8+ Business Media Logos

With the world of technology progressing, so does the world of business. The Internet is the go-to source for all your wants and needs. But how do business or social media apps stand out among thousands of others? A big aspect of its marketing actually comes from the logo design. A logo is the foundation of your company’s image.

We have taken the liberty of collecting different types of logo designs for your convenience. All of which are examples of businesses you are looking for. The images provided are basic logos meant to show the different categories they represent to give you an idea for your next big plan on your business.

Business Media Logo Vector

business media logo vector

business media company logo

business media photography logo

corporate business media logo

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Knowing What Kind of Logo You Want for Your Business

Before anything else, you have to know what kind of business you are planning—be it photography, corporate, general media, to name a few. To help you choose business logo designs with ease, here are a few guidelines and tips for each category:

  • Business Media Logo Vector—this type of logo is created from vectors. Vectors are made up of individual objects broken down into a series of geometric shapes using mathematical equations. It can represent your company as technical and innovative—in other words, futuristic.
  • Choose the Business Media Company Logo if you want to symbolize your business as a kind of foundation, a cornerstone from which other companies could follow. This also usually signifies your business as an establishment, agency, office, or an organization.
  • If you want to make your passion with capturing memories into a business, then Business Media Photography Logo is the right choice. This basically tells your customers that your services are about photography and additional choices like video editing and ads printing.
  • If you prefer the Corporate Business Media Logo, this showcases your company as a mass media production, distribution, funding, and ownership, which is handled by corporations and their CEOs.
  • Social Media Business Logos are logos for apps or software online. The most common examples of this is Facebook and YouTube. These logos are designed to be simple yet eye catching for customers to have the sense of curiosity in trying these apps. Usually, they are colorful and vibrant.

abstract business media logo

Digital Media Logo Design

digital media logo designDownload Now

business multi media logo

Movie and Media Logo Design

movie and media logo designDownload Now

  • Abstract Business Media Logos are kind of difficult in the marketing side, but it is worth it. Two famous examples of this type of logo is McDonald’s with their golden arches logo design and Nike with their “swoosh check mark” design. Both are mysterious to their customers at first glance, but when the company branding goes well, customers will never forget your company.
  • Digital Media Logo Design—this logo shows to customers that your business revolves around digital media such as audio, video, and photo services, which can easily be created and controlled by computers through speakers, cameras, etc.
  • Business Multi Media Logo expresses your services as a combination of different content forms. Examples are text, images, audio, animations, interactive content, and video. Usually, this kind of business logo is used in mobile marketing such as games or apps.
  • Movie and Media Logo Design and movie logos basically suggests that your business services are mostly through broadcasting such as producing quality TV shows or even films.

After choosing the logo that best describes your category, you will have to add a tagline. Basically, it is a motto/slogan for your brand to make customers remember your business.

This about sums everything up. We hope you we have helped you with your queries and possible business plans!

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