550+ Restaurant Icons

Restaurant icons are a unique way to represent each and every restaurant vividly. There are a wide variety of icons available, thus allowing you to choose the best. These elegant icons are the ones that grab the attention of the audience which is the most prevailing factor. You can also see Car Icons.

restaurant icons

Therefore, designing such icons is a crucial part. Restaurant menu, food flyers, apps or websites can be made catchy with the help of readily available restaurant icons. They are available in PSD, AI, EPS, CDR, SVG vector illustration graphic art design format. Following is the list of restaurant icons.

Food & Restaurant Icons

food restaurant iconsAvailable in AI, SVG, EPS and PNG (64×64, 80×80, 128×128, 256×256) format, these high-resolution, layered icons are fully editable according to your requirement. They are adjustable to any size and are available in various colors.

Vintage Restaurant & Bar icons

vintage restaurant bar iconsThese icons are available in AI and JPG vector formats. Flyers and websites can be beautified with the help of these unique grill icons and vintage labels. These icons can be modified accordingly.

Vector Black Restaurant Icons

vector black restaurant iconsOver 60 million icons which are in vector format and mainly in black color are available. These classic icons are affordable and are editable according to your requirements. They are perfect for websites and flyers which need a classy look.

Green Restaurant Icon

green restaurant iconThese elegant green icons are available in AI vector format and also JPG file format. Vegetarian food is depicted by green color. Hence these green icons are ideal to denote vegetarian delicacies. You can also see Free Icons.

Restaurant Menu Icons

restaurant menu iconsLayered icons are available in vector EPS format. These icons are ideally suited to be used on restaurant menus. Icons are editable according to the requirement. Various colors can be chosen as per the menu.

Restaurant Table Icons

restaurant table iconsAvailable in SVG, PSD vector format and PNG (64px, 128px, 256px, and 512px) formats. Icons are editable as needed and these are layered icons. All the icons based on Restaurant Table themes are available. You can also see Fashion Icons.

Red Restaurant Icon

red restaurant iconIcons are available in AI, EPS, and PNG( 4000×4000-pixel) formats. Red color is used to represent non-vegetarian food. By using these red restaurant icons, the fact that the food is non-vegetarian can be highlighted.

Restaurant Line Icons

restaurant line iconsSimple icons which are basically represented by lines are available in various vector formats.The color of the icon can be changed accordingly to suit the background color. These icons can be resized as required.

Fast Food Restaurant Icons

fast food restaurant iconsThese icons are available in EPS vector format and JPEG image format. It is available with a dimension of 5556×5556-pixel. All fast food icons are easily modifiable and the icons provided are line icons. You can also see Folder Icons.

11 Restaurant Icons

restaurant iconsA wide range of icons is provided under each category. Easily downloadable icons can be used to beautify restaurant menus, flyers, apps or websites. These colorful icons can be resized and are available in EPS, SVG vector formats as well as PSD, PNG, and Iconfont formats.

Set of Restaurant Icons

set of restaurant iconsConsists of a set of all the restaurant icons of various sizes and colors. Also, they are available for free in PNG format only. Monthly users can avail the benefit of vector formats and can recolor the icons.

200+ Restaurant Icons

00 restaurant iconsIcons of high resolution and various formats are offered at affordable prices.They can be freely downloaded with 60 downloads per day.With a premium account, 100 downloads per day can be made. You can also see Student Icons.

15 Restaurant Icons

restaurant iconsIcons are available which can be used in websites readily. They are colorful and contain all the basic restaurant icons.Icons of various formats and sizes can be downloaded easily.

Designed Restaurant Icons

designed restaurant icons

Hotel and Restaurant Icons

hotel and restaurant icons

Vegetarian Restaurant Icons

vegetarian restaurant icons

Waiter Restaurant Icon

waiter restaurant icon

Simple Restaurant Icon

simple restaurant icon

300+ Colorful Restaurant Icon

00 colorful restaurant icon

Decorative Restaurant Icon

decorative restaurant icon

Hand Drawn Restaurant Icon

hand drawn restaurant icon

Restaurant icons are readily available and can be used as per your needs. Choose the appropriate icon according to the requirement from the numerous options available. Edit the icons to the size and color needed and beautify your restaurant menu , flyers ,websites or even apps using various vivid restaurant icons. You can also see Fitness Icons.