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36+ Beautifully Crafted App Icons for your Inspiration!

An icon is the foremost thing that one sees before downloading or opening any app. The app icon reflects the purpose of the app and moreover it is one of the most important object of any product. The Application icon can force an user to get curious enough to browse through the app. Various OS platforms and varieties of Icon guidelines ultimately create a vast number of creative opportunities for designers all over the world. In this article, we bring you some of the most beautifully crafted app icon designs for iOS platform by various designers with their unique creative ideas.

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Here we go !

Pancake Icon

An icon that can be mistaken for a real pancake. The texture of the cake & the light glare over the jelly adds to the realistic effect.

Waffle iPhone Icon

Another delightful food icon with detailed textures and light effects.

Full Moon Icon

The three dimensional effects on the craters and the light over the top surface makes the icon pop out as a real moon.

Bunny Icon

This one must be a favorite for all. The designer has put all efforts in preparing the bunny. It almost looks real !

Tennis Icon

Here, the ball texture is so detailed that it looks as if a real tennis ball has been compressed into this shape.

Loose Leaf App Icon

A clean and soothing app icon that matches well with the product theme. 

BackPack Icon

Who ever thought that a backpack could be formed into an icon.

Talk Orange Icon

This one gives a realistic effect of a dent inside the orange. Moreover the inner natural texture of the fruit adds to the beauty.


Love Book Icon

A beautifully prepared textured book with much paid attention to pages and cover binding metals.

Boxing Glove iPhone App Icon

Have a look at the glove detail ; from stitches to folds.

Camera Icon

The lens and glare sums it up all. A delight for the eye !

Mug iOS Icon

I loved the handle shadow and the clever shape of the cup formed into an icon.

Magazine iOS Icon

This one makes clever use of the screen lights and reflections.

Golden Key iOS Icon

Another personal favorite of mine. The pleasantly crafted colors and textures says it all !

Cook Book iOS Icon

This icon is a bit different from the previous ones. It uses flat style combined with photorealism.

Bowling Icon

The main attraction here is the natural wood feel with appropriate shadows.

Orange Icon

This one is a bit different from the previous orange icon. Beautifully designed.

Leica Raw Edition iOS Icon

Looking at the right side of the icon, the minute details makes this look almost original. The designer has payed attention to metal grunge effects over the lens even.

Mixer iOS Icon

A mini mixer table. The icon says it all about the app and its purpose.

Grill iOS Icon

The beauty of this icon lies in the top glass cover and the shine. The inner food items adds to the color theme and beauty of the icon.

Text It App Icon

Just have a look at this delightful android app icon. With bright red, yellow, silver placed on an equally bright yellowish-orange backdrop would still your heart and you will be compelled to possess it.

Magic Potion Icon

The greatest beauty of this ios ui inspiration lies in the bold choice and use of colours. The small container with golden lid and holding passionate scarlet magic potion creating an upheaval is worth a look.

Chicken Food Icon

If you are a foodie, then this ios icon is bound to make you fall for it. The sumptuous piece of grilled chicken with glossy effect placed on cabbage leaf is a visual treat itself.

Zen Finance Icon

This is an awesome material design icon that has a cushion shaped wooden box wherein lies a round shaped half zipped treasure filled with gold coins. The actual beauty of this icon lies in its bright and glossy colour shade.

Glazed Cinnamon Roll App Icon

Who doesn’t like a cinnamon roll? We all do and with this spectacular golden brown cinnamon roll icon with sprinkled icing is bound to make you crave for a cinnamon roll and munch it right away.

Soldier App Icon

This ios gallery for android is a wonderful creation of a graphic artist’s thoughtfulness and artistry. The soldier’s head gear and blue eye shades adds to the beauty and glamour of this funny icon.

Fluid Icon

This iPhone app icon gallery has a three dimensional effect with a crystal clear cube that has bright red fluid that fills it up. You can use it anywhere with little scaling and customisation to suit your specific needs.

Primal Icon

This app design inspiration 2015 is a beautiful icon that manifests a part of the leopard’s face but the real beauty of the icon lies in the animal’s eyes where a premium camera lens is fitted to make the design all the more enthralling.

Nike Soccer Icon

When you are looking for an android app icon that can be used for sports purposes, then you may have a look at this icon. It showcases a square shaped football with a Nike logo placed just at the middle of the ball.

Metalik Game App Icon

This is yet another sports ios icon crafted in silver outlines and placed on a netted black backdrop. The colour combination and flawless brightness of the logo can be regarded as the key behind its success.

Baseball Icon

This is one of the best ios ui inspiration icon with a square shaped baseball having flawless stitches. The minute details of this design adds to the glamour and beauty of the intricately beautiful baseball icon.

Coffee Maker App Icon

This is yet another exquisitely beautiful ios icon that can be used  for a variety of usage. The glossy golden appearance of the coffee maker with two pristine white cups placed beneath the taps is a great sight to look at.

Cherries Icon

We all love berries and cherries. Have you noticed the gloss on the skin of the cherries? That is what’s reflected in this material design icon with a boxful of cherries, above which two spoons are placed crossing each other.

Dice Icon

This is the best ios app icon in which a wooden box is divided into four parts and each of them is holding a white coloured dice and you can see three surfaces of each dice distinctly. Just have a look at how beautiful it looks.

Tree Icon

This is yet another square shaped icon with tapered ends on which a green tree is placed. The white box with the green tree is an amazing colour scheme and just by viewing it, you will be tempted and wish to possess it.

Game Icon


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