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7+ Small Business Logo Templates

Companies nowadays are known not just by the brand that they represent but also the logo that represents them. Logos serve as one of the items that can provide information about the identity of a business or a company. Most logos are placed in important business document, marketing and advertising tools, as well as on presentations and the like. A logo is very important as it can provide the uniqueness of the brand when compared to its competitors . It can also be one of the strengths of the business when it comes to their customers’ memory retention which can latter translate to brand loyalty and actual sales.

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A logo is a visual representation used to identify a company. The process of planning and executing the logo creation should be well-thought of as it will be a part of the organization for a long period of time. It can also affect how the current and target market of the business perceive the operations and nature of the company. So, here is a collection of logo designs that you can download and use or inspire you to create one for your small business. These templates are editable so you can adjust them to your needs and preferences.

Small Vector Business Logo

Small Business Enterprise Logo


Small Services Business Logo

Small Corporate Business Logo


Different Types of Logos

Logos can come in different sizes, colors, structures and shapes. Companies have the full creative freedom to create a logo that will best suit them as a business entity. Some types of logos are listed below.


  • Woodmark. Sometimes called logotypes, these are logos that consists only of a text that spells out the company or brand name, which are often stylized using a unique or custom font.
  • Lettermark. This type of logo uses a company’s initials to create a typographic yet simple logo and are used by companies with long names or names that are difficult to pronounce.
  • Brandmark. A brandmark type of logo consists only of a symbol or an icon which gives the audience a more effective representation of your company without the use of words or letters.
  • Combination mark. This type of logo is a combination of a text and a symbol. Iconic logotypes spell out the name of the company while associating it with a visual icon at the same time.
  • Emblem. While combination marks position the text and symbol side by side, the emblem type of logo has its text positioned inside the symbol therefore, they are inseparable.

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out other business logo designs available on this website too.

Modern Small Business Logo

Small Marketing Business Logo


Why Logos Are Important for Small Businesses

Logos are an essential aspect of any businesses and below are some reasons why logos are important.

  • It generates brand identity. As logos appear on stationery, websites, business cards, and advertising materials of a company, it becomes the main visual component of the company’s brand.
  • It serves as one of the representations of the business. Logos are mostly used to present the business to its customers. As the face of the brand; logos should be unique, interesting and memorable as these qualities can ensure that the business will be both known and remembered by the people.
  • It is a good return on investment. An investment on a well-designed logo is usually profitable as potential customers get familiar with your business and respond positively to successive encounters with your brand.
  • It is designed to give meaning. A good logo is not just unique but also comprehensible to potential customers as it should help convey the vision and mission of the company with its various visual elements such as colors and typography.

For more logo ideas for your small business, take a look at some corporate logo designs as well.

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