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10+ Construction Logo Templates

Your logo is the tool that makes the market remembers your brand. All successful businesses have a logo that creates an everlasting impression on the consumers, a logo template that will remind them of that brand, and nothing else. This name-recognition will do wonders for your business and will be instrumental in growing your business.

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15+ Construction Logo Templates

1.Construction Company Logo Template

File Format
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  • PSD
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  • Apple (MAC) Pages
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  • AI

Size: A4, US


2. General Construction Logo Template

If you are looking for a Construction logo template that is both minimalist and alluring, this is the one for you. It is available in two colors, white and black, but if you want it to change it up, you totally can, with its easy editability.

Step 1: Tell Your Story and Brand

People get attached to your story. They relate to your vision and mission statement. As a result, your “why” should be the focal point of your logo. To convey this adequately in your logo, start brainstorming about why you do what you do. Then research words that best fit your company’s policies and culture. This is what goes on your logo.

Step 2: Sketch Your Design Out

The first step might seem a bit vague, but it is instrumental in forming an idea of what you want your logo to look like. Now that you have a faint guess, sketch it out. Make sure that you don’t use generic shapes or images like a globe, or star, as these are forgettable. Similarly, don’t go for a complicated shape. A rough logo should be ready within 7 seconds if you sketch it out.

Step 3: Test Your Rough Logo

Now that you have a basic idea, or maybe even a few options, test it out with family and friends. Additionally, pick someone that fits your buyer persona perfectly, and ask them for an opinion on your logo. This is essentially free market research that will help you out a lot.

Step 4: Translate Your Logo Digitally

At this stage, you can take the criticism and change your logo up a bit. You are ready to make a digital version of your logo. You can use online platforms, or seek the help of an artist.

Step 5: Make Your Logo Adaptable

The most important thing to remember is that your logo should be versatile and adaptable. The color scheme, the font, is going to be used in a variety of backgrounds and sizes as your brand grows. From billboards, to even small soda cans, your logo should look just as good blown up and shrunk down.

3. Real Estate Construction Logo Template

This Construction logo sample template has a transparent background and also places emphasis on your company’s catchy slogan. What’s more, all this is fully editable and customizable. It uses a free font that you can download.

4. Simple Construction Logo Template

This Construction logo template in Indesign is vector based, which makes it entirely resizable, without any loss of quality. This ensures that your logo is going to look just as good on billboards. Different versions of the logo are also provided, in various colors. IF you want to opt for other colors, you can definitely edit it in too.

5. Minimal City Construction Logo Template

This template is available in three color variants- black, greyscale, and color. The best part about this logo template is that it is extremely easy to change the color and font, owing to the named, organized layers.

6. Construction Logo Template Sample

This is a construction logo template that is resizable and customizable. This template gives you a free reign in every aspect. You can even download the typography used in this template if you want to add text to it.

7. Real Estate Construction Logo Bundle

Who doesn’t love a good deal? This bundle gives you 9 professionally designed logos, for a competitive price. The best construction company logos are designed in a blue-grey color palette that grabs the viewer’s eye, while still remaining subtle. This is surely bang for your buck.

8. Printable Construction Logo Template

This construction company logo design is very simple, but effective. It opts for a bold color choice, yellow, that would make it stand apart. But the rest of the logo is appropriately balanced, with muted, understated font and background.

9. Real Estate Construction Branding Kit

IF you want to venture beyond logos, or you want a general guide for your business, this is an excellent option for you. This package has everything, with 30 premade construction business logo templates, business card templates, and even Instagram Story templates.

10. Construction Logo Template Example

This real estate logo template provides both a vector and a mockup. Both files are editable and scalable. Additionally, the template can be resized without loss to the quality of design, which is something to look for in a perfect logo.

11. Basic Construction Logo Templates

This bundle consists of 18 vintage templates, that are available in .ai, .eps, .psd formats for you to download and edit. The vintage touch adds a unique tinge to these logos. This construction logo template also contains design elements that you can use in your own creative logo design.

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