How to Create a Birthday Invitation [10+ Templates]


If ever you’re in need to throw a party in honor of a loved one who’s celebrating their birthday, we’ve got you covered in terms of the invitation cards. Below, we’ve got a step-by-step guide and a collection of templates to help you create excellent birthday party invitations.

5 Steps to Create a Birthday Invitation

Step 1: Prepare your invitation statement

Birthday invitations should have more than just the details of the party, it should also have a short message formally informing the reader of the host’s request. This message is referred to as the invitation statement and for it to be well-written, you may need to prepare a draft of it.

Step 2: Download and edit a birthday invitation template

We’ve got over ten birthday invitation templates below that you can choose from. Simply download a template of your choice and then edit it using your preferred editing tool. Take note of the template’s file format when downloading, make sure it is fully compatible with your editing tool.

Step 3: Check the correctness of the content

After filling in the necessary content of your birthday invitation, check everything for accuracy. While committing a mistake here isn’t as serious as it is on formal or business invitation, it’s always best to keep the content free from any error.

Step 4: Design an RSVP card, if needed

Formal events require you to prepare an RSVP for verifying the number of attendees, but casual ones such as birthdays may or may not need one. But if you like to be meticulous, you can always design your own RSVP card just to be sure.

Step 5: Print and send your invitations

When finally printing your invitations, always print more copies than intended because you won’t know when you might need to send an extra one. And, of course, after printing your invitation designs (and RSVP cards, if you chose to use them), you can then start sending them out.

10+ Birthday Invitation Templates

1. Beach Birthday Party Invitation

1 Download

If you’re planning to throw a birthday celebration, why not hold it at the beach? Guests will probably enjoy it even more since it’ll get them engaged in various activities. Additionally, we’ve got the perfect beach birthday party invitation template that you can use for gathering your guests.

2. Candy Land Birthday Invitation Sample

2 Download

When children go to a birthday party, they usually look forward to seeing their friends, playing games, and eating a lot of sweets. Using this template can really boost their excitement since it contains illustrations of candies, donuts, and ice cream. If you’re indeed planning to use this, make sure that you’re indeed serving candies.

3. Baseball Game Birthday Invitation Example

3 Download

If you or the person who’ll be celebrating their birthday is a fan of baseball, then you’ll probably want to incorporate a baseball theme to the party. For the invitation to be easily associated with the party, here’s a simple yet effective baseball-themed birthday invitation template that you can use.

4. First Birthday Party Invitation Format

4 Download

Although birthdays will never be “not special”, the most exceptional one would probably be the first since it commemorates the person’s first year of being born into the world. We’ve got an exquisite invitation template above that you can easily download and edit for your planned first birthday celebration.

5. Twin Birthday Parties Invitation Layout

5 Download

Make the birthday party twice as fun by using the invitation template above to make your birthday party invitations. Basically, this template works best if the birthday party that you’re putting together is intended for twin siblings. By using this, you’ll only need to make one invitation card for a party that honors two individuals.

6. Surprise Birthday Party Invitation Sample

6 Download

It’s actually easy to plan a birthday party but keeping it hidden from the birthday celebrant may be tough. We’ve got a happy birthday invitation template that you can use for your surprise party, just make sure that the celebrant never gets their eyes on this or else the entire surprise will be spoiled.

7. Princess Birthday Party Invitation Template

7 Download

Every parent’s little girl is their princess and this birthday invitation template just sums up how special they truly are. While this artistic template showcases beautiful illustrations of the prince and princess, the main features here are the party details which are heavily emphasized and are almost impossible to miss.

8. Star Wars Birthday Invitation Design

8 Download

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”, there is a birthday invitation template specifically designed for Star Wars fans. If you’re choosing to use this modern invitation template, make sure to incorporate the theme to the event as well. Indeed, the force is strong in this birthday party invitation template.

9. Bowling Birthday Party Invitation Example

9 Download

One of the most common venues for holding children’s birthday parties is in a bowling center. These venues also come prepared for their little bowlers by providing a railing that prevents the ball from falling down the gutter. If you’re planning to throw a birthday party in a bowling alley, we’ve got the invitation template you need.

10. Birthday Breakfast Invitation Card Layout

10 Download

Start the day right for the birthday celebrant by throwing their party early in the morning, which is quite unconventional to some. While most people have their birthday parties during dinner, why not make yours different by having it during breakfast? After all, we already got the template you need to make your invitations.

11. Chalkboard Birthday Invitation Card Design

11 Download

Nowadays, you rarely get to see people use actual chalkboards although the theme is very common among graphic designs. A good example would be the invitation template above which is heavily inspired by chalkboards. Although this is simply a mock-up of the real thing, it does look genuinely convincing minus the chalk dust.

12. Elegant Ornate Birthday Invitation Design

elegant ornate birthday invitation design Download

Playing around with lines might help you create an effective ornate look to your invitation card design and with the right color scheme, you’ll also be able to pull off an elegant look to it. Check out the printable birthday invitation template above, only the text and color scheme requires editing.

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