate it. But aside from that, there are still other messages that you might want to put in your birthday card.

1. Sweet

This is the most common message that you will see in every birthday card for one’s significant other. You say your I-love-you’s and take-cares and everything that you can romantically say to your boyfriend. List every detail that you love about him that he doesn’t have any idea about. Put in cute little remarks like how his eyes are half-open when he’s lying next to you or how you always notice how he pouts his lips when he’s focused on doing something. Tell him how every mole on his body is part of a constellation that is as grand as him. Tell him that the brightest of stars pale in comparison to his smile when he’s genuinely happy. Simply, tell him that you love him. Tell him exactly that. You may also see sample birthday card templates.

2. Gratitude

We all are grateful for a lot of things. We are grateful for our beating hearts and the blue sky. We are grateful to have been where we were in the past and where we are now. We are utterly grateful for the gift of life. And, more importantly, we are grateful that we are capable of loving and that we are deeply and sincerely loved. You may also see free birthday card templates.

Having a significant other that genuinely loves you makes you grateful that he has entered your life and that all the pain and heartaches in the past were all worth it. You become grateful for the unexpected blessing, a miracle that has been graced upon you. You become grateful that he stayed despite the countless times that you fought, screamed, and argued about an issue that was blamed on the other but was in fact caused by both of you and you’re both just too prideful to admit your mistakes. And thankfully, both were fixed in the end. The moments when you helped each other get back on your feet after failing an exam, being fired from a job, or simply just feeling defeated after giving your best. The times when you don’t have more to give and yet he gives you what little remains of him. It’s this give-and-take in these trying times that makes you thankful for riding through the lows of life with him. You may also see free birthday cards.

Of course, you are not only grateful for the difficult situations but also for the good ones. The times when you just stare into his eyes and you are already content and happy and perfectly okay doing it for the rest of your life. That 3-second duration when he said “I love you” but felt like an eternity of loops and echoes in your mind. Those back hugs at the porch as the sun’s heat slowly permeates through the coldness of dawn, stolen kisses in public places, and hours of cuddling until you fall asleep with his smell as your oxygen and his heartbeat as your lullaby. The highs of life have been the highest of highs when you shared it with someone you love, and for that, you are eternally grateful. You may also see sample birthday cards.

3. Going Back to the Beginning

When you reach a level in your relationship where you have too much trust in each other; when the simple things that irritate you at first don’t matter anymore that after the countless fights you still end up forgiving each other; and that I-love-yous are now barely spoken because you know for yourself that it is wholeheartedly felt even without uttering a word of it, you get to wonder how far you have come and how you ended up there. Just like any history class, you trace the beginning of how significant events happened. In this case, you trace back to when you first met; the very first glance, the very first words spoken to each other. Put in your message the start of the series of arguments and laughter from being together. It’s a fun message that will definitely make you wonder how you managed to survive everything and still remain strong despite all. You may also see free animated birthday cards.

Humorous Boyfriend Birthday Card Template

Creative  Boyfriend Birthday Card Template

4. Looking Forward to the Future

When you don’t want to look at the past because it’s embarrassing to remember all the mushy moments that are now cringe-worthy, why not look forward to the future instead. Tell him about your plans for both of you. Tell him about your plans of traveling the world together or moving in together to a humble apartment four blocks away from his office. Jokingly tell him about having kids or getting married. Tell him that you plan to have a future with him; that he is part of the future you envision for both of your lives. It may seem to be wishful thinking at first, but who knows, maybe all these plans for the future may come true? You may also see e-mail birthday cards.

5. Funny/Joke

Being comfortably close to each other creates a bubble of your own world full of inside jokes and secrets told only to the other. To lighten up the mood on his birthday, tell him one of the jokes that you know he will surely laugh at or simply tell him a new one. It always feels great that you have done something to make him smile because, well, his smile means everything to you. You may also see printable birthday cards.

6. Sexy

This is the type of message that only mature couples can take. But hey, we can still keep it classy despite it being sexy. Let’s just not go into the 50 Shades of Grey zone with all the nasty details. In this message, you can say about the simple but sexy moments like how his hands and lips, equally soft and gentle, slowly caress every area of your skin. Tell him how you miss the intense moments when your lips feel extremely famished and can only be tamed and satiated when they touch yours. Or when his hands gradually crawl up your cheeks with his fingers touching your jaw as his intense glare weakens your soul. And, with heavy breaths, he gently kisses your forehead, feeling your warmth before his lips depart from your skin. You may also see word format birthday templates.

Well, that sounded more like a romantic novel, didn’t it? And, it kinda went into the forbidden zone a bit, so we apologize for breaking what we said. But for consolation, at least it didn’t go that far.

7. Poem

It’s lovely to see couples sending and telling each other poems. If your boyfriend has a poem that he loves so much, you can include it in the birthday card. But, to make it fresh, why not find a new one instead? Look for poems that you think perfectly portrays the love you have for your boyfriend or a poem that he can personally relate to. Or, if you think you can come up with one of your own, then that would be much better. Your boyfriend will surely appreciate your self-written poem as if it’s the best poem he has ever read. You may also see birthday cards in a word.

8. Song

For the times that you have spent together, surely, you have songs that you constantly listen to or share a personal connection with. In the content of the birthday card, you can include some of the lyrics of your boyfriend’s favorite song. Also, you can include the lyrics of a song that you want to dedicate to him. If the lyrics are special to you and you want your boyfriend to know about it, then definitely put it on the card. You may also see birthday templates.

Simple Boyfriend Birthday Card Template

Boyfriend Birthday Card Template

Have you chosen the perfect design?

Choosing gifts to give to your boyfriend can give quite a headache. But, whatever present you may buy for him, he will wholeheartedly appreciate it even if it’s just a simple boyfriend birthday card. For the design of the birthday card, choose the one that you think will emotionally touch him or something that will give him quite a laugh. It depends on what you want him to feel. You can also combine different types of cards into one and put your boyfriend on a rollercoaster ride with all the different moods of messages.

If this article has helped you, make sure to bookmark this page and share it with your family and friends in case they want a reference for boyfriend birthday cards in the future. We wish you all the best in your relationship. May your boyfriend have a blast in his birthday! You may also see happy birthday images.

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