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Who doesn’t love to ride bicycles? Some people may look at bicycles as a mode of transportation, some may see it as an exercise equipment, and some may also see it as a toy. However you look at it, riding bicycles will always be fun. For one thing, especially with the technology evolving constantly at the same time is taking a toll on the environment, the bicycle is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation since it doesn’t require gasoline to run, and it doesn’t give out a hazardous smoke.

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And another thing, humans nowadays rely too much on convenience or the easiest way possible to achieve something, which is why the people of today’s generation are slowly becoming lazier and lazier. With bicycles, they get to exercise their bodies and live a more healthier and active lifestyle. To promote the use of bicycles in today’s generation, we present to you our collection of Bike Logos, perfect for your bike club or your bike shop.

Bicycle Company Logo

bicycle company logoDownload

Bicycle Manufacturer Logo

bicycle manufacturer logoDownload

Giant Bicycle Logo

giant bicycle logoDownload

Vintage Bicycle Logo

untitledvintage bicycle logoDownload

Abstract Bicycle Logo

abstract bicycle logoDownload

Brief History of Bicycles

  • In 1817, a German inventor named Barn Karl von Drais invented the “running machine,” which only had two wheels and can be propelled by pushing yourself off with your feet, similar to today’s scooters.
  • During the 1860s, another two-wheeled vehicle was invented, which had pedals and cranks on the front wheel. This vehicle was called the “bone shaker” because when driven on cobblestone streets, it was very uncomfortable and made the bones of the driver’s body shake due to the wooden frame and metal wheels.
  • During the 1870s, the Penny-farthing—a high-wheeled bicycle—was invented. It was one of the first models to use the term “bicycle.” This vehicle was more comfortable than the “bone shaker” because it made use of a metal frame and rubberized wheels.
  • In 1885, an English inventor named John Kemp Starely invented the Rover safety bicycle. It featured a metal chain similar to today’s bicycles.
  • In 1888, Irish inventor John Boyd Dunlop first created the pneumatic tires, which are air-filled and provided for a smoother ride than the previous hard rubber versions.
  • During the 1960s, racing bicycles became popular and featured dropped handlebars and narrow tires.
  • In 1996, mountain bicycles first appeared in the Olympics.

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Bicycle Rider Logo

bicycle rider logoDownload

Bicycle Helmet Logo

bicycle helmet logoDownload

Free Bicycle Logo

free bicycle logoDownload

Bicycle Outline Logo

bicycle outline logoDownload

Beer with Bicycle Logo

beer with bicycle logoDownload

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