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There is no denying that most of us have a sweet tooth, and can we blame ourselves? The sweet, tangy taste of hard candies and the chocolaty goodness of candy bars are simply irresistible! With this, top candy brands have continued to boom over the past years. But what makes these top brands excel in the market among others? What is the secret to their success? It is not only their candies’ great flavors but also their logo designs.

Often ignored or unnoticed, the candy logo is a significant factor that can influence a consumer’s choice of candy. Hence, companies and candy sellers try to find the perfect logo for their business. If you happen to be one of these entrepreneurs, we also offer free PSD logos that you can check and download however you want.

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Candy Store Logo

branded candy logo Download

Sxweet Candy Shop Logo

sweet candy shop logo Download

Candy Shop Logo Design

candy clip art logo Download


Vintage Candy Logo Design

eye candy logo design symbol Download

Candy Gift Logo

candy gift logo Download

Deciding on a Logo Is a Long-Term Investment

Candy companies are found to invest a large amount of money just to get the perfect logo. The reason to this is that logos, when repeatedly exposed, will have the power to stick into the minds of the consumers. If a candy logo design is just as attractive as the candy itself, it would surely lure a number of consumers.

Other than that, regular advertisements and promotions can boost the familiarity effect to customers, which would make them want more. In some cases, companies would redesign their logos from time to time to keep up with rising trends and with what people are attracted to.

How Effective Logos Affect Customers

The psychology behind business logos is that consumers are unconsciously affected by its shapes, colors, and features. Researchers in the Journal of Consumer Research wrote that brand logos seem to affect the customer’s perceptions regarding the attributes of one product.

Those with round logos seems to inflict comfort and assurance to its customers, whereas red ones are said to increase bodily activities, including heart rate, sexuality, and hunger. Other brands would include adorable characters to attract children, while some would simply use the name of the brand to quickly boost their marketing.

Vector Candy Shop Logo

sweet candy logo Download


Candy Logo Template

candy logo Download


Simple Candy Logo

couture candy logo Download

Beautiful Candy Logo

beautiful candy logo Download

Logos in Assorted Themes

In this page, you can easily browse through a variety of candy logos that can be used for all kinds of occasions. Basically, picking a candy logo would depend on the type of candy you’re selling and the kind of store you have.

If you opt for simpler designs, the candy store logo and the sweet candy shop logo are templates you should pick. For vintage-themed candy shops, retro-style logos are undeniably eye-catching.

Finding the Right Candy Logo

There may be a handful of websites that can help you generate and design candy logos. Entrepreneurs would seek the help of graphic designers while others would consult marketing specialists. Unlike these methods, you can download our perfect candy logos in just one click. Already in PSD format, the candy logos offered in this article are readily available to suit your business or personal need. Moreover, you can easily put additional features to these logos however you like. This way, you don’t need to start from scratch or endure all the hassle in creating your own logo.

Starting up a candy brand is both an exciting and challenging experience, and to boost the chances of actually succeeding, choosing the right candy logo should be critically considered. More importantly, one should have the creativity and enthusiasm during the entire process.


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