10+ Inspiring Text Logo Designs

Text logos comprises of the use of text and fonts to create a logo design. Text make it easy for onlookers and customers to understand what the logo is trying to say unlike illustration logo which can be misinterpreted most of the time. The chances of misreading a text logo is not very low.

Since the logo designs have to be small and precise, it becomes easy to include text and fonts. Mostly, it is the first letter of the name that is used to create the logo design. Checkout the list given below for inspiration and ideas to create effective text logo designs.

Natural Text Logo



The text logo vector given here is 100% editable and 100% resizable. You can scale it up to the any desired size. The file comes in EPS format and can be edited using Adobe Illustrator. The text comes in a natural and leafy pattern and is suitable for natural, organic, products and brands. Click on the given link to get access to the text logo vector.

Nadeshot Text Logo Design



This Nadeshot logo is a perfect example of bold and sharp text logo. The major advantage of using these logos are that they are clean, sharp and edgy and therefore eye catching. Considering the ideology, the concept and thoughts that the brand wants to portray one can use this style of typography to create a text logo design.

Gold Text Logo


The text logo comes with script style of typography. Script typography is popular in logo design as they make the text look fancy and stylish. They look decorative and aesthetically have an edge over other style of fonts and typography.

2D Text Logo Designs



Calligraphy Text Logo



This is a calligraphy text logo design and like the script font, this one is also aesthetically pleasing when it comes to logo design and also other kinds of graphic design that involves minor text. The use of color also looks very interesting, innovating and off beat.

Razer Text Logo Template



This text logo design is an example of synchronization between the name of the brand/ product and the design of the logo. The typography has been cleverly played with and that makes the logo design distinct and easy to remember.

Harveys Text Logo



The logo used fancy text as it is trying to represent a chocolate brand. This is a modern calligraphic font and is used very often because it is easy and clear to read.

Pro Text Logo



The given logo design comes with an illustration as well but the text remain the main highlight. The text logo is simple and bold and looks very straightforward.

Custom Text Logo Designs



Brands that use acronym can use these type of text logo design. The initial of each letter is bold with a greater font size to highlight the acronym. This is a very interesting text logo design that is sure to hold attention. It uses text and other small elements to represent the brand name and depict it through the logo design.

Runners Text Logo



The logo uses bold and simple text and also the lining elements to make the logo more relatable with the name of the brand that it has been created for.

Text Logo Template



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