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Have you ever noticed that all major brands come with a company logo? This is because it helps their customer be able to easily distinguish their company from their myriad of competitors in the business. Major brands have catchy and recognizable logos that easily capture and imprinted their customer’s mind.

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And since we are already talking about a business logo, Template.net aims to help business persons have a deeper understanding on the importance of a logo and how it can help in the success of their business. Additionally, we have also provide a collection of free business logos which are found below. You can choose the one which your think perfectly represents your company and brand.

Business Consultant Logo Template

business consultant logo template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • InDesign
  • Publisher

Size: 15×15 Inches + Bleed


Business Coach Logo Template

business coach logo template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • InDesign
  • Pages
  • Publisher

Size: 15×15 Inches + Bleed


Business Advisor Logo Template

business advisor logo template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • InDesign
  • Pages
  • Publisher

Size: 15×15 Inches + Bleed


Business Networking Logo Template

business networking logo template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • InDesign
  • Pages
  • Publisher

Size: 15×15 Inches + Bleed


Free Business Anniversary Logos

50th Business Anniversary Logo

50th business anniversary logoDownload

Business Birthday Anniversary Logo

business birthday anniversary logoDownload

Business First Anniversary Logo

business first anniversary logoDownload

Free Business Administration Logos

Business Process Administration Logo

business process administration logoDownload

Business Voluntary Administration Logo

business voluntary administration logoDownload

Business Administration Police Logo

business administration police logoDownload

Free Business Building Logos

Business for Sale Building Logo

business for sale building logoDownload

Car Business Logo

car business logoDownload

Business Strategy Building Logo

business strategy building logo3Download

Free Business Company Logos

Financial Business Company Logo

financial business company logo1Download

Business Company Logo Vector

business company logo vectorDownload

Free Business Development Logos

Retail Business Development Logo

retail business development logoDownload

Business Website Development Logo

business website development logoDownload

Business Property Development Logo

business property development logo1Download

How Significant Is a Logo in Your Business

Choosing the right business logo is an essential aspect when starting any business. This is because your logo is a way of getting a first impression from your customers. The impression they have on your logo can potentially make or break the success of your business.

A logo is an integral element for business because it you can use it on multiple platforms, from print to digital campaigns. And because an effective logo can help boost brand awareness, you will have no problems standing out from your competitors and build a strong customer base.

If you are a newbie in the business world, you should take extra consideration when choosing a logo to represent your company, as it plays an extremely vital role in your brand recognition. We all know that a logo is a graphical symbol that is used for the image and prospect of your company. Businesses use logo to draw in potential customers while leaving a great and long lasting impression in their minds. Let us take this for instance: whenever you see a “swoosh” symbol, your mind immediately tells you that the company is Nike and that their are selling shoes. This is how an effective business logo works. People do not need to find out what the company is selling because they can immediately associate it with their brand or products.

If you are looking for more reasons why you need a strong logo to represent your business, I have rounded a list of importance of a business logo which you can read below.

  • You can use your logo as a powerful and effective marketing tool. It is one of the tools which you can use to boost the sale of your products and services. Say, when you are planning to buy a new shoes, the first thing that comes to your mind is to a Nike store. This is because we all know that the brand is a leading professional sports gear in the world. You also feel good wearing a pair of shoes that bears the “swoosh” icon.
  • Logo demonstrate ownership. A logo is not only face of your business, but it is a signature as well. It demonstrate legal ownership and at the same time, protects your products from counterfeits and forgeries. Meaning you can sue any company that sell products bearing your logo. With the number of reports on counterfeited products today, having a business logo is the smartest way to protect the overall well being of your company’s identity and products.
  • A business logo can help make your company appear professional. When customers think that your company is legit and professional, they are more likely to trust you over your other competitors. Additionally, having a strong business logo can also make your company stand out and thrive. Why not check out this professional Company Logo Designs from our website?

Some Business Logos You Could Choose From

  • 50th Business Anniversary Logo – Your 50th anniversary in the business is an important milestone that is worth celebrating because it marks the half-century of a successful business. This business card shows you the architecture of the building as well as the year it was establish and the year it celebrates its 50th anniversary which is found below. Although only uses two colors, it still exudes with simplicity and elegance.
  • Business First Anniversary Logo – Your first anniversary is also an important milestone in the business. The design of this anniversary logo screams fun since all first anniversaries should be a fun celebration. The different colors used in the number perfectly play in harmony with its black background.
  • Business Event Planning Logo – The image and its typography screams femininity and class. Since the business is about hostessing and events planning, it is obvious that their target audience are women.
  • Business Records Management Logo – What is great about this logo design is that the icon cleverly displays the name of the company.
  • Business Email Marketing Logo – This logo is the perfect example on how to use the color psychology in your brand. Blue is associated with trust, and that is why the logo effectively complements with the name of the company.

Free Business Event Logos

Business Event Magazine Logo

business event magazine logoDownload

Business Event Planning Logo

business event planning logoDownload

Business Social Event Logo

business social event logoDownload

Free Business Management Logos

Business Continuity Management Logo

business continuity management logo3Download

Business Records Management Logo

business records management logo2Download

Business Fashion Management Logo

business fashion management logoDownload

Free Business Finance Logos

Business Car Finance Logo

business car finance logoDownload

Business Growth Finance Logo

business growth finance logoDownload

Business Finance Club Logo

business finance club logoDownload

Free Business Marketing Logos

Business Email Marketing Logo

business email marketing logoDownload

Business Report Marketing Logo

business report marketing logoDownload

Free Business Real Estate Logos

Business Real Estate Agent Logo

business real estate agent logoDownload

Business Real Estate Group Logo

business real estate group logoDownload

Business Real Estate Studio Logo

business real estate studio logoDownload

Logo Design and Branding

When choosing a logo design, you must make sure that it will effectively work across any types of media. Whether you will use your logo in a business card or in a black and white newspaper ad, it should be highly important that it still look great no matter where you will use it. You must also remember that your logo must compliment well with your branding to attract potential clients despite cutthroat business competition in the marketing world.

The design of the logo should also be able to portray the brand whether it is an organization, product or service with an interesting characteristics that is based by the perceptions of your target customers. It should be also memorable to effectively connect with your target customers on a deeper level to conjure loyalty to your brand.

When choosing a business logo, experts recommend to be consistent with elements, such as the color and the font. Although you may think that choosing the right design for your logo is simple, but in reality, the process involved a lot more complicated. Come to think about it, it is the consistency of the message you are trying to convey through your logo that make up, drive, show what your company is all about. There is more to than just choosing the colors and typefaces of the logo design. This is the core reason why our company is dedicated to providing professional Business Logo Designs to help small-scale businesses kick-start their marketing efforts. All of our business logo collection have been carefully thought and crafted by our team of expert designers. We also offer a wide selection of Top Logo Templates for Business Websites to help you enhance the brand of your company online.

More Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Define the personality of your brand. Most customers align their personal identity when choosing a brand. Once you have determined that personality of your brand, customers can easily identify themselves with the product and make purchasing decisions. Being able to determine your brand helps you find the right message to your target customers.
  • Play with color psychology. Humans’ fascination with color hasn’t wane with time. So if you are looking to grab the attention of your potential clients or customers, why not use the right color for your business brand. Did you know that colors are an important factor in a logo design. This is because they are not only eye-catching, but colors also send messages and stimulate emotions. If you are looking for more ideas and concepts, we offer a collection of downloadable Beautiful Business Logo Designs that comes in a wide variety of colors and design. Refer below to give you an idea on how colors work for your business.
    • Yellow: warmth, clarity, optimism, cheerfulness
    • Red: excitement, strength, passion, warmth, increased appetite, bold, youthful
    • Orange: cheerfulness, friendliness, fun, confidence, adventure, sociability
    • Blue: trust, reliability, honesty, strength, confidence, responsibility, conservative, security
    • Green: health, peacefulness, nature, growth, vitality
    • Purple: Creative, wealth, beauty
    • Gold: value, prestige, and luxury
    • Gray: security and reliability
  • Know your competition. Analyzing your competitor in the business can help take a step ahead of the game. That is why it is important to include your competitor’s strength and weaknesses in your business plan, and from there, you can use the information to your advantage. Knowing more about them can help you learn from their mistakes and you can tailor your strategies on what works for them, but not directly, of course.

Free Business Services Logos

Business Support Services Logo

business support services logoDownload

Business Cleaning Services Logo

business cleaning services logoDownload

Business Gateway Sevices Logo

business gateway sevices logo1Download

Free Business Team Logos

Business Team Meeting Logo

business team meeting logoDownload

Business Sports Team Logo

business sports team logo1Download

Business Team Work Logo

business team work logoDownload

Free Small Business Logos

Small Business Enterprise Logo

small business enterprise logo2Download

Small Business Monogram Logo

small business monogram logoDownload

Free Construction Business Logos

Construction Grid Business Logo

construction grid business logoDownload

Construction Business Safety Logo

construction business safety logoDownload

Construction Family Business Logo

construction family business logoDownload

Free Modern Business Logos

Modern Business Photography  Logo

modern business photography logoDownload

Modern Restaurant Business Logo

modern restaurant business logoDownload

Modern Professional Business Logo

modern professional business logo1Download

Business Consulting Company Logo

business consulting company logo

Business Marketing Association Logo

business marketing association logo

Small Business Firm Logo

small business firm logo

Why Choose Our Free Business Logo Collection?

For years, our company has been known not only as a top provider of different template, which you can use for personal and business purchase, but also for our professional team of designers. If you are running a startup company and is looking to increase brand awareness, the sample business logos we provide in this article can be your arsenal in the marketing world. You will be happy to know that you have the option to customize the fonts and colors of the logos so that it will match your business branding. Use our logos in increasing your customer base, brand recognition, and anything that will benefit your business needs.

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