Book Icons – 35+ Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

Book icons give an extra flavor of professionalism to any design. Weather a designer works with illustration, website, brochures or any graphical stuff, he will have to use a book icon at least once. For a beautiful design, book icon gives the essence of professionalism and perfection. It can indicate various things on one go. Facebook icons are the best ones to be used in designs related to files and folders. It is a best choice to indicate knowledge related stuff.

book icon

Book icons are useful, always

Whenever there is a scenario that demands a professional indication of references or books, the book icon serves to be the best. A reference cannot be indicated better than this. A book icon can be used to indicate any details related with schools. A very small book icon can even be combined with a design that indicates a student or a librarian. The major advantage of a book icon is that it tells the upcoming stuff directly. It can be used at any instances regardless of the fear of losing professionalism. Since a book icon is symmetric, it goes with any type of designs and Blue Backgrounds.

Creativity cannot be limited, for book icons too

Book icons are created by mixing ideas with tons of creativity. It’s amazing to see the transformation of book icon from a square to a design with beautiful pages and title. Some graphic designers who walked a step ahead have added bookmarks and even cover pictures to the design. You may also see weather icons. A perfect book icon collaborate creativity and professionalism. Observatory skills are found to be the most important factor while designing book icons. Who else than a good designer can think of a bookmark collaborated to a book icon design? They are transforming each day, filled with more creative add-ons . You cam also see Free Icons.

Simple Book Icon PSD Download

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School Education Books Icons

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Digital Art Vector Book Icon Instant Download

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Book Icons Vector Download

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Book Icon Vector Illustration Download

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Simple Set of Book Icons

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Library Book Icon Set Download

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World of Book Icons Set Download

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Medical Book Icon EPS Download

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Set of Book Icons in Flat Design Style

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Book Icons on White

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Book Icon for your next Design

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Colorful Book Icon Set

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Library Book Icon Illusration Download

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Book Icon Illustration Download

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Collection of Book Icon Set

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Free Book Icons Download

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Decorative Book Icon Set JPG Format Download

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Flat Modern Design Book Icons

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70 Book Icons for Free Download

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Electronic Book Template with Documents Icons

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Yellow Phone Book Icon

yellow phone book icon

Book icons serves multiple purposes

A book icon indicates that it is followed by a long list of items that is to be read. It also indicates that information related to text books is present with the image. A thin book icon indicates magazines or Real Estate Flyers and a small one with or without lines indicate notebooks. A book icon can be an open book or a closed one. Here, open book will indicate that there is something to read and a book icon with a folded page indicates reference. A book icon with a couple of books indicates a library and a human head with a book icon indicates an intelligent person. The icon of a teacher can be illustrated more effectively by adding a book icon with an adult icon. You may also see business icons.

It is important to not these while designing a book icon

1. The book icon should look professional and neat 2. It should not have too much of curves that deviates the core concept of a book 3. Usage of several colors is not recommended, but with one or two colors will look more professional 4. Try out variations, not just a square or a rectangle 5. Try designing thick books, to make them look more original 6. Please do not use too much shading that distracts the user from the beauty of the design