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Star Icons – 67+ Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

The world of designing is undergoing a massive makeover and the general trend amongst designers is to outsmart the competitor with some of the latest innovations. As a designer one should note that there is a need to think innovatively and explore ways to make sure that the work stands out in the crowd. As designers in search of creativity, one can speak to experts and most will advice to try out Star Icons. You can also see Fashion Icons.

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> What Precisely are Star Icons?

The star was initially located on flags of various countries in the medieval era. The Ottoman flag was one of the earliest models where stars hogged the limelight. Modern day designers were quick to notice that a star in the middle of flag attracted attention. Hence, that paved way for the development of Star Icons. These are symbols coming up on modern day design material. These go a long way to add value to the design work and make sure that it stands out amidst the ordinary. You can also see emotion icons.

> The Star Icon vs Heart Icon Debate

It has been a debate within the designing fraternity on whether to opt for Star or Heart icon as a designing asset. One should run into design freaks stressing on the fact that heart icons tend to increase productivity. However, one should note that designs need to look great and this is just where the star option simply kills competition. You can also see car icons.

Clean Star Icon Download


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Simple Star Icon Download


Design freaks, who have used these star icons options, say that it makes any design work great from all angles. Alternatively, when shown from an upside down position, the heart icon will look confusing. This is never the case for star icons and they contribute immensely to the design work. You can also see Facebook icons.

> The Variety of Star Icons on Offer is Simply Great

One of the prime reasons as to why a designer will prefer the Star icon as a design asset is largely due to the variety, which these options have to offer. Let us discuss the types in brief.

  • Star Polygon type: It is star drawn where number of lines is similar to the points.
  • Pentagram design: A five pointed star polygon design is on offer
  • Hexagram design: It is a six pointed star icon polygon design style.
  • Heptagram Star Icon Design: It is a seven point star shape design, which should add style and elegance to the overall design.

One should note that these icons offer immense variety of designs and shapes. These are just some of the types, which is on offer. The star format allows design freaks to go right up to the Dodecagram star icon options, which is a 12 pointed star polygon shape design. Hence, there are a lot more options available for design freaks, who intend to use these star icon options to enhance the design work. you can also see Funny icons.

> A Close Look at the Benefits

The varieties available in terms of design numerical are just one of the reasons why one will want to include them in the overall design work. There is a lot more look forward to. Let us discuss some of the key benefits in brief.

  • Designers, who intend to use these star icons in their work, should know that they make wonderful targets. Moreover, computers viewers of design work should feel it easy to touch these star icons.
  • Designers who have used star icons will admit that it is indeed a compact option. These icons quite unlike the heart option save plenty of space. Somebody, who is eager to show the entire design work will love icons the scenario as one can get to display more.
  • The intention of any designer is to get his/her work into focus and that is again a reason for using star icons on the design work. These icons are quickly recognizable and in no time your work will come into focus.
  • These icons certainly are visually pleasing to the eye and enhance designs by a substantial margin.

> How to Choose the Correct Star Icon for the Design Work?

By now as a designer you must have known that these star icons offer immense value to your work. Hence, there must be plans to include them in your work. With so much variety on offer, one must be confused as what to choose and which ones to leave. However, one should certainly not randomly choose a particular star icon. There is certainly a need to go deep and get into the details. For example, a design work looks great when there is a proper colour contrast is used. Hence, there is certainly a need to identify a color for the star icons with intense care. The need will be to go for something, which should match with the rest of design.

> The Target Audience Must be Catered to

One of the key aspects of choosing a star icon is to identify the target audience for the design work. Someone who insists on creating designs for children will naturally want to go for something, which is colorful and attractive. Alternatively, the requirements can be different if the target audience is a bit more serious. Hence, it becomes essential to identify requirements and opt for star icon types accordingly.

> The Star Icons Bring out the Creative Best of any Design Work

There is certainly a lot to gain for design freaks, who intend to use these icons on the design work. The intention of designers is to attract maximum focus towards his/her work and these icons certainly help out in this aspect. Designers have no qualms in admitting that these star icons offer the best way to portray the feelings. They help a design professional in bring out the best of the creativity aspect.

> Summary

Hence, one can see that there enough reasons for design freaks to choose start icons over the heart icons. Just surf through the net and one should run into a range of alternatives amidst star icons. Have a look at the existing design and then choose something, which should boost up the existing design significantly.

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