10+ Thank You Invitation Templates


Invitation cards are no longer the only items to be created when hosting parties during special occasions and events since there can be thank you cards, loot bag tags, and even the envelopes to be used for enclosing the items into one.

Thank you invitation templates are significant to be included when creating invitations and giveaways for an event. The templates are simple and can be used by anyone who is in need of both an invitation card and a thank you card specified for different themes.

Elements of a Thank You Invitation Template

Thank you invitation templates are important due to various reasons including its role and purpose in delivering gratitude to the guests or the attendees. And in order to deliver an appropriate thank you greeting to the guests, a thank you invitation template must have the following elements:

It should have a “thank you” statement: Every thank you invitation template must clearly have a “thank you” statement either at the center or at the topmost portion of the template. The statement must only be a placeholder where the user of the template will be able to customize or change and personalize the statement to fit his preferences.

It must have an area where the greetings will be indicated: Thank you cards can simply have a “thank you” statement, however, in choosing a thank you invitation template for an event, there must be an area where the user will be able to state the details of his gratitude and appreciation to the recipient.

It must meet the theme of the event and other corresponding items: A touch of the designs from the theme is important to be incorporated into the template. Regardless of the theme and the type of form that the invitation will be, the designs must coordinate or at the most be in line with the designs of the other items.

10+ Thank You Invitation Templates

Anniversary Thank You Invitation Sample

anniversary thank you invitation sample


Birthday Thank You Invitation Sample

birthday thank you invitation sample


Couples Shower Thank You Invitation Set Template

couples shower thank you invitation set template


Hot Air Balloon Theme Thank You Invitation Example

hot air balloon theme thank you invitation example


Retro Thank You Invitation Sample

retro thank you invitation sample


Baby Shower Thank You Invitation Template

baby shower thank you invitation template


Frozen Themed Thank You Invitation Template

frozen themed thank you invitation template


Wedding Thank You Invitation Template

wedding thank you invitation template
File Format
Size: 5 x 7 inches


Tea Party Thank You Invitation Example

tea party thank you invitation example


Thank You Invitation Card Template

thank you invitation card template


Steps to Make a Great Thank You Invitation Template

Thank you invitation templates are easy to create, however, the one who will be creating the template must have specific software applications installed in his computer that he can use for making the template. The software application can either be from the Adobe Suite, from Microsoft or can be made online using photo-editing websites. After installing the preferred application, the steps below must be followed:

Step 1: Open a new design sheet. The design sheet to be used must be opened in the size preference for the thank you invitation. The template’s sizes will depend on the size of the rest of the invitation items. Most templates for thank you invitations are smaller than the official invitation card.

Step 2: Add the design from the theme. The designs can be placed as the background of the template and can be an overlaying element to the texts and contents as well. Moreover, the typefaces to be used for the content must also be decided which should also coordinate with the rest of the designs.

Step 3: Add a placeholder for the texts. The placeholder should include areas for the “thank you” statement and the greetings of the hosts of the event. And since it is a “thank you invitation” to be made and not a mere “thank you card”, then the template can also have placeholders for the details of the event such as the name of the celebrant, the date of the event, and the event’s venue similar to a birthday invitation.

Step 4: Save the template. The template must be saved in a file which is free to be edited and customized for future use, or whenever there are updates to be incorporated into the template.

Simple Tips for an Excellent Thank You Invitation

Choose between creating specific or general thank you invitations.

Being specific in making thank you invitations results in more customized and personalized cards which means that the greetings in the invitation are addressed directly to the guests or the invitee. On the other hand, a general thank you invitation is suitable to be used or created for the general audience which means that the statements and greetings in the invitation should be for every guest and attendee.

The invitation must relay sincerity.

Regardless of the theme, the design, and the type of event to be celebrated, the thank you invitation should relay sincerity to the guest or the receiver of the invitation.

Provide contact information.

RSVPs are common when sending any type of invitation, especially thank you invitation cards and letters. If an RSVP is essential to the hosts or the celebrant of the event, then the contact information of the person who is listing the guests. The contact details will open an opportunity for the guests to inform the hosts whether or not they are attending the event. In addition, further clarifications about the event will also be cleared out by the guests by calling or emailing the hosts.

Use a unique and fancy finish.

Invitation cards can be made with simplicity or can be made with unique elements to put a touch of the host’s personality onto the card. Fancy finishes such as embroidered envelopes, embossed texts, and ribbons can be good options to consider for the card and for the packaging.

Types of Thank You Invitation Templates

Thank you invitation templates can be categorized based on their number of folds. There are templates with two folds while there are others with no folds or with three folds. Invitation templates with two folds are also known as bi-fold invitation templates. This is the most common type of template design especially since the invitation is not only for inviting the guest but also for thanking the guest of the event. Moreover, a tri-fold invitation template will contain three columns which will provide more space or area for incorporating designs into the template.

On the other hand, folds can also be omitted from the invitation template which results in having a single paged output or a simple invitation card. This type is mostly used for the thank you greeting which is separated from the event invitation itself.

Thank You Invitation Template Sizes

The basic size mostly used by template designers is the 5 x 7 inches size for a thank you invitation. However, this is not the minimum nor the maximum size since it will depend on the design preferences and choices of both the designer and the client or the user of the template. There are templates which can come in smaller sizes such as in 3 x 3 inches, and in 3 x 4 inches while there are others which can be bigger especially if it is a tri-fold invitation.

Thank You Invitation Template FAQ’s

What are the advantages of using thank you invitations?

Every type of invitation card will provide varieties of benefits to the user depending on what the occasion is and what the intents of the event hosts are. With regards to thank you invitations, one advantage is that it does not only invite or inform the guest but it also sends them a message that the hosts of the event appreciate their choice to participate and be part of the event. Additionally, the thank you greeting can also be placed into another card, yet still created along with the event invitation in order to have coordinating structures and designs. If the thank you greeting or message card will be sent separately, then it must be given after the event or when the response of the guest is received for an RSVP.

Why using thank you invitation templates are important?

Invitation templates provide a backbone to the designer’s ideas and plans since it already consists of sections, columns, and boxes where the appropriate contents are to be placed. It allows the designer to test out different designs, typefaces, and colors to determine which will suit best to the invitation and the event.

How to use thank you invitation templates?

Thank you invitation templates are intended to be used with their individual software applications depending on their format. The chosen template must first be downloaded and saved into the desktop or the laptop of the user. Then, the template must be opened with its affiliated or coordinating application. For instance, if the file extension of the template is in “.ps”, then it must be opened in Adobe Photoshop, and if the template is in a “.doc” file extension, then a Microsoft application will be used.

After downloading the template and opening the template, designing and customizing it will be the next step to take by the user. Once the designs are finalized along with the complete content of the thank you invitation, saving it must be done. In saving the finished product, the user has a choice to whether or not save it in a format which allows future editing to be done or in a file format which will not permit any changes to be incorporated in any portion of the invitation.

To conclude, using thank you invitation templates are not only beneficial for the user or the celebrant but also the designer and the rest of the parties who are involved in managing and putting the event together. This is because with a template, deciding on formats and layouts would be easier compared to not using one.

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