72+ Pizza Logo – PSD, AI, Vector EPS, Illustrator

Whether you are opening a new pizza shop, or renovating the brand and design of your established pizza restaurant, a premium pizza logo will be an important element of your business. It will be the visual identity, the brand that your customers, whether old or new, will feel connected with. The premium pizza logo templates available here will be helpful in attracting customers with a logo that will be perfectly paired for your business. Try one of these templates and start your pizza logo designing now. You can also see PSD Logo Templates.

A wide spectrum of images can be used in pizza logos for Italian eateries which can include a mascot of Italian chefs, the crust of a customary cheese pizza or the classic boot shaped image of Italy itself. If you are looking towards creating best pizza logos, the design has to be distinct from the many that have been released so far.If the logo is eye catching, consider a major amount of business flowing in on the first day. In fact if the restaurant is famous for a specific line of eateries, that particular dish can signify the logo of the restaurant. Right from a glass or red wine to the authentic green olives, pizza logos can be very creative and significant. You can also see Car Logos.

Premium Pizza Logo Templates on Board

  • pizza logo on board

These premium pizza logo templates on board are neatly drawn, engraved or embossed in deck style. They give a modern look to your pizza logo, thus giving a contemporary look to your brand. With attractive colors, designs and graphics, these pizza logos on board deliver a sense of uniqueness to your pizza brand. With such a logo, you become an instant hit among your customers, both new and old.

Premium Pizza Logo Templates in Boat Style

  • pizza logo in boat style

The boat sail is triangular is shape, just like a slice of pizza. It can be beautifully decorated to give an impression of a pizza slice. These premium pizza boat style templates allow you to create boat style pizza logos in an assortment of colors and patterns. The key lies in adorning the pizza just like a boat, and using it to promote your pizza corner professionally.

Premium Pizza Logo Templates on Fire

  • custom wood fired pizza logo download

Pizzas are hot, and some of them are spicy. So, the fiery graphics suit a lot to be used on a pizza logo design. These logo templates have enough space to include your company name, year of establishment and other details as well. The best thing is that all these templates are 100% customizable, and you can make your unique pizza logo with the help of these tools.

Pizza Bistro Logo Template

  • pizza bistro logo template

Pizzeria Logos is a template for pizza logos that is in a league of its own. Sporting a very unique design, it is eye catching. It is also very easy to edit and is ready to be printed.

Premium Pizza Logo Templates with Shop Name

  • pizza shop logo template1

With attractive design and exclusive background, these pizza logo templates are sure to attract people’s attention at first sight. Allowing you to mention your shop name and your brand’s tagline, these templates become a brand identity for your pizza business. Attractive at sight and unique in design, these templates can be totally customized as per your individual needs and preferences.

Pizza Chat Logo Template

  • pizza chat logo template

Creative Pizza Logo

  • Creative Pizza Logo

Electric Pizza Logo Template

  • electric pizza logo template

Delicious Pizza Logo Design Template

  • delicious pizza logo design template

Pizza Lab Logo Template

  • pizza lab logo template1

Pizza Original Logo Sign Emblem Shop Window Wall

  • pizza original logo sign emblem shop window wall 2

Italian Pizzeria Logo Vector EPS Format Template

  • italian pizzeria logo

Logo for Pizzeria in the Mafia Style

  • logo for pizzeria in the mafia style

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Logo

  • freddy fazbear’s pizza logo

Traditional Italian Pizza Delivery Template

  • traditional italian pizza delivery template

Mr Pizza Logo Template Download

  • mr pizza logo template download

Stroller Pizza Logo Template

  • stroller pizza logo template

Logo of Pizza Logo Template Download

  • logo of pizza logo template download

TMNT Pizza Logo Download

  • tmnt pizza logo download

Pizza Logo

  • pizza logo

Sal’s Pizza Template Download

  • sal’s pizza template download

Hot Spot Pizza Logo Download

  • hot spot pizza logo download

Logo of Pizza House Vector EPS Download

  • logo of pizza house vector eps download

Pizzadude Logo Template Download

  • pizzadude logo template download

Pizzeria Logo Template

  • pizzeria logo template

Pizza Place Logo Template

  • Pizza Place Logo Template

Food Pizza Logo Template Download

  • food pizza logo template download

Sam’s Pizza

  • Sam's Pizza

Say Cheese Pizza Logo Template

  • say cheese pizza logo template

Red’s Pizzeria Logo Download

  • red’s pizzeria logo download

Firewood oven and pizza Logo Download

  • firewood oven and pizza logo download

Pizza Logo Mustardo Template

  • pizza logo mustardo template

Pepissini Pizza Logo

  • pepissini pizza logo

Delicious Pizza Logo Template

  • delicious pizza logo template

Pipupizza Modern Pizza Logo Download

  • pipupizza modern pizza logo download

Rocket Pizza Logo AI Illustrator Format Template

  • rocket pizza logo ai illustrator format template1

Pizza Time Logo Download

  • pizza time logo download

Domino’sPizza Logo Template

  • dominospizza logo template

Best Pizza Logo Template

  • best pizza logo template

Fast Pizza Logo Template Download

  • fast pizza logo template download1

Pizza Place Restaurant Logo

  • pizza place restaurant logo

Family Pizza Logo Template Download

  • family pizza logo template download

Family Pizza Logo Template

  • Family Pizza Logo Template

Pin Pizza Logo Template Download

  • pin pizza logo template download

Fast Pizza Logo

  • Fast Pizza Logo

Pizza Logo Template Download

  • pizza logo template download 1

Pizza Mia Logo Template AI Illustrator Template

  • pizza mia logo template ai illustrator template

Homer’s Pizza Logo Download

  • homer’s pizza logo download

Pizza House Logo Design Template

  • pizza house logo design template

Pizza Logo in Giraff Style

  • pizza logo in giraff style

Pizza Chat Logo Template AI Format

  • pizza chat logo template ai formats

Logo Pizza Mia Download

  • logo pizza mia download

Lino’s Pizza

  • lion s pizza

Pizza Forno Logo Template

  • pizza forno logo template

Good Pizza Logo Template

  • good pizza logo template1

Pizza Bistro Logo

  • Pizza Bistro Logo

Pizza Cafe Logo Composition Template

  • pizza cafe logo composition template

Love Pizza Logo Template

  • love pizza logo template

Mr. Pizzter

  • Mr. Pizzter

Mamma Nostra Pizza

  • Mamma Nostra Pizza



Logo Pizza Mia

  • logo pizza mia

Online Pizza Logo

  • online pizza logo

Pick a Pizza Logo of your Own

  • pick a pizza logo of your own

Pizza Window Logo Template

  • pizza window logo template

Well Cheesed Pizza Logo

  • well cheesed pizza logo1

Logo of Pizza Crown

  • logo of pizza crown


  • Bafetto

La Nostra Pizza Logo

  • la nostra pizza logo

Sun Pitza Logo

  • Sun Pitza Logo

Pizza Finder Logo Template

  • pizza finder logo template

pizzaiolo logo on T Shirt

  • pizzaiolo logo on t shirt

Hallo Pizza

  • hallopizza

Antonio’s Pizzeria Logo

  • Antonio's Pizzeria Logo

Pizza Land

  • PizzaLand

Uses of Premium Pizza Logo Templates

  • To visually express your pizza company’s identity
  • To make your pizza business memorable
  • To provide essential information about your pizza shop
  • To use the logo on all communications, advertising and marketing pieces of your pizza business

Target Audience of Premium Pizza Logo Templates

  • Pizza business owners
  • Business logo designers
  • Pizza business startups
  • Pizza businesses looking for a brand renovation

Benefits of Premium Pizza Logo Templates

  • Help in differentiating your pizza business from your competitors
  • Provide readymade template to create a premium pizza logo as per the nature of your business
  • Save time and money you would have spent on creating a logo from a professional
  • The templates are 100% customizable

How to Create Premium Pizza Logo Templates

The pizza logo that you create should become the brand identity of your business. It should depict the nature of your business, and at the same time deliver some key information about your company. Hiring a professional logo designer is expensive and time-consuming, but you can use these premium pizza logo templates to create your pizza logos for free, within minutes.


A well-designed premium pizza logo will be very effective in marketing your business and targeting your potential customers. The pizza logo templates available here are laden with attractive sights of pizza bites, seasonings and sauces. With an amazing combination of colors, patterns and designs, these logos fabricate delightful images that showcase pizza flavors. Download your choicest pizza logo template and use it to create a unique pizza logo for your pizza business.


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