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35+ Animal Logos

There is a deep meaning and implication of the animal logos. When you use animal faces or body patterns in various colors and styles as the logo, the relation is directly linked with the characteristics of the animal. Hence, the business gets branded with the animal name or character, and this can be a strong marketing way, and a nice way to watch public response too. Here is a nice list of animal logos shared that contains heads and bodies of all common animals that can be used on logos. You can also see Fox Logos.

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Wild Animal Logo

The wild animal logo design you get here is actually inspired from the wildcat design. This design shows the cat face in a round at the centre of the flat block, and this shows in many color schemes.

Funny Animal Logo

The funny cow design, as the name suggests, shows a vector graphic of a cartoon cow in a rounded fatty appearance. The face is with a tinge of red.

Farm Animal Logo

With the sign of poultry animals, these bunch of farm fresh meat logos is quite interesting to look at in the nice vintage styles and vintage color scheme of grey and brown.

Deer Logo

The deer silhouette you get here is a nice logo style, and you can use this design in many brands like textile, sports, lifestyle etc. It’s shown in varied color schemes.

Panda Logo

The panda logo you see here is in a grey silhouette is a smart rectangular logo; there is the option to add the company tagline below it at the right hand.

Crocodile Logo

The crocodile face on the blue background looks quite prominent, and this one has a smart styling about it.

Bull Logo

The design you see here is a simple and creative animated bull head on 3 background colors. One is red, another black and another grey. This looks remarkable on a textured background.

Lion Head Logo

The lion head logo has a very smart appearance. The lion face is sketched from the left side of face and the mane in mostly black, defines the head real nice with tagline option directly below the head. You can also see Lion Logos.

Monkey Logo

One of the sweetest logo designs you will always remember is this one. Three white dots are innovatively used as the monkey face on the dark blue background.

Fox Logo

The Firefox style fox log is already famous over the years, and yet this fox face has an identity of it’s own through the round design. You would love to use the minimalist smart logo.

Free Animal Logo Pack

Here are some great logos defined, all in black and opaque forms or rather silhouettes. Lizard, bi-faced animal, a cat and a fox are all here in the set.

Free Animal Logo Design Template Set

A whale fin, a shark body, and a fish silhouette are all here, and then a green lizard shape too. You would love to use them in some project as smart logos.

Vector Animal Logo

This is a shark logo, and the logo color is kept sky blue on the transparent background. This is a free vector image and you may use it in a number of places starting from textile and sports brand to restaurant and fun park logos.

30 Animal Logos

These are all geometric vectors which are all animal shapes made on symmetric geometric drawings. The set contains 30 logos.

Orange Fox Logo

Flame orange and smart fox body shape makes this logo on a brown background which complements the orange.

Colorful Hawk Logo Vectors

Premium Funny Animals Logo

Animal Logo Set

The animal shapes are made of vectors which are scalable to various sizes. In the list shared above, you get animal logos in all sizes and styles, many color styles and monochromes, and they look deadly impressive, bold, catchy and beautiful. Most interestingly, you can get some nice logos here totally free. You can also see Horse Logos.

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