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Tumblr Icons – 271+ Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

Just as Facebook and Twitter once picked up a trend for business houses to market their products and services, Tumblr is now joining the band wagon. A lot of professionals are advertising and marketing their products on Tumblr by adding a variety of pictures, photos and notes on their Tumblr feeds. You can also see Facebook icons. Besides this, people are now even adding tumblr icons to their visiting cards, websites, other social media platforms and even to add a share option on articles and blogs etc. Keeping this in mind we have designed a variety of tumblr icons for you. These icons can be used for all the above mentioned purposes and the best part is that they are absolutely free of cost. Here’s some additional information about the icons. You can see also YouTube icons.

> Various Uses Of The Tumblr Icons

There are tons of places that the Tumblr icons can be used. Our patrons can use the tumblr icons on the following platforms:

105 Tumbler Vector Icons Set Download

05 tumbler vector icons set download

Simple Tumblr Icon Download

simple tumblr icon download

138 Tumblr Perfect Vector Icon Set Download

tumblr perfect vector icon set download

Legit Tumblr Vector Icon Download

legit tumblr vector icon download

Watercolor Tumblr Icon Download

watercolor tumblr icon download

Blue Background Tumblr Icon Download

blue background tumblr icon download

Pink Tumblr Icon Download

pink tumblr icon download

Amazing Tumblr Icon Download

amazing tumblr icon download

Tumblr Icon Free Download

tumblr icon free download

Simple Tumblr Icon Free Download

simple tumblr icon free download

Tumblr Analytics Icon Download

tumblr analytics icon download

Tumblr Round Blue Icon Download

tumblr round blue icon download

Tumblr Icon Collections Download

tumblr icon collections download

Free Tumblr Icon Download

free tumblr icon download

Flat Tumblr Icon Download

flat tumblr icon download

Besides the above mentioned list of places where the Tumblr icon can be placed. Anyone and everyone who wishes to market their Tumblr page, can use the Tumblr icon on almost all items and advertising documents. You can see also emotion icons.

> Why The Tumblr Icons Are Important

The Tumblr icons are important for several reasons. Let’s say for instance a welfare organisation constantly uploads event details, pictures, awareness notes and other details to their Tumblr page, it is necessary for the people interacting and donating to the organisation to know about the organisation’s Tumblr feeds. Thus, such an organisation can put the Tumblr icon on their advertisements, websites, name boards and hoardings, envelopes, letterheads, on the visiting cards of employees and staff and so on. Putting Tumblr icons on advertisement brochures and hoardings is also important for fashion brands and other manufacturing businesses. It helps in increasing brand awareness of the company and brands on Tumblr. You can see also Photography icons.

> How To Use The Tumblr Icons

The Tumblr icons look much like original Tumblr icon. There is no need for any editing required on these icons. Once you download the icon, you just need to simply paste it onto your brochure or website. You can even add your Tumblr link to the icon so people can directly access the page from the website or blog. The tumblr icons can even be printed out onto visiting cards, documents and even grocery bags and delivery bags.

> Various Types Of Tumblr Icons

Let’s be honest, there isn’t much of a variety in the Tumblr icons. Most of the icons are available in shades of blue backgrounds and the white “t” symbol icons or “tumblr” written on it. Some of the icons also have black, pink, floral or other backgrounds with it. You can see also fashion icons.

> Who Can Use The Tumblr Icons

Anyone and everyone can use the tumblr icons. But to be more specific, the tumblr icons are highly recommended for the following:

Besides the above mentioned list, anyone who has a tumblr page and wishes to market it to the world can use the tumblr icons.

> Benefits Of Using The Tumblr Icons

There are numerous benefits to using the Tumblr icons. Firstly they are absolutely free of cost, so anyone can use them to promote their tumblr page. Secondly they don’t need any editing and can be used as it is, thus saving a lot of time of the user. You can also see love icons. Thirdly they create awareness about the user’s tumblr page, making the user more popular amongst customers, clients and followers. Another reason that the icons are extremely beneficial is because they can directly link the reader to the tumblr page without any hassles. Thus, if you truly want to promote your business and tumblr page, having a tumblr icon is highly recommended.

> Tumblr Icons And Blogs, Websites and E-commerce platforms

Tumblr is a highly interactive social media application that is usually used by every website, blog and e-commerce platforms. Thus, having the tumblr icon on such portals is highly recommended. Once people click on the tumblr icon, they can see the interactions of the website owners with customers, customers quotes, photos of products and other details.

> Tumblr Icons and Artists and Creative Junkies

Artists are always clicking pictures of their art work and showcasing it on social media platforms. Tumblr is such a highly interactive and photo friendly application that most artists are active on it. Thus it is necessary that artists and creative junkies too have tumblr icons on their visiting cards, websites and exhibit brochures. It will bring them tons of more business and more people will become aware of the artist and his or her works.

> Tumblr Icons And Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers are constantly creating quotes and speeches that they upload on apps like tumblr. Thus adding the tumblr icons to their visiting cards, brochures, booklets and other documents is highly recommended. Through the tumblr icon, younger people, people across the globe will find it easier to follow the speaker and interact with him or her. Tumblr icons always tempt people to follow the speaker as it is easier and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Downloading and adding the tumblr icons to documents, websites, visiting cards and other places is thus recommended. Not only to increase business and followers, but also to gain worldwide recognition. The icons are free, can be used by anyone and are easily downloadable. With the way the world is slowly relying on social media platforms, it is necessary to have tumblr icons. An added benefit to the icons is that the user doesn’t need to edit them or specially design them or spend hours on end trying to fit them into their documents. So, don’t wait any longer and download the tumblr icon today. We guarantee you the number of your followers will increase to great heights.

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