1365+ Vector Business Icons for Designers


Vectors always have an edge over their counterparts – Rasters for their flexibility and quality enrichments. If you observe, Vectors these days have become very much part of the websites. Here we are presenting high-quality compilation of encapsulated Vector sets in colorful variants. Watch and catch the new Avatars. Check the royalty-free stock images now. Let the website dwell with some identical buttons. This takes care of your business, finance, and technical designs. Check them out.

700 Global Business Icons Set


This 700 Flat Business Icons set will suffice your Vector needs for the next couple of years. The Vectors will be available in all major formats such as JPEG, SVG, PDF, EPS, CDR, and AI.

150+ Flat Business and Office Icons Collection


Here come the colorful demands from the subset of the large database. So smooth and flat without any glittery. Make your future rich with these feature-rich and sleek Business Web Icons.

Set of 400 Latest Business Icons


400 Flat Business icons in two different styles. That means you have more than one reason to cherish. Using these icons is as easy as inserting a trademark symbol in a Word document using keystrokes.

Advanced Business & Finance Icons


From world-class Business to trading technologies, these Advanced Business & Finance Icons serve all your organization needs, as far as icons are concerned. You can have them for designing FAQs, mobile banking, and many things. You can also visit free business icons.

Vintage Business Icons Set


Get this Vintage Business Vector set for just $5. Resizing these lovely Vectors to your needs is weirdly smooth. All you need is Adobe Illustrator and basic editing skills. That’s it.

15 Flat Conceptual Business Icons


These Flat Idea Business Concepts are Purely for promotional purposes. Give your web some identical difference with these elements. With one download, these buttons will become your decorations.

Flat Business Icons on Blue Background


Another set of gems that helps you out for your portfolio/site. When designing and drawing till midnight becomes tedious, this comes as a relaxation for your soul. Now it’s a drag and drop.

Infographic Design Business Icons


Gone are the days of using hardware and software to draw images. Here the flat Infographic Business Vector Icons set resembles the life cycle of Online Shopping. Four phases and one image. Search, shop, pay and receive.

Vector Characters Business Graphic Icons


This beautiful Office Clip Art with some characters gives you a chance to stand out when it comes to designing invitations, T-shirt logos, birthday cards, scrapbooking, etc. Instant download link will be provided upon payment.

Modern Business & Finance Icons Set


Carefully crafted Modern Business & Finance Icons set on a smooth surface ensures professionalism for your business. The unique background and the circular shape bring oneness to the image set. Totality in diversity.

Vector Illustration 50 Business Icons


Set of Business Flat Icons


25 Vector Business & Office Flat Icons


Vector Collection of Colorful Flat Business Icons


Flat Business Icons with Circular Buttons


Set of Flat Business Icons


Business & Office Flat Icons Set


Vector Business iPhone Icons


Web & Business Big Flat Icons Set


25 Business Flat Icons Set


Isometric Orange Color Icons


Technology has evolved from bullock carts to cyber marts. At this time, the Vector images in the above sections speak volumes about your organization. They are of great benefits when you are really in dire need of some free icons. Each set of the above can be used in 100 different ways.

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