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Receipt templates have many uses and functions; it sets as record for all the transactions done by a seller to their customer and list down all the items that the client has been used. It should have the name of the business establishment, registration number, name of the product and price and the tax associated for purchasing an item.


> Sales Receipt Template


Sales receipt template keeps the record for the transaction done by the customer with the date and time, name of the business, details of the product and its  price, mode of payment and sometimes shows the means for returns or refund for the purchased product. Using these template, sellers will have no difficulty in creating a sale receipt especially for implementing refunds or returns.[9+ Sales Receipt Templates]

> Rental Receipt Template


Rental receipt template is given to tenants as proof for paying the rental fee to their landlords. Payment is based on the agreement between the two parties and must indicate the amount received by the landlord for reference of the tenant; this template will make their transaction easy by just putting the sum of money needed for payment.[10+ Rental Receipt Templates]

> Receipt Book Template


Receipt book template contains bulk of blank receipts which are to be filled up by the seller if there is a transaction madewith their customers. With the receipt book template, the owners of business or business companies can choose a variety of receipt that fits the kind of business they have, especially the copy that is given to their customers as copy for their purchased item or service.[8+ Receipt Book Templates]

> Delivery Receipt Template


Delivery receipt template is used to have a proof that a delivered letter or package has been received by the right receiver by signing this receipt; the sender is then notified by the post office or Delivery Company that the item delivered is received. Using this template, there is an array of choices to which a post office or delivery company sees the applicable receipt for their facility.[10+ Delivery Receipt Templates]

> Hotel Receipt Template


Hotel receipt template is basically the bill given to customers of an inn or hotels before or after spending few hours or a day in that particular establishment. It list down all the amenities used and room rate acquired by the customer in which they will pay before leaving the hotel, now that this template is available via online or in Microsoft word, listing down the bills will be easier and quicker.[8+ Hotel Receipt Templates]

> Invoice Receipt Template


Invoice receipt template is used in different transactions when it comes to recording the bills that must be paid for the transaction between two or more people. To make an appropriate invoice the full details of the transaction must be noted and the payment is appropriately written, using readymade invoice templates, a deal can easily be recorded and be printed for use.[10+ Invoice Receipt Templates]

> Taxi Receipt Template


Taxi receipt template is commonly seen in many taxi vehicles as the bill for the service of transportation to the passengers for the specified payment per meter or minute. Usually it includes the bill for the whole ride and the name of the taxi driver and operator, having this template will make them give the exact bill for the passengers for them to pay.[9+ Taxi Receipt Templates]

> Business Receipt Template


Business receipt template is the basic printed paper given to customers as proof that they already paid the bill for the product or service selected. Business establishments has this to keep their own record for every transaction made to all their customers and for internal audit; utilizing this template will make a suitable receipt for any business establishments and for the customers to keep.[11+ Business Receipt Templates]

> Daycare Receipt Template


Daycare receipt template is given to parents as bill for taking care of their children while away for personal reasons to day care centers. Usually it indicates the package for catering their children and the payment associated with it, day care receipt templates will make nay owner to select the receipt that seems appropriate for their business especially when it comes in looking out for other people’s children.[6+ Daycare Receipt Templates]

> Deposit Receipt Template


Deposit receipt is the proof when a customer paid the initial bill as assurance for the business stall that a product will be bought, it can be also seen in banks that serves as record when their clients put a sum of money into their bank account or others as deposit. Choosing this template will organize the amount of money that has been kept as reference for future transactions.[11+ Donation Receipt Templates]

> Money Receipt Template


Money receipt template is the record of money received by any business establishments when it comes to paying the bill used by their customers; it only includes payment in the form of money   . For every type of business are different types of receipt, having this template will make an owner pick the best receipt that suits the type of their business.[11+ Money Receipt Templates]

> Restaurant Receipt Template


People who used to eat at the restaurant will be given a receipt afterwards. This is a proof of transaction after service rendered by the restaurant to their clients. Utilizing a template for restaurant receipt will help the management to create with design, format and layout it provided.  It can be used as a basis to have a clear picture in mind of what restaurant receipt must look like.[6+ Restaurant Receipt Templates]

> Service Receipt Template


Service receipt template is commonly known to many as professional fee receipt in which this is personally given to clients or customers after rendering them the service that they needed. In some cases there are of many available receipt templates that can be used as a reference for creating a printed service receipt automatically. It  makes it easier for the service provider to bill the customer.[10+ Service Receipt Templates]

> Electronic Receipt Template


Electronic receipt template is the bill given to customers when they purchase any electronic equipment or any services requiring skilled electrician. This receipt can bemodify depending on the order requested by the customer that’s why using the proper template found in the website; you can select easily  the correct format and layout that will be helpful especiallyin making electronics receipts.[9+ Electronic Receipt Templates]

> Tax Receipt Template


Tax receipt template is used as record of the total income of a business, commonly used by auditors or accountants to have the estimated amount in paying the tax for the fiscal period. Skilled professional can search in the website the appropriate template to create a tax receiptand can be done in the Microsoft excel to have a better recording of all the income generated by a company.[8+ Tax Receipt Templates]

> Dental Receipt Template


Dental receipt template is the lists of professional fee of the dentist who made and cost of items utilized which will be given by dentistry centers  to their valued clients as a record of transaction done to them. Dentists can select and create their personalized templates via online or computer applications that can promote their clinic and yet showing the full details that must be paid by their clients.[7+ Dental Receipt Templates]

> Plumbing Receipt Template


Plumbingreceipts templates are helpful for plumbers when billing their customers for the services that they asked and itemizing the equipment’s used to complete the requested work. As plumbing covers many types and nature, having an appropriate template will simply make the total fee sum up, it can be done by looking in the website with internet access or creating their own receipts particularly when listing the items or services provided using the template as their basis.[8+ Plumbing Receipt Templates]

> Contractor Receipt Template


Contractor receipt template is useful when customers are asked to pay their hired contractor to complete the particular job requested by them. It should also contain the agreement done between the contractor and customer for the said project to easily resolve any conflict. Depending on the nature of the contractor, it can be made via Microsoft word or purchasing readymade receipts that suits the nature of the contractor.[10+ Contractor Receipt Templates]

> Medical Receipt Template


Medical receipt template is widely used in hospitals or clinics that lists down all the medications, equipments and professional service of the doctorsavailed by the patient while being admitted or as walk ins. Like any other receipts, it differs from its content and format; any hospital can create their own receipt or just choose from the internet that will make the payment of patients a lot easier and fast.[7+ Medical Receipt Templates]

> Construction Receipt Template


Construction receipt template is mainly used by construction companies or service providers that specialized in constructing projects or works to prepare and create a receipt for construction deals.The customers will pick the appropriate theme necessary for the project, after completing the demanded task and the customer will be given a construction receipt indicating the summary of all items used and service rendered to make the project. The receipt can be created in Microsoft word or excel that will suffice in billing their customers.[8+ Construction Receipt Templates]

> Donation Receipt Templates


Donation receipt templates are  printed acknowledgement of donations may be in a form of  money, service or product given to charitable organizations or any adoption institutions. The primary purpose for preparing a donation receipt is to have a record detail of the donation and for the donor to have a presumption in the payment of their tax.

It must be set in the mind of the people working under  charitable organizations the right format of this receipt to have a good record transaction and this can be perfectly done using the available format provided by the template.[11+ Donation Receipt Templates]

This can be found under the property of business transaction template. Using the Receipt Templates, any business company or business owner will have the standard receipt needed in every transaction done with their client. This makes the work lesser and convenient. Utilizing the template can make a proper and good receipt form.

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