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8+ Chalkboard Birthday Party Invitation Templates

Nowadays, you can hardly find establishments that still use the chalkboard considering that this was the most ideal and widely used instructional material in the past. People today are more in favor of the whiteboard than the chalkboard, and this has led to the obsolescence of the latter.

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And to reminisce on the beauty of the chalkboard, you might want to incorporate it to the design of your birthday party invitations. Here, we have an entire collection of chalkboard-themed birthday party invitation templates that you can download and use. Check out the templates below to start the ball rolling.

Elements of a Good Chalkboard Birthday Party Invitation

1. The host of the birthday party: At every party, there will always be a host who takes care with all the planning and delegation of tasks. In short, the host is the person who organizes that party in order to make it possible, and without them, there won’t be a party as well. Whoever the host will be, their efforts should always be acknowledged by placing their name on the invitation.

2. The birthday celebrant: Another name that should appear on a birthday party invitation card is the name of the person who is celebrating their birthday, otherwise known as the birthday celebrant. The reason for this is not to only to acknowledge that it’s their birthday, but also to let the readers know whose birthday they are being invited to.

3. The celebrant’s age on the day of the celebration: Unlike most party invitations, the ones used for birthdays strongly suggest that you put the celebrant’s age on the invitation. But just to be clear, the age that you will be putting on the invitation is not the current age of the celebrant but, rather, the age that they will be turning on the day of the birthday celebration.

4. A short invitation message: The message referred to here isn’t like the ones on formal invitations, these are short and informal, and are limited to a single line only. The purpose of this is to simply communicate properly or normally the host’s intention of inviting the reader to a party, the same way you do in personal interactions.

5. The date and time of the party: Invitations are mainly intended to inform readers of an upcoming gathering, and also to notify them that the host is actually expecting their presence in that gathering. In order for them to know when the gathering is going to occur, you should indicate not only the date but also the time on the invitation.

6. The venue of the birthday party: Aside from the date and time, the location should also be indicated on the invitation since it informs readers where the party is going to be held. If you’re holding the party in a house, then you should write [host]’s residence followed by their home address. However, if the party is to be held someplace else, indicate the name of the establishment and then the address.

7. An RSVP message: It is a must for formal invitations to have an RSVP because they usually require reservations for the venue, and having an RSVP can give the host a heads up on how many guests will be attending. However, for casual invitations, you actually have an option whether to include an RSVP on your invitation or not, though it is highly recommended that you do.

8. The host’s contact details: Regardless if you have an RSVP on your invitation, it is still best to also have your contact number included because there might be instances wherein the invitee needs to talk to you for clarifications or inquiries. But of course, this element is the alternative to the RSVP if you chose not to use one.

10+ Chalkboard Birthday Party Invitation Templates

 Chalkboard Birthday Invitation

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Elegant Birthday Surprise Invitation

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Chalkboard Birthday Balloons Invitation


Cute Birthday Party Chalkboard Invitation


Chalkboard Birthday Invitation Design


Chalkboard Birthday Invitation Example


Artistic Chalkboard Birthday Invitation


How to Make a Chalkboard Birthday Party Invitation

1. Know why you are making these invitations: What is your reason for making invitations? The answer for that should be more than just because people said so, or because that’s just how it is. When you are designing something, you are able to work more efficiently if you know why you are doing it. Therefore, know what the invitations are for and how it can attract attention from readers.

2. Choose whether to go minimal or creative: Since these templates, all have a chalkboard-inspired appearance, you no longer have to think of a theme for them. What you will need to think of is whether to keep the design of your invitation simple or to make it fancy and creative. Choose the one that best suits your preference and the tone of your party.

3. Pick a type and size of invitations: Birthday invitation cards come in various types and sizes, and you will also need to think of one that fits perfectly with the tone of the birthday party. If you are unsure what type or size to choose, perhaps the list provided below can assist you in your decision.

4. Download a birthday party invitation template: Instead of having to start designing your invitations from scratch, why not give yourself a boost by using a template? This way, you’ll already be able to advance a few steps and will only need to customize whatever design is already given to you. If you don’t know where to start looking, this article actually has a collection of party invitation templates that you can download.

5. Edit the downloaded invitation template: After you have chosen an invitation template and downloaded it, the next thing that you will need to do is just to edit the design according to your preferences. This already saves you a lot of time since you didn’t have to design your invitations from anything.

6. Add the necessary details of the party to the invitation: Once the design has already been set, the next element that you will need to add is the content, and this consists of the different details about the party. Indicate the date, time, address, and all the necessary details onto the birthday party invitation.

7. Evaluate and proofread your work: After applying all the necessary changes to the design and adding in the needed details, evaluate the overall look of the invitation and proofread the content. If you are in doubt with your own evaluation, have someone do it with you. And in terms of proofreading, be sure to read every line to check for any error.

8. Print and send out your invitations: If you think your invitation design is already final and the content is free from any errors, the last thing that you will need to do is to print them out and send them to their respective recipients.

Simple Tips for an Excellent Chalkboard Birthday Party Invitation Layout

  • To make the design look authentic, keep the elements in white or at least in bright colors.
  • Also, use a Sans Serif font to make the design look even more legit.
  • Don’t cram the design with too many elements, leave enough room for the elements to breathe.

Types of Invitations

1. Party invitations: Party invitations are basically the type of invitation that is used to inform people that they are being invited to a party. And with regards to parties, this type of invitation can be used for all kinds of social and casual gatherings, and they are noted for being colorful and having a lively theme.

2. Business invitations: In terms of business invitations, they aren’t just used to invite guests to a business meeting, seminar, or any business-related gathering, they can also be used as an invitation to a partnership between two businesses. Anything that is business related, this is not only the perfect type but the appropriate type of invitation to use.

3. Formal invitations: With formal invitations, this type of invitation has a rather general purpose and is more specific in terms of its tone. Formal invitations can be used for any form of formal gatherings such as weddings, anniversaries, and sweet sixteens. Also, formal invitations should come with an RSVP, and it won’t even matter if you incorporate it with the invitation card or have it printed on a separate card.

4. Pocket invitations: Between pocket invitations and the other types, these are actually smaller and more compact in size. But despite its physical dimensions, pocket invitations are actually packed with a lot of relevant information, but only those that a reader needs to know regarding the party that they are being invited to.

5. Handwritten invitations: As the name suggests, pocket invitations are indeed written personally by hand, almost always by the host themselves. Since the preparation phase alone is tedious for this type of invitation, this is only ideal for parties that are small and are attended by no more than fifty guests.

Sizes of Invitations

  • Standard: 5.13″ x 7″ (Folded); 10.5″ x 7″ (Unfolded)
  • A1: 3.5″ x 4.88″ (Folded); 7″ x 4.88″ (Unfolded)
  • A2: 4.25″ x 5.5.” (Folded); 8.5″ 5.5″ (Unfolded)
  • A6: 4.5″ x 6.25″ (Folded); 9″ x 6.25″ (Unfolded)
  • A8: 5.38″ x 7.88″ (Folded); 10.63″ x 7.88″ (Unfolded)
  • A9: 5.63″ x 8.63″ (Folded);  11.5″ x 8.63″ (Unfolded)
  • A10: 5.88″ x 9.25″ (Folded); 11.75″ x 9.25″ (Unfolded)
  • Small Square: 5.5″ x 5.5″ (Folded); 5.5″ x 11″ (Unfolded)
  • Medium Square: 6.25″ x 6.25″ (Folded); 6.25″ x 12.5″ (Unfolded)
  • Large Square: 6.75″ x 6.75″ (Folded); 6.75″ x 13.5″ (Unfolded)

FAQs about Chalkboard Birthday Party Invitations

What is an invitation?

An invitation is a statement that notifies a person that they have been expected to attend an event or gathering.

What is an RSVP?

It is an element that is commonly used in invitations (specifically, formal invitations), and this is to inform the invitee that they are required to respond to the invitation.

If you are indeed looking for templates to make chalkboard-styled birthday party invitations, then you’re in the right place. The templates that you have just seen are not only beautiful but they are also high quality and fully editable. With all those features, why would you bother to download a template someplace else?

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