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14+ Modern Corporate Business Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, InDesign

The digital age has indeed affected how businesses are introduced to their prospective clients. Most of the time, it is done through an exchange of emails or texts. The same thing can also be said in sharing contact details. After striking a deal or simply explaining what your business is to a prospect, contact details are given in the end. With business cards, it makes giving the information more personal which is lacking when you do it in digital means. That’s why business cards are here to stay. It’s a classic tool that will last through time.

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If you are looking for a template that you can use for your creative business cards, you can check out our list below. We have collected more than a handful of templates for you. Check them out!

Elegant Corporate Business Card Template

Modern Corporate Business Card Design

Clean & Modern Corporate Business Card Example

Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matter

Everything involving business is done in digital — contract signing, sending mail, attending meetings. But despite this takeover, the business card remains sturdy amidst the flow of modern time. In fact, it flows with it. It’s a classic tool that will always stay relevant. If you are confused on whether to create a business card or not, you should look at some of the reasons below that elaborates on the importance of business cards.

1. Digital Information Exchange is Impersonal

It’s a different experience when you personally talk to a person and exchange information during the conversation compared to doing it digitally. It is convenient when you ask for the contact information through text or email but it becomes impersonal. To start a real relationship, one should engage in eye contact and actual conversation. If your head is stuck bowing because you are typing on your smartphone, it wouldn’t make for a memorable interaction. You can do that after the conversation has ended. You may also see best business card designs.

2. Business Cards are Effective Marketing Tools

There’s no denying that digital means of promotion bears significant and satisfactory results. But, they still aren’t as effective as a direct and personal interaction when you make a deal, seal it with a handshake, and exchange your business card with theirs. You may also see corporate business card templates.

Wherever you may be, there’s a chance that you will encounter prospects along the way. Whether you are attending a conference, eating brunch in a café, or even just taking a break sitting on a bench at the park, you should always carry a few of your professional business cards with you.

3. It’s the First Impression of Your Brand

It is important that you impress the clients from the get-go. Once you hand out your business card to them, they will either be unimpressed or wowed by it. Surely, you want it to be the latter. You may also see business card samples.

4. They make your brand tangible

Keep in mind that whenever you present your business card, the receiver doesn’t just read it. The receiver “senses” it. The texture, weight, look, and dimensions of your business card also send a message about your brand and its style. Having thicker modern business cards allows the receiver to feel a certain air of gravitas and experience. The raised print cards, on the other hand, gives the user a certain feeling of modern luxury. Always remember that whatever message you want your business card to convey, know that is look and feel says just as much about your business as the words printed on it.

5. They are convenient

Some would argue that the most convenient way of presenting your business is through digital means. Using a smartphone to introduce your business to a possible client or business partner is seen as the norm today. But, they tend to forget that these smartphones run out of battery. They would be deemed useless if it happens. Whereas the business cards don’t need any electrical supply. They can also be carried around as they are the perfect size that can fit in your wallet and pockets. They are lightweight so you don’t have to worry adding weight to whatever you are carrying. Also, they can be easily distributed. If you have peers that you want to share the business card with, you can just hand it to them anywhere and anytime.

Stylish Modern Corporate Business Card Template

Graphic Design Corporate Business Card

Simple Corporate Business Card Template

Trendy Modern Corporate Business Card

Formal Modern Corporate Business Card

Creative Corporate Business Card Template

Sleek Modern Corporate Business Card Template

6. They are memorable

Putting images on reading materials increases information retention. You can produce this psychological effect when you present your business card with an image on it. If you are not sure of what image you can put on your business card example, then you can try infusing these memorable images:

1. Company Logo

If you are working for a company, then you would normally put your company’s logo on it. But, if you are a freelancer, you can put your branding logo. Including a logo on your business card’s design will help increase the visibility of your identity. Also, a well-designed logo will help your prospects and existing clients remember you more.

2. Personal Photo

If you are going solo and still unsure of what image to use, you could at least use a photo of you. You can take a picture of yourself but make sure that you look presentable in it. Use a camera that could capture high-quality photos; you don’t want to look pixelated in your photo. Also, use the standard white background or any color as long as it’s a plain one. Using patterns or any ornamental design as a background is risky; it’s hit or miss. So, to be safe, use a plain color as the background. You can also just go to a store with photo printing services. While they mostly focus on printing photos, most of the times they also offer picture taking services.

3. Product or Service

You can advertise your products and services by putting an image of them on your business card. For example, if you are manufacturing microchips, then it would make sense to images of microchips on your business card. This way, people would be constantly reminded that you are selling such products every time they look at your business card. The same thing can be said when you are offering certain services, such as therapeutic spa massage or car rentals. Put an image that would relate to any of those services.

4. Storefront

Sometimes, the address printed on the digital business card can be confusing, especially if it’s not a familiar one. Customers would end up going in circles, which would eventually lead to them looking for another store instead. So, to avoid such a problem, use an image that will perfectly flaunt every detail of your storefront to help your customers easily locate your store. Just make sure that the photo of your storefront would be clear on the business card.

Minimalist Corporate Business Card Sample

Modern Corporate Business Card Sample

Minimal Modern Corporate Business Card Template

Colorful Corporate Business Card Template

Modern Corporate Business Card Example

Best Business Card Practices

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran in the world of simple business, you need to execute certain practices on using a business card.

1. Be prepared

Always prepare ammo when you are on the hunt for prospective business partners and clients. Wherever you go, always bring a few business cards with you. Even on a vacation, you might stumble upon someone a potential client that you could talk about your small business. You can keep them in small compartments in your bag or even in your wallet.

2. Be selective

No matter how many cards you have at your disposal, you don’t need to use them all at once in a conference or any gathering with entrepreneurs. Handing out your business card to every person you meet will only get them tossed in the trash and waste your resources. A good rule of the thumb is that your business card should be given only after you’ve made a handshake after a conversation. You may also see information technology business cards.

3. Be interested

Try to get a business card back if you hand out yours. Most of the time they give one back, but if they don’t, ask one from them. Doing so shows that you are interested in their business too. And, as a result, it might even increase their interest in you. You may also see business card design templates.

4. Be proactive

When you receive a business card, take the time to look at their the social media sites or whatever online platform that they have. This will help you remember their names and put a face to their names. So when they contact you, you already know who it is rather than trying to decide whether it’s the person you sat next to or someone you met while you were waiting at the bus stop.

Always keep these practices in mind to make yourself look and feel professional. This will help you in the long run especially when you get used to meeting new people at conferences or any business gatherings. You may also see business card examples.

Choose the Most Relevant Design

With the extensive list that we have given, it may confuse you which template to use in the end. The only thing you have to remember is to choose the design which is the most relevant to your business. These all have modern designs, but they each have different styles such as minimalist, simple, and elegant. If you fancy any of this, then click the download button and purchase that template right now! You may also see free business cards.

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