Gym Fitness Logo Template – 84+ PSD Format Download

In the past three decades, the demand for gym and fitness industry has grown incredibly. More and more people have become health conscious. People spend more time in reading health articles and knowing tips on how to become healthy.There are countless health and fitness sites that provide great deal of knowledge on fitness.You can also visit Awesome Dental Logo Template

A new pop-culture is fast-emerging in our lives now – workout from home. A number of ardent gym-regulars fail to make a beeline to the gym to do their work out, no thanks to their busy schedules. As a result, gym websites have become a savior in such a scenario. If you’re running a gym website and you need logo ideas for your gym brand online, take a good look at the PSD Logo Templates that are specially designed for web portals centered around topics of healthy living, exercise tips, dietary supplements, etc. You can also see  PSD Logo Templates.

Speed Fitness

  • Speed Fitness

Rod Fitness

  • Rod Fitness

Fitness One Logo

  • Fitness One Logo

Maxim Gym Fitness Center Logo

  • Maxim Gym Fitness Center Logo

Curve Gym for Women Logo

Fitfull Fitness Logo

8 FItness Studio

  • 8 FItness Studio

Spirit Woman Fitness

Everyday Fitness

  • Everyday Fitness

Destination Fitness Logo

  • Destination Fitness Logo

Dynamika Fitness Logo

  • Dynamika Fitness Logo

Ultra Gym

  • Ultra Gym

Power Gym Fitness Logo

  • Power Gym Fitness Logo

JG Fitness

  • JG Fitness

PC Fitness Logo

  • PC Fitness

Global Fitness

Spectrum Fitness

Fitness Club

Gladiator Fitness Logo Design

  • Gladiator Fitness Logo Design

Gym & Fitness Logo

  • Gym & Fitness Logo

Lime Fitness

Everyday Fitness

  • Everyday Fitness

Super Gym Fitness logo

  • Super Gym Fitness logo

Ecogym Logo

Fitness Body

  • Fitness Body

High Flyer Fitness

Zen Gym

Iron Gym and Fitness Center Logo

Power Fitness

  • Power Fitness

Zenith Fitness Logo

  • Zenith Fitness Logo

Tiger Fitness

  • Tiger Fitness

Kanga Gym

  • Kanga Gym

Fitness Club

Rough Dwarf Fitness

  • Rough Dwarf Fitness

Up Fitness

  • Up Fitness

Fitness Logo

Fitness Gym Logo Template

  • Fitness Gym Logo Template

Fitness Logo

  • Fitness Logo

Health and Fitness

Peak Fitness Logo Kununurra

  • Peak Fitness Logo Kununurra

Gym Monkey

  • Gym Monkey



  • Fitness

Fitness Bar Logo

  • Fitness

Fitness Heart

Crossfit and Fitness Logo

Gym Star

  • Gym Star

Gym Logo E G

  • Gym Logo E G

Galaxy Gym & Fitness Center

Hellion Fitness

  • Hellion Fitness

Muscle Gym

  • Muscle Gym

Fitness Gym Logo

The Fitness Club Logo Template

  • The Fitness Club Logo Template

Up Fitness

  • Up Fitness

Diamond Gym


New Fitness Center

Nature Fitness

Fitness Club Logo

  • Fitness Club Logo

TKO Boxing Gym and Fitness Logo

Fitness Gym Healthy Medical Sporty Logo

Gym Logo F T

Gym Labs

Oxygen Gym

  • Oxygen Gym

Iron Gym Logo

  • Iron Gym Logo

Butterfly Fitness

  • Butterfly Fitness

Royal Fitness Club Logo

  • royal fitness club logo

Retro Fitness

Fitness Center

Logo : Snl Fitness

Dumbbells Logo

Gyg and Fitness Logo

Union Fitness

  • Union Fitness

Team Resolute Fitness

  • Team Resolute Fitness

Power Gym

  • Power Gym

Fitness Logo

Sim You Fit

  • sim you fit


  • spartan

Fitness Professionals

  • Fitness Professionals


Fit Week Logo

  • port_identity_h3fw_pre

Kelly Fitness Gym Logo

Push Fitness Logo

A business without a good and creative logo will fail to appeal its potential customers.Gym and fitness logos that show a person lifting a dumbbell or a barbell or a flexing arm can go well with a website based on health and fitness. If you are making a logo for your company or a business site, you should include the name of your business in it. You can consider using the full name of your business or only the initials.When you pick up one of the freely available or premium gym and fitness logo for your business, you can even edit the logo to add your company name to it. With so many gym and fitness logos available, you will surely find a logo that will attract your audience and build your brand.

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