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Sharks are one of the most feared species of fish in the ocean, though researchers would say the the sharks are only doing it in self-defense and are actually afraid of humans. Sharks have left a fearful impression to most humans that even in art, a shark is drawn in a way that it should also be feared.

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A logo, on the other hand, is a recognizable and distinctive graphic image or symbol, which sometimes includes the company name. It is used to advertise products, companies, and businesses. For templates exclusively in the PSD format, check out our collection of Free PSD Logos.

Shark Football Logo

shark football logoDownload

Shark Mascot Logo

shark mascot logoDownload

Restaurant Logo With Shark

restaurant logo with sharkDownload

Shark Fin Logo

shark fins logoDownload

Hammerhead Shark Logo

hammerhead shark logoDownload

What Makes a Good Logo?

  • A logo should be describable. A logo should reflect to what the company is about.
  • A logo should not have a complex design. Keep it simple and easy on the eyes. Simplicity includes all elements of the logo—the design, the colors used, and the font.
  • A logo can be easily remembered by the people if the company can describe it. After all, the logo is designed for the people as well and not for the company alone.
  • A logo should also work well without color. The color is only a secondary feature to the logo, and it should also be effective in black and white or monochrome.
  • A logo should also work well regardless of size. Even if printed on a stationery or on a large scale banner, the logo should also be recognizable and effective.

If you’re an animal lover and you want to to include animals on your logo, then check out our collection of Animal Logos.

Random Facts about Sharks

  • Sharks have been in our oceans since 400 million years ago.
  • There are over 500 species of sharks from great whites to hammerheads roaming around the world’s oceans.
  • Most sharks—such as the great white, mako, and salmon sharks—don’t have the muscles to pump water through their mouth and over their gills. They need to keep moving to be able to breathe as stopping may cause them to drown.
  • Galeophobia is the excessive fear of sharks. The word comes from galeos, which is Greek for a particular type of shark in the past.
  • Sharks were likely used as a sacrifice to the gods by the Aztec people.
  • Sharks have a sensitive nodule on their noses called the ampullae of Lorenzini. These are used to detect electrical pulses from people’s heartbeats.
  • The whale shark is the biggest among its species, measuring of up to 12.65 meters. The pygmy shark, on the other hand, is the smallest that measures only 20 centimeters in length.
  • The average shark can live up to 25 years old, but some can even get as old as 100.

Shark Business Logo

shark business logoDownload

Shark Logo Vector

shark logo vectorDownload

Bull Shark Logo

bull shark logoDownload

Black and White Shark Logo

black and white shark logoDownload

Have you found the shark logo template that you were looking for? These were created by talented graphic artists who aim to provide you with the best shark-themed logo designs in the market. These templates can be easily accessed and downloaded by anybody with good and stable Internet connection.

You may be able to download these templates in either PSD, Vector EPS or AI format, which are fully customizable and highly compatible with most photo-manipulating software in the market. With regard to the quality, these templates come in high resolution, which allows you to print them even on large-scale materials without jeopardizing the quality.

For more logo templates, check out our collection of predesigned Brand Logos to give you an idea for your own logo. But if you couldn’t find what you were looking for, scroll down and check out the links to related contents found on our website.

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