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10+ Sports Logo Templates

A logo is defined as an image that businesses and organizations can use to make themselves distinguishable from others. In sports, logos are used to symbolize a team or the entire industry. If you’re planning to make one, we’ve got an entire collection of sports logo templates below. Scroll down to check out the templates that we’ve gathered.

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Step 1: Choose a type of logo

There are various types of logos to choose from, with some leaning more towards text and others towards graphics. This includes the wordmark, lettermark, brandmark, combination, and emblem type. Depending on your preference, you should decide on a type of logo that best represents the sport, the team, or the organization.

Step 2: Download a sports logo template

After deciding on the type of logo, you will then need to download a sports logo template. Thankfully, you won’t have to look that far for the best templates since we’ve already gathered some of them for you. This article has over ten downloadable and editable sports logo template, go ahead and check them out first before download one.

Step 3: Make a sketch of the initial design of the logo

To make the actual design process faster and smoother, it would be best to make an initial version of the design by sketching it. Ideally, you should use a pencil and paper for this since it allows for easy customization of the design. In addition to making a sketch, you may also write down notes describing the design.

Step 4: Customize the edited logo template

Now that you’ve already prepared the template and the initial design of the logo, you can start editing the downloaded template using the appropriate editing tool  By appropriate, we mean that the file format and the editing tool should be compatible with each other. For example, logo templates in PSD should be edited with Adobe Photoshop.

Step 5: Evaluate and test the finished logo design

After editing the design, you can will then need to evaluate it either by yourself or with another person. Most of the time, the latter is a better choice since you’ll be able to gather feedback from other people’s perspective. Afterward, you can do a test run to determine whether your logo is already capable of attracting an audience.

10+ Sports Logo Templates

1. Creative Soccer Sports Logo Design


Get your soccer team represented in a stylish and exciting way with this sports logo template. Although this template only uses two colors, you’re actually allowed to change it and add more colors to it. When using a soccer poster to promote an event, you might want to incorporate this logo template to the design.

2. Runner Athlete Sports Logo Layout

Check out this logo template, although it only shows an abstract image of a running person, you can tell by the streaks that this person is indeed capable of running very fast. This would be a perfect sports logo to use for marathon events, for businesses selling running gears and apparel, or for track and field teams uniforms.

3. Bowling Ball Sports Logo Format

Whether it’s duckpin, ten-pin, or candlepin bowling, this template would make for an artistic and appealing sports logo. The best thing about this template is that a section is provided for you to write a slogan. You may want to download this template in Illustrator, but you can also get it in EPS, JPG, and PNG.

4. Tennis Team Sports Logo Example

If you enjoy watching US Open and Wimbledon games, then you’re most likely a fan of tennis. Here’s a tennis logo template that you can download and use either for personal or business purposes, and you can edit this easily by using a vector graphics-compatible editing tool.

5. Editable Water Sports Logo Sample

There are actually so many water sports to mention and this includes swimming, cliff diving, synchronized swimming, and even water polo. For this sports logo template, you can use it to represent any water sport in many possible ways including using it for business cards or for swimming gears. Nevertheless, feel free to download this Illustrator-based template.

6. Colorful Sports Multipurpose Logo Template

Here’s a colorful logo template that you can use across various sports and for multiple purposes. You may be able to use this on announcement flyers and posters, or you can also use it as a logo for businesses that are selling sporting goods. Regardless of which, this template would surely make for a catchy and trendy sports logo.

7. Eagle Hockey Sports Logo Layout


Although the earliest form of hockey is said to have originated in Europe, it has now become very popular across the United States. If you’re a fan of this sport as well, then you might love this hockey-themed logo template. This template comes with a total of four design variations, simply choose the best one for you.

8. Racing Car Sports Logo Format

Whether it’s NASCAR or Formula 1, this magnificent yet minimal logo template would be perfect for that kind of sport This template shows an outline image of a race card over a transparent background, and this allows you to integrate this design onto any background color or pattern. Indeed, this template will make you want the need for speed.

9. Sports Health Fitness Logo Example

One of the greatest benefits that people get when they’re engaged in sports activities is that they become physically and mentally healthier. Here’s a logo template that’s perfect for organizations who are promoting not only sports but also a healthier lifestyle. Get this template and feel free to customize the color scheme according to your preferences.

10. Basketball Team Sports Logo Sample

The NBA has some of the most impressive team logos the world of sports has ever seen, even the logo for the NBA is quite stunning. If you’re planning to put up a basketball team, make it as great as the ones on the NBA by using this basketball team sports logo template.

11. Simple Outdoor Sports Logo Template

In today’s generation, a lot of children and teens are more into computer games than sports. Use this template with your sports camp flyers to encourage people to go out and socialize with others. However, the simplicity of this template means you can also use this for purposes other than the one mentioned earlier.

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