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9+ Vintage Car Logos

Even up to this day, with all the modern cars, old-school cars will always have that special place in our hearts. Every time I see a classic Volkswagen Beetle or a Chevy Camaro, it will always look just as beautiful as their newer versions. Even Hollywood movies such as The Fast and the Furious, the remake of The Italian Job, and Transformers use vintage cars.

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If you’re looking for vintage car logo templates, then you have found the right place. You don’t have to look anywhere else. Our logo templates range from car companies or manufacturers, to car rental services, to car repair shops. Feel free to check out our website for our collection of Retro Style Logos.

Vintage Car Company Logo


Vintage Car Brand Logo


Vintage Car Repair Logo


Vintage Car Service Logo

Vintage Car Vector Logo


Advantages of Logos

A logo is a graphic image designed for the purpose of representing a company or a business. In this case, these logos are used to represent car manufacturer, car repair shops, and other car-related businesses.

Here is why we believe logos are vital:

  • It can give people an abstract information as to what the company or the business is about.
  • It can make the company easily recognizable and distinguishable among its competition.
  • It can make the company look more stable and professional.

Tips in Making a Logo

  • You may use colors to make your design stand out, but don’t rely on it. Try to see if your design still looks good in black and white or gray scale.
  • Avoid cliches or other famous taglines. Try to make your own catchphrase.
  • Don’t put too much detail in your logo. Keep it simple and straight to the point.
    • This will make the message much more clearer.
    • This can also make the logo easier to explain.
    • It will be easier for the people to recall the logo.
    • Simplicity is always the better option.

Random Facts about Cars

  • Volkswagen is a German word which translates to “the people’s car” in English. It was manufactured by Ferdinand Porsche under the order of Adolf Hitler.
  • The Maruti 800 is actually India’s version of “the people’s car” that would compete with the Volkswagen Beetle.
  • Rolls-Royce was established in 1906 by Charles Rolls and Frederick Royce.
  • Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, used to repair watches using tools that he made himself.
  • Volkswagen named some of its cars after wind.
    • Passat—German word for “trade wind.”
    • Golf—”gulf stream.”
    • Polo—”polar winds.”
    • Jetta—”jet stream.”

Can’t find what you were looking for on this page, then check out our other collection of Car Logos.

Vintage Car Manufacturing Logo


Vintage Car Rental Logo


Vintage Car Shield Logo


Vintage Car Sales Logo


Vintage Luxury Car Logo


Did you find our logo templates interesting? If so, then download one now. These templates were designed by creative and talented graphic artists who aim to provide you with the best quality templates. You may be able to access and download any of these templates easily for a fairly reasonable fee.

You may choose to save it in high quality PSD, EPS, or Vector format, which are compatible with most image-editing programs in the market. To save you the hassle, these templates are fully editable and you can make as much changes as you want.

If you really are into cars but still can’t figure out if you prefer the modern or the old-school theme, then check out our collection of Automotive Logos. Here, you can find a much broader selection of car-themed logo templates.

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