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21+ College Logo Templates in PSD | EPS | AI

A logo represents the visual identity of your college. People tend to remember the logo more than anything else; its the most easily recognizable element. A simple yet iconic logo is what makes your college memorable. Hence, logo making might pose a challenge. College logo templates are here to erase this problem.

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Step 1: Establish the Why

The first and foremost thing to do while creating a college logo is to understand why you need the logo. The logo is the first thing the people will notice; the impact on their mind needs to be good. A good logo equals a great first impression.

Step 2: Find Inspiration

Logos are not made overnight. You need to do a lot of research. Involve all the required people and have a brainstorming session. And remember to keep your audience in mind all the time while making the logo.

Step 3: Select Design Style

Next, you need to select the various elements of your logo starting with the design style. You can choose from a wide range of options: minimalist, quirky, fun, retro and so on. Select one or a combination of two or more, which you think most suits your college.

Step 4: Select Color

Color has both a psychological as well as an emotional impact on the viewer’s mind. For your logo, you can choose just one color or a whole color palette. It is advised that you choose not more than three colors for your logo since too many colors can be distracting.

Step 5: Select Typography

The typeface or font family of your logo can be either Serif or Sans Serif. Use Serif for a classy and elegant look and Sans Serif for a sleek, simple and modern look.

Step 6: Design It

Finally, when you have all the elements of your logo gathered in one place, you can design the logo yourself. If you have a designer or a team of designers for the task, you can provide the details to them.

21+ College Logo Templates

1.Tennis College Logo Template

The logo is the visual representation of your college. It is the most recognizable element that people associate with your college. If you want to create a logo for your Tennis College, use this template. It’s a simple, easy to use and 100% customizable template to make the perfect college logos.

3. College Logo in Vector EPS

Want to make a great logo for your college? Use this College logo template to aid you in your task. This file is 100% vector so you can make your logo as large or as small as you want without worrying about it to pixelate. It is available in CMYK color mode and is also customizable.

4. Free College Logo Template


If you want to create a great first impression on the minds of your target audience, you need a great logo for your college. And this Free College Logo Template can help you in this case. Download this sample template now to start making the perfect education logos for your college.

7. University College Logo Template

Do you want your University to stand out in the crowd among other universities? Then avail of our University logo template now! Download this template to make excellent free service logos for your University. All you need to do is put in the University name, slogan and establishment date, and you’re good to go.

8. Design of College Logo Template


Creating a good logo for the design of your college can be a tough job. Download this logo design template to lessen your burden and help you make the perfect logo as good as an elegant company logo. This file can also be personalized according to your needs.

9. Soccer College Logo Template

Do you know what your Soccer College needs? The perfect sports logo. This stylish Soccer logo template is pre-designed for you to create the logo of your soccer college. This file is layered and is fully resizable and editable. It is available to be downloaded in .Ai, .EPS, and .PNG file formats.

11. University College Logo in Vector EPS

This template is a professional logo creator with a ready-made emblem and original suggestive headings and dummy text. To make the logo, all you have to do is put in the name of the University, the slogan and the date of establishment. The file is fully customizable, easy to download and available in vector form.

12. Business College Logo Template


The success of your business college is directly proportional to the aptness of the logo of your college. So if you want to create the most fitting logo for your business college, use this logo template sample. This file has a good quality customizable layout with original content which can be edited with ease. Download it now to avail of it.

13. Design of College Logo Template

People tend to remember a bad design of the logo more than a good design. So make sure that you don’t give that chance to your audience to retain the bad one in their minds. Use this template with editable and customizable content and suggestive headings to help you along the process.

15. College Logo Example

Designing a logo for your college sure is a handful of jobs. However, you can now make the process easier with the help of this College Logo Example. This file provides you with samples of college logos that you can choose from to customize or use as a guide. You can also use it to create a vintage logo design for your college.

16. Classic College Logo Template


17. Minimal College Logo Template

18. Elegant College Logo Template


19. Simple University College Logo Template

20. Design of University College Logo Template

21. College Anniversary Logo Template


22. Creative College Logo Template

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