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9+ Sun Logos – PSD, AI, EPS

Looking for vibrant sun logos? We can help you with that. In our website, we have a list of sun logos that are of high quality and well researched. They are a product of thorough research and added artistic touch. The sun is quiet a famous celestial body. Many people love it because of the amount of heat and positivity it portrays.

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With this, you’ll realize after scrolling down that our templates make the sun shine in every angle. They are the star of the logo. Our templates can really help you jump-start your logo design. Additionally, we also over Colorful Logos templates. Just click on the link provided to check them out.

Free Sunshine Logo


World Sun Logo


Abstract Sun Logo


Sun Logo for Company


Sun Valley Logo


Downloadable Sun Logos

The sun plays a key role in our existence in the universe. It gives light to our gloomy days and heat to fuel up our day. Based on research, the symbol has been associated with the concept of power, energy, passion, and the cycle of life. The sun reminds us that no matter how hard the day can be, there is always a new and beautiful day to look forward tomorrow. Here are some of our featured templates:

  • Free Sunshine Logo
  • World Sun Logo
  • Abstract Sun Logo
  • Sun Logo for Company
  • Sun Valley Logo
  • Sun Logo Vector
  • Sun Logo Template
  • Rising Sun Logo
  • Creative Sun Logo
  • Half Sun Logo

As you can see, we have a variety of sun logos to choose from. You can use them to represent your organization or company. For instance, our sun logo for company is so dashing and elegant. It is minimalist and at the same time full of meaning. You can match up the core values and ideals of your company in the said logo. If you’re looking for more logos to check out, we also have our Retro Logos collection. Just click on the link provided to access them.

Sun Logo Vector


Sun Logo Template


Rising Sun Logo


Creative Sun Logo


Half Sun Logo


Why Use Sun Logos?

Going back to the rationale why logos are used, one can see that logos are created in order to symbolize a particular institution, brand, and way of living. It tells the public what the product is all about in the case of a business logo. In line with this, the sun is usually used as a logo. They are used not because of their commonality, familiarity, and simple proportions but because of deeper reasons. Here are some of the reasons we’ve gathered from research:

  • Mostly used by electric companies. The sun, by nature, is the primary source of energy. They give light to our planet. In comparison with electric power which gives light to our houses during the night, because of such logic, they are mostly used as the representation of such companies.
  • Used by applications and gadgets. It is also very famous in the said field because of its emphasis on giving answers through the light. Sunshine and light can also mean being back on track again from being lost in the dark. It connotes easy navigation and a problem-solving mechanism.
  • Any other industry can literally use them. The sun is a very versatile celestial design. It can be used in any industry because it is very easy to associate objects and meanings into it.

Indeed, the sun is a very special logo that you should not miss. You can also check out more generic Brand Logos we offer on our website.

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