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6+ Best St. Patrick’s Day Invitation Templates

Are you starting to feel lucky yet? Well, you should be because St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Not only the Irish but most cultures in the west celebrate the occasion and if you are too, then you might as well check out our collection of St. Patrick’s Day invitation templates below.

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Steps to Create a St. Patrick’s Day Invitation

Step 1: Prepare the necessary details including the invitation statement

Make sure all the important details are included in your event invitations and the best way to do that is to prepare them beforehand. What do we mean by prepare? We’re saying write or list them down on a sheet of paper and determine whether or not they’re informative enough for the readers.

Step 2: Download an invitation template below

As mentioned in the introduction, we’ve got downloadable St. Patrick’s Day invitation templates below and there are over ten of them for you to choose from. Simply scroll down and pick out a template that perfectly suits your preferences, the theme of your event, and your editing tool of choice.

Step 3: Launch your editing tool to start customizing your invitation

This step involves customizing the design of your downloaded invitation template and to be able to do this effectively, you may need to use the right editing tool for them. This means that if you’ve downloaded an invitation template in InDesign, you may need to edit it using Adobe InDesign.

Step 4: Add your content and proofread it during and afterward

After editing the design, the next step involves adding the content based on your written draft. However, if you didn’t prepare your content beforehand, just make sure that all relevant details are added before proceeding to the next step. Whether you have prepared a draft or not, proofreading your content should be done nonetheless.

Step 5: Print and send out your invitations

As the title says, this step simply involves printing copies of your invitation. When doing so, make sure to have extra copies printed just in case you may need them at the last minute, it’s better to always come prepared. And once you’re copies are all ready, you can then start sending them out to their respective recipients.

10+ St. Patrick’s Day Invitation Templates

1. St. Patrick’s Music Party Invitation


If you’re indeed planning to hold a celebration on St. Patrick’s Day, we’re sure you’d want to make it as exciting as possible. With that in mind, make sure that your invitations look exciting as well. Check out the template above, it’s an invitation template in PSD but you can also get it in AI as well.

2. Cheers St. Patrick’s Day Invitation Design


Indeed, cheers to the person who’s going to be celebrating their birthday on St. Patrick’s Day, they’re probably one of the luckiest people to ever walk the earth. To enjoy that celebration with friends and family, you might want to send out invitations using this creative invitation template.

3. St. Patrick’s Birthday Party Invitation


Here’s another birthday event invitation template that you might want to use for gathering guests to a birthday party that falls on the same date as St. Patrick’ Day. This template comes with different versions of the “Irish girl” illustration and you may be allowed to mix them up.

4. Neon St. Patrick’s Day Invitation Format

Check out this modern-looking St. Patrick’s Day invitation template that you may use for any type of party. The design on this template may look minimal because of its use of line art but the effects added to these elements are enough to make the entire template stand out.

6. Modern St. Patrick’s Day Invitation Example

Your organization or company may like holding their own celebration every St. Patrick’s Day which is not a bad idea actually. And just like any other party, you may need to send out invitations to gather your guests. So without further ado, here’s a very fitting formal event invitation template that you can use.

8. St. Patrick’s Day Invitation Sample

Looking at the vintage-inspired template above can definitely remind us of those scrolls that officials of the king or sheriff used for writing formal memorandums or announcements. Indeed, the design on this template looks appropriate and interesting which makes it a good choice for designing your invitations.

10. St. Patrick’s Day Invitation Design Template

Aside from the three and four-leaf clovers, the horseshoe also has a very long history of being a lucky and protective symbol. Though we still aren’t sure as to why horseshoes are considered lucky, it’s just the way they are and if you want to bring that luck to your party, you might as well use the invitation template above.

A shamrock is a clover that has three leaves, which means it shouldn’t be confused with the four-leaf clover. Nevertheless, this is also a symbol for luck among the Irish and if you want your St. Patrick’s day to be full of luck and enjoyment, the formal invitation template above would be a very good choice.

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