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How to Make an Invitation Card [10+ Templates]

Invitations mean more than just to inform people that they have been requested by a host to attend an event. It also serves as the event’s memorabilia that people hold on to. Even after the event has been held, people will be reminded of how enjoyable it was every time they see the invitation.

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In this article, we’ll be providing you with everything you need to make visually-stunning invitation cards for your events. Below, you’ll find a list of the steps on how you can make your own invitation cards and after that, we also have a collection of invitation card templates that you can download.

5 Steps to Make an Invitation Card

Step 1: Write an outline of your invitation card

The first and foremost step to making excellent invitation cards is preparing a draft or an outline of its content. When it comes to content, this includes the invitation statement, the date and time, the street address of the venue, and the RSVP statement. Write these down on a sheet of paper to serve as your guide when you’re actually making your invitation cards.

Step 2: Plan out your invitation card’s layout

Once you’ve taken cared of the content, the next thing that you will need to plan out is the layout. When planning out your invitation card’s layout, always consider the balance between the elements and the colors, and the use of white space. You may either make a sketch of your planned layout, or you may simply write down note describing how your layout looks.

Step 3: Download and edit an invitation card template

After planning out everything, you can finally download a template and we’ve got some of the best ones below that you can get your hands on. By using a template, you will simply need to edit it using the appropriate editing tool. For example, if you downloaded an invitation template in PSD, the best editing tool for it would be Adobe Photoshop.

Step 4: Finalize the design and the content

This step involves ensuring that the design and the content of your invitation cards make them worth reading and keeping even after the event. See to it that the design looks presentable and not cluttered, and the content is free from any spelling and/or grammatical error.

Step 5: Start printing copies of your invitation cards

The only thing left for you to do is to have your invitation cards printed out. If you’ve got the necessary materials and equipment, then you can always do this yourself. However, you may also have your invitation cards printed out in printing companies for a fee, although these businesses don’t charge much especially if you’re ordering by bulk. Nevertheless, always print out more copies of your invitation designs than intended because you might need them at the last minute.

10+ Invitation Card Templates

1. Family Reunion Invitation Template


If you and your family are ever planning to hold a reunion along with your relatives, then this family reunion invitation template is perfect for you. This template comes in five different file formats which allow you to choose a particular one that’s fully compatible with your preferred editing tool. Other than that, this template also comes in two different card sizes.

2. Company Potluck Invitation Sample


From time to time, companies will need to hold gatherings even when there is nothing to celebrate about. One good example is through a lunch or dinner gathering and you can encourage the attendees to simply bring their own contributions to the meal to save on the expenses. If you are planning such an event, the company potluck invitation show above would be a good choice.

3. Grand Opening Invitation Example


Putting together business is no joke, it requires an extensive amount of effort, patience, cooperation, and not to mention money as well. This is why when a business is successfully established, it really deserves an opening celebration that’s grand. If you’re throwing one, then you might want to consider using the elegantly-designed invitation card template above. This template will really suit all kinds of business grand opening celebrations thanks to its versatile design, why not use it for yours as well?

4. Bachelorette Party Invitation Format


A bachelorette party signifies the end of a woman’s life of being single and this alone deserves a celebration. Usually, bachelorette parties are thrown by anyone (usually one of the bride’s entourage) except for the bride-to-be herself. If you’re planning to throw this kind of affair, then you might want to consider using the leafy invitation card template shown above. This template has a border that follows a yellow and green color scheme that effectively complements each other, and this border helps the white text box in the middle to stand out.

5. Garden Wedding Invitation Layout


Although the most ideal weddings are held in churches, there are people who prefer to be different by holding it someplace else, such as a garden for example. If you’re indeed considering this, then the wedding invitation card template above would be perfect, and it’s even got floral decorations to go along with the theme or venue.

6. Cool Pool Invitation Design


Regardless of where you are in the globe or what season it is when you’re reading this, pool parties are a simple yet great way to gather people and just cool off. With pool parties, all you need to do is set up your swimming pool if you have one or just go somewhere that has a swimming pool, bring some food and drinks, and some games as well. But of course, when it comes to parties, you should never forget to send out invitations beforehand, and the template above would make really good invitations for your pool party.

7. Vintage Farewell Party Invitation


“Parting is such sweet sorrow”, a line said by Juliet when she bid farewell to Romeo that night when he went up to her balcony. When she said this, she felt lonely because he had to go away but at the same time, she looked forward to their next meeting. This should be our mentality every time we say goodbye to someone, we look forward to seeing them again in the future. The vintage and rustic theme of the invitation design template above tells us that even material things can be timeless, how much more for treasured moments?

8. Anti Drugs Invitation Template


Drug abuse, what do people get from those? It causes nothing but negative consequences not only towards the abuser but also to the people around them. This is absolutely the reason why we should learn to put an end to this, to campaign against drug abuse. If you’re hosting such campaign, then you might as well make people aware of it by distributing invitations, and you are very much welcome to use the template above.

9. Pool Party Invitation Sample


Here we are again with pool parties, you can never go wrong with it. Young or old, pool parties can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you feel like having a guest performer on your pool party, then don’t forget to acknowledge them in your summer pool party invitation card. This way, your invitees will really want to come to your party knowing that there’s going to be some good music.

10. School Graduation Invitation Layout


Graduations signify the end of one chapter in life and the start of another, and that alone deserves to be celebrated. If you’re throwing a celebration in honor of a newly graduated loved one, then you might want to use the graduation invitation card template above. Show them love and make them feel like they’ve really achieved something in life, this will help to make them motivated to do their best in what lies ahead of them.

Our invitation card design templates hold a design that’s too precious to throw away, your guests will want to hold on to it even after the event as a keepsake. And the best thing about it is that you don’t need to do a lot to make it work. That said, start creating your invitations now by downloading a template.

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