How to Make a Formal Dinner Invitation [7+ Templates]


When we hear the word formal dining, we think right away of men in tuxedos, women in their fancy dresses, proper behavior, and perfect table arrangements. Formal dinners require a formal dinner invitation, and it is important that you make the best one because your invitation is the first impression your guests will have in regards to your event. This article will teach you how to make a formal dinner invitation template that is not just visually-pleasing but also professionally-made.

5 Steps How to Make a Formal Dinner Invitation

Step 1: Make a guest list and determine the number of people coming

Before heading off to the designing process, make a guest list first. This part is important because being able to determine how many people should be invited will prevent overproduction of invitation cards. Take out a pen and paper or open an excel sheet and organize your guest list by household or individual.

Step 2: Determine dinner details

Set the time and the date on the stone for your formal dinner event. Make sure also that you have already made that reservation for your venue. You can also consider putting a mini-map of the venue on your invitation just to make sure that everyone gets to the right venue. Other dinner details include the name of the host and a brief summary of the purpose of the formal dinner.

Step 3: Choose a template

You have the option of starting on a blank canvass on any design software such as Microsoft Word for your template. On the other hand, if you want a professionally-made dinner invitation design template, you should check out the templates shown in the section below. These templates are pre-designed with texts, graphics, and design for your convenience.

Step 4: Edit template

After choosing an appropriate formal dinner invitation template, edit it to fit your preferences. These templates are pre-formatted already but they are much easier to edit and customize using any type of design software. Check if the font style and size makes the texts legible because the details are a top priority more than the design.

Step 5: Print and wrap it up with an envelope

Print a mock-up of your invitation template before printing multiple copies of it. Print only the exact amount of invitations needed and include RSVPs also so that you can get updated on how many of the invited guests are actually coming. Try out different printing methods such as laser printing for a more unique card. Finish your card with a fancy envelope.

7+ Formal Dinner Invitation Templates

1. Simple Formal Dinner Invitation

formal dinner invitation template Download

Send a professionally made formal dinner invitation to your friends, colleagues, family, or business partners. Download this Simple Formal Dinner Invitation Template. This template uses royalty-free graphics with scalable vectors. This feature will allow you to easily change, replace, resize and move vectors around.

2. Business Dinner Invitation Template

formal business dinner invitation Download

This Tropical Formal Business Dinner Invitation Template is perfect for dinners felt with the summer breeze. This template can be easily edited using modern editing software such as Publisher and Apple Pages. On top of that, this template uses high-quality graphics to assure you of quality work that is worth every penny.

3. Formal Dinner Party Invitation

formal dinner party invitation Download

Impressing your guests with a stylish invitation card shouldn’t be so hard by using this Green Formal Dinner Invitation Template. Efficiently inflict a good impression on your invited guests with this first-rate template. It uses royalty-free graphics with scalable vectors that are easy to edit and customize.

4. Free Dinner Invitation Template

free formal dinner invitation template 440x570 1 Download

If you are looking for a uniquely-designed formal dinner invitation template, this is the one you’ve been looking for. Here’s our Free Formal Dinner Invitation Template. This template can be downloaded for free and it has a very artistic design which is perfect for formal dinners. Download this today!

5. Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template

formal rehearsal dinner template 1 Download

Impress your guests with this pop-themed Formal Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template. This invitation template is like a blast back to the past with its flashy design. You can use this for any fun events if there’s any.  On top of that, this template can be easily edited using modern devices anywhere, anytime.

6. Formal Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

formal rehearsal dinner template 2 Download

Grab this chic Violet Formal Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template to send out to your guests. This flashy but simple template is pre-designed with high-quality graphics and scalable vectors. It also has well-written content made by professionals. So what else are you waiting for? Grab this template now!

7. Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Design

dinner invitation vol2 ip Download

There’s nothing in the world quite like this Stylish Formal Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template. This template has professionally well-written content that can be easily edited or changed. It also uses royalty-free graphics that are able to maintain high resolution when customized.

8. Creative Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

1 01 Download

Try out this easy and hassle-free template. Get this Concrete Formal Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template and efficiently reach out to your guests. This well-designed template is worth every cent with its high-quality designs and graphics. The layout enables readers to focus well on the details. Get this template today.

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