100+ Awesome Hotel and Restaurant Logos

While opening a restaurant or a hotel, you need to think about a lot of things. One important task is finding a good logo. A restaurant and hotel logo is selected after a brainstorming among friends and family members or by choosing the best available over the internet.

While selecting a logo you should keep in mind that it should match with the theme of the restaurant or hotel the services it offers and also should be different and attractive.If you are thinking about creating a logo for your restaurant, you may be overwhelmed by the options that come to your mind and also by the ones suggested by your friends and colleagues.

After brainstorming on a restaurant or hotel for quite some time, you may feel that it is not easy to decide to think of a suitable logo. A logo that you choose for you restaurant should make the visitors feel what kind of food and service you offer.


Restaurant Logo Template

  • Restaurant Logo Template

The restaurant logo can have the pictures of the cuisines offered which look delicious and mouth watering so as to attract the customers. This can also include the year of establishment of the hotel or restaurant.

Restaurant / Cafe Logos

  • Restaurant / Cafe

The café restaurants are not only used for drinking café but are also a place to hang out or doing work or it can be used as a meeting place, hence should be the logo.

Restaurant Logo Templates

  • 10 Restaurant Logo Templates

This type of restaurant logo template allows the user to put his name in front keeping the theme in the background. You can have this design showing knife and fork in center.

Bellariva Restaurant Logo

  • Bellariva

These are simple logos depicting the location. They are unused proposal logos which you can simply download and use as per your convenience.

AlfaHotel Logo

  • AlfaHotel Logo

Among many hotel logos available online, this one is very simple and elegant. This is available in three different colors. After downloading it the text and color are easily editable.

Gold Hotel

  • Gold Hotel

This hotel and restaurant logo is for sale online. It is of abstract and antique design in golden color only. Though not having any food picture, yet it looks very elegant and professional.

Restaurant Park

  • Restaurant Park

This is a theme logo used for restaurants having parks or open restaurants. Thus the picture of cuisine in shape of trees is a unique, suitable idea that catches attention.

Hotel Brand Logo

  • Hotel Brand Logo

It is a very elegant and royal looking hotel logo to be used for premium hotels with luxurious facilities. It is available in 300 PPI and CMYK color mode. It is easy to edit.

Tamala Cafe Restaurant Logo

  • Tamala Cafe Restaurant Logo

Created by giallouros, this logo is a perfect example of modern art. The logo is to be used for some food industry is clearly depicted by putting a plate with knife and fork.

Hotel Veep Logo


You will definitely be attracted to something different is clearly mentioned by this logo. The way a simple name of a company is put in this stunning logo, catches the attention.

Royal Hotel Logo Template

  • Royal Hotel Logo Template

Being royal and to keep up the elegancy, this logo is available in three colors only viz. gold, silver and dark brown. It is a professional piece of work available on envato market.

Marina Restaurant


A product from maccreatives, this logo serves the sea food hotels the best. It is available in different colors related to sea side like blue and brown. It is easy to download and edit.

Hotel Royal

  • Hotel Royal

If you are in search of a noble and stylish logo, you can opt for this. It is an elegant looking logo which can be used for luxury hotels or businesses.

Flower Hotel Logo

  • Flower Hotel Logo GraphicRiver

This is a 100% resizable vector available to be used for any hotel or restaurant logo. It is available in AI CS4 and EPS 10 document. Its resolution is also very high.

WOK Restaurant Logo


Magestic Hotel & Spa Resort

  • Magestic Hotel & Spa Resort

Best Eastern Hotel Logo

  • Best Eastern Hotel Logo

Italian Restaurant Logo

  • italian restaurant logo

Restaurant Looxi

  • Restaurant Looxi

Restaurant Logo

  • Restaurant Logo

Gourmand Restaurant Logo

  • Gourmand Restaurant Logo

Very Food – Restaurant Logo

  • Very Food - Restaurant Logo

Milano Restaurant Logo

  • logo 1640

Garland Hotel Logo

  • Garland Hotel

Spa Resort Logo

  • Spa Resort Logo

Orange Resto – Restaurant Logo

  • Orange Resto - Restaurant Logo

Iris Hotel

  • Iris Hotel

Green Food – Vegetarian Restaurant

  • Green Food - vegetarian restaurant

Mexican Restaurant Logo

  • Mexican Restaurant Logo

Restaurant Logo Template

  • Restaurant Logo Template

Jefferson Hotel

  • Jefferson hotel

Hotel Opatija

  • hotel opatija

Japanese Restaurant Logo

  • Japanese Restaurant Logo

Restaurant Logo

  • Restaurant Logo

Bread House Logo

  • Bread House Logo

Milinton Hotel Logo

  • Milinton Hotel Logo

Restaurant Logo

  • Logo-1982

Time for Food – Restaurant Logo

  • Time for Food - Restaurant Logo

Welcome Hotels

  • Welcome Hotels

The Grill Restaurant

  • The Grill restaurant

Natural Restaurant Logo Template

  • Natural Restaurant Logo Template

Logo for Restaurant

  • Logo for Restaurant

Ramen Restaurant Logo Template

  • Ramen Restaurant Logo Template

Kitchen / Restaurant Logo Template

  • Kitchen / Restaurant Logo Template


  • HourHotels

Fine Dining Restaurant Logo

  • Logo-1628

Sparling Restaurant Logo

  • sparling restaurant logo

Queens Brand Logo Template

  • Queens Brand Logo Template

Fuji Sushi Bar Restaurant

  • Fuji Sushi Bar Restaurant

Blackheart Hotels

  • Blackheart Hotels

Daruma Restaurant Logo

  • Daruma Restaurant Logo

Lotus Hotel

  • Lotus Hotel

Hotel Taj- Luxury Crest Logo

  • Hotel Taj- Luxury Crest Logo

Restaurant Logo Template

  • Restaurant Logo Template

Restaurant Logo Design

  • Restaurant Logo design

Royal Hotel Logo

  • Royal Hotel logo

Royale Hotel Crest Logo Template

  • Royale Hotel Crest Logo Template

Afrik Land Hotel

  • Afrik Land Hotel

Fresh Food

  • Fresh Food

Tropical Wave Restaurant

  • Tropical Wave Restaurant

Restaurant Logo

  • Restaurant Logo - 2316

Cafe Logo

  • Logo-2220

Restaurant & Tavern Logo Template

  • Restaurant & Tavern Logo Template

Seafood Crab Restaurant

  • Seafood Crab Restaurant

Royal Banyan Hotel

  • royal banyan hotel e1412673335782


  • Restaurant

Arga Hotel Logo

  • Arga Hotel Logo

Kitchen Bandit Restaurant Logo

  • Kitchen Bandit Restaurant Logo

Gourmand Restaurant Logo

  • Gourmand Restaurant

Timont Restaurant Logo

  • Timont Restaurant Logo

Hope Restaurant

  • Hope restaurant

Boutique Hotel Logo

  • Boutique Hotel Logo

North Wood Restaurant Logo

  • Logo-1696

Barouge Restaurant Bar logo

  • Barouge Restaurant Bar logo

Hotel Carlton

  • Hotel Carlton

Elegant Logo

  • Elegant Logo - Hotel Resort

Savega Hotel Logo Template

  • Savega Hotel Logo Template

Restaurant Logo

  • Restaurant Logo

Palms Restaurant Logo

  • Logo-48

Palace Hotel

  • Palace Hotel

Hotel Logo

  • Hotel Logo

Hexogan Hotel Logo

  • Hexogan Hotel Logo

The Caribean Restaurant

  • The Caribean Restaurant

Village Cafe

  • logo 1792

Spa Hotel – Logo Template

  • Spa Hotel - Logo Template

Georgio Fine Dining Logo

  • Logo-1829

Seaside Restaurant

  • Seaside Restaurant

L’Artiste Restaurant

  • L'Artiste Restaurant

Imperial Hotel Logo

  • imperial hotel logo1

Italian Restaurant Logo

  • logo 1983

French Kiss Restaurant

  • FRENCH KISS restaurant

Bellariva Logo

  • Bellariva

Serve Love Restaurant Cafe Food Logo

  • Serve Love Restaurant Cafe Food Logo

Green Palm Restaurant Logo

  • Logo-1586

Bellariva Logo

  • Bellariva

Royal Hotels Logo Template

  • Royal Hotels Logo Template

Basilini Restaurant

  • Basilini restaurant

Luxury & Royal Logos

  • Luxury & Royal Logos

Among the many hotel and restaurant logos available online, you can choose one as per like but matching the concept of the company. A logo gives an identity to your restaurant or hotel and hence should be wisely used.

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