9+ Set of Game Icons


Many things come to mind when we talk about games, video/computer games, sports, and even parlor games. The same goes with game icons. We have in stock a set of icons used for video games, sports, video game consoles and its accessories, and gambling. These icons are available to download or licensed for a reasonable price and come in easy-to-modify PSD, Vector AI, and EPS formats.

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Listed below are a wide selection of icons that may be used, not only as a clickable introductory image upon opening the program but also for use during play as a way of identifying different elements of the game and for printing purposes, if you wish to use these icons simply as logos.

Games and Sports Icons

games and sports iconsDownload

Vector Game Icons set

vector game icons setDownload

Flat Game Icons

flat game icons


Fantasy Game Icons

fantasy game iconsDownload

Social Game Icons

social game iconsDownload

Video Game Categories

Games come in different genres, tones, and target players. Some games may be appropriate for all ages, while some may only be applicable for mature players only.

  • Casual gaming. Mostly applicable to all ages since it usually does not involve violence and the mechanics are easily understood. Icons in this category are usually bright and colorful.
  • Sports. Basketball, Football Icons, tennis, just to name a few. The sports icons need not be colorful since the design already speaks for itself.
  • Role-Playing games. Games that usually involve the player to take on the role of a single or multiple characters whom you have to keep improving throughout the duration of the game for you to be able to make progress. Icons in this category usually involve weapons, armors, or potion bottles and herbs.

App Store Game Icons

app store game iconsDownload

Video Game Icons

video game iconsDownload

Game Line Icons

game line iconsDownload

Colored Flat Game Icons

flat game icons1Download

Game Controller Icons

game controller iconsDownload

Icons Set the Tone

Players may see a bright and colorful icon of candies lined up, and by that alone, they will already have an idea that the game will have a fun and jolly feel to it. On the other hand, players may see a scary looking bear as a Set of Gaming Icons, and even before clicking/tapping on it, they will already be aware that the game involves horror elements. Also, players may see an icon of a basketball hoop; regardless whether the icon is monochromatic or colorful, it is already an indication that the game is all about basketball.

Unlike Folder Icons—in which they are all similar in appearance, with the only difference being the folder name located below it—game icons are very unique from one another. Although icons in similar game genres may look similar, there is still a sense of uniqueness to it. These usually reflect on the theme of the Baseball Icons to give the player an idea on what to expect when opening it for the first time. Whether it is through color, the brightness/darkness of the icon, the shape, or simply the image used, game icons should serve as a means to give the players a heads up on what the game is all about.

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