8+ Vintage Sports Logos

Millions of people around the world love sports. But what makes a certain sports team stand out the most are not just the players but with their logo as well. Logos are what symbolizes a certain team and makes fans around to familiarize them. They are also used as signs to support a sports club such as on shirts, cap, and other merchandise.

vintage sports logos

If you are into creating a sports logo design for your own local sports club, you might want to take a look at the samples provided below to help you decided on what to create or to expand your creative knowledge with designing vintage sports logos one of your own. For more designs, you could check out more Creative Logo Designs templates here on our website.

Vintage Sports Vector Logos

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vintage sports brand logo

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Vintage: What Does It Mean?

Vintage is derived from the period of winemaking. The term vintage was taken from the dating of a bottle of wine. The period where this has occurred was from the early 1900s until the 1940s. The word vintage is commonly misused by the general public and often mistake it for retro or antique.

Vintage and antique surely are similar to one another, but they are quite different with the style and era they are derived from. When it comes to something that is antique, its estimated age is approximately greater than a hundred years. In the world of trading in the past, they usually would call something that is antique that is well over the hundred-year criterion. But in today’s market, it no longer refers to this.

With anything that is considered vintage, its estimated age should be greater than fifty but not more than a hundred years old. With regard to the sports logos that use vintage as its style, it can range from fifty years ago but not more than a hundred. Vintage can give off a timeless look when used in designing. The item or subject may not necessarily be old, but the style itself is vintage.

If you are looking for more sports logo designs, we also offer Sports Logos templates, which you can find here on Template.net.

vintage sports team logo

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Free Vintage Sports Logos

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vintage sports club logo

Different Uses for Vintage Sport Logos

People from all around different countries or cultures understand sports. Sports is a passion for most people, becoming a universal language for all who love a certain sport. Play a game on the court or field, and you can immediately understand one another. Good sportsmanship is the best attitude one can have in sports, which can break all language barriers and make new friends. For those who are planning to form a sports team, a logo is essential before getting started. Logos can help fans recognize the team and its players. This is especially helpful in creating merchandise such as T-shirts, caps, jerseys, stickers, and many more.

When creating designs for the teams logo, it has to be eye catching as well as creative enough to stand out among other similar-looking logos. So if you are ever planning to make a team for either school or competitive purposes, the samples provided can help you get started!

For basketball fans, we also offer Basketball Logo Designs that you can check out here on our website.

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