18+ Fitness Icons

Physical fitness is a state of well-being and health. Specifically, physical fitness is one’s ability to perform in various aspects of sports. Fitness icons play a significant role in promoting the services offered by gyms or other forums which motivate physical fitness on different platforms. Such icons are mainly used to grab the attention of the gym enthusiasts. Flyers, brochures, websites or even blogs can be made colorful and attractive by choosing any of the following listed icons. You can also see Web Icons.

fitness icons

Body Fitness Icons

body fitness icons

Female health icons for gym exercises, weight loss, and other sports equipment are available in AI and EPS vector formats. JPG (5000×5000-px) and PNG image file formats are also available. You can also see Book Icons.

Fitness Center Icons

fitness center icons

This is a collection of vintage weight-lifting stickers and labels which are provided in AI, EPS, and JPG formats. Accessorize the fitness icons as per your requirements.

Fitness Equipment Icons

fitness equipment icons

Use these high-resolution, layered workout sign icons to fit the requirement of your project. Icons are available in AI vector format as well as JPG, PNG image file formats.

Health And Fitness Icons

health and fitness icons

Cute fitness icons which are layered are available in EPS vector file format. These health icons are easily customizable. Changing the color or the size of the icon is not a problem. You can also see Fashion Icons.

Fitness Flat Icons

fitness flat icons

Simple outlined, as well as colored icons can be used in your blogs, websites or flyers. These fancy fitness icons are available in EPS, PSD, and PNG formats. They are editable.

Fitness Gym Icons

fitness gym icons

These fitness icons of men working out to stay fit and healthy are available in vector and image file formats. They are black-colored icons on a white background and are provided in various sizes.

Female Fitness Icons

female fitness icons

Female fitness icons, which includes icons based on diet and various sports accessories, are available in variable sizes. Editable vector format like EPS and JPG ( 5000x5000px ) are provided.

Group Fitness Icons

group fitness icons

Layered health icons are available in AI, SVG, JPG, PSD, and PDF file formats. Choose the best format and the size of the icon from the numerous options available. You can also see Clock Icons.

Physical Fitness Icons

physical fitness icons

Health icons are provided with editable background and are available in vector and image file formats. The size of these icons can be modified as per your requirements.

Free Fitness Icons

free fitness icons

Numerous fitness icons that promote health are available in plenty of sizes and colors. Changing the background color is made an easy option. These icons are easily customizable.

Fitness Icon Pack

fitness icon pack

Simple and colorful health icons are available in different sizes and colors. The icons are of circular or rectangular shape. They are available in vector file format. You can also see Camera Icons.

Fitness Icon Set

fitness icon set

Sports Fitness Icons

sports fitness icons

Branding Fitness Icons

branding fitness icons

Physical fitness plays a significant role in maintaining good health. Follow a rigorous diet along with exercise to stay fit and healthy. Such an intent can be communicated in an effective way by using these fitness icons. Choose appropriate icons depending on your requirement in order to fit your project.