10+ Resort Logos – PSD, AI, Word, EPS

Setting up your own beach resort? Logo Designs are important for your establishment because it is a way for your customers to identify your brand. You leave an impression with just two colors and elements combined in a logo. Resort logos need to portray a relaxing and luxurious experience using resort design elements such as suns, beaches, palm trees, or it could even have distinguishing typefaces that are pleasing to the eyes.

We’ve unveiled the top resort logo designs which will inspire you to focus more on building your resort business dream and attracting more audience to your newly launched resort website and social media pages. See for yourself.

Royal Resort Logo Template

royal resort logo template
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Size: 8×8 Inches + Bleed

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free mountain resort logo

real estate resort logo

Tropical Resort Logo Template

tropical resort logo template

Tourism Resort Logos

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Adding Elements to Your Logos

What are the common elements you see in beach logos? There are tons, but these are the commonly used ones:

  • Palm Ttrees
  • Sunset
  • Sea or ocean waves
  • Beach umbrella
  • Beach hat
  • Pineapple
  • Coconut
  • Diving flippers
  • Shells
  • Surf boards
  • Beach ball
  • Sunglasses

With a lot of common elements, how do you make your beach logo stand out? Simple. Just the list of beach resort templates from our website. Other resort logos that we have are ideal for mountain resorts, golf resorts, lake resorts, luxury resorts, and ski resorts.

Another important thing to know is how you will make your logo design stand out. Take these handy logo design advice from famous graphic artists:

  • Consider brand identity. Frankly, some people just make a logo out of money. Mostly true, but Naomi Atkinson of Atkinsonwardable says that you need to establish brand identity, especially for first-time organizations, even when it’s not totally your role. Since you’ve been trained to do graphic design, then you can educate your clients about it.
  • Less is more. Simplicity is still the best bet for logo designs because it makes logos versatile according to logo geek, Ian Paget.
  • Get dozens of logo studies. Create 20 to 25 sketches of your resort logo and question its relevance, style, and concept and then pick the top three logo designs and work on those. This was the advice of Kerr Vernon of KVGD.

hotel and resort logo

Beach Resort Logo Template

beach resort logo template

snowboarding resort logo

waterpark and resort logoDownload Now

Mountain Resort Logo Template

mountain resort logo template

Designing a Standout Logo (cont’d)

  • Think about your latest concept. Tom Bradley of Root Studio encourages young artists that the “best design is always your last.” Bradley explains further to adopt new, fresh concepts every time you make a logo design.
  • Choose a typeface that matches your brand. Waqa Basad of Imagiacian recommends using typography that describes your brand. He also mentioned to avoid amateur font styles and personalize a font of your own.
  • Design with your brand’s value in mind. Design is not just using fancy elements or a company’s ethics, a great logo reflects brand values according to Neil Bevan of Hunter Bevan. The color and typography should work well for the brand.
  • Consider the medium. The media in which you place your logo matters according to Andy Fuller of Design Bull. Your media could be print or digital or you could design your logo on a wood or limestone texture. It’s important to mix and match texture with the other design elements.

These are just some of the design tips you can use to spruce up your resort logos. You can even go up a notch by using seasonal themes like summer logo designs to make your logo stand out. Check out more logo designs on our site for more options.

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